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The Agroforestry Research Trust is a non-profit charity, registered in England, which researches into temperate agroforestry and into all aspects of plant cropping and uses, with a focus on tree, shrub and perennial crops.

In print since 1992, dense with high-quality information on temperate tree and shrub crops, and includes:

  • reports on agroforestry research projects

  • regular articles on fruit and nut growing

  • in-depth profiles of unusual tree & shrub crops

  • native tree profiles

  • propagation techniques

  • forest gardening

  • useful ground covers

  • extensive lists of species & uses

  • book reviews

Essential reading and reference for Permaculture designers, gardeners, landscapers, farmers, horticulturists. Covers temperate and subtropic zones.




Agroforestry News, Vol 25, #3


Successional agroforestry, tree hay, ash trees for fodder, forest garden greenhouse in Devon, bladdernuts, the PA forest garden trial, Book reviews.

Agroforestry News, Vol 25, #1, Nov 2016


Successional agroforestry, tree hay, ash trees for fodder, forest garden greenhouse in Devon, bladdernuts, the PA forest garden trial, Book reviews.

Agroforestry News, Vol 25, #2, Feb 2017


N and C at forest edges, Allium antioxidants, Pawpaws, silvopasture in NE USA, forest garden greenhouse construction, Honeyberries / haskaps.



Agroforestry News Vol 24, #4


Cercis – the redbuds, Araucaria wanderings, Agroecological priciples for conversion and redesign of farming systems, witch hazel.

Vol. 24, #3: May 2016


The hardier Acacias (hardy to zone 8); 

Forthcoming new book: 

How to Grow your own Nuts by Martin Crawford

Vol. 24, #2: February 2016


News: Pharmabees / Darliner Farm Italy  / Small forest garden – update / A new micro forest garden.
Book Reviews: The Carbon Farming Solution / Miraculous Abundance / The Forest Garden Greenhouse / 555 Obstsorten (555 Fruit Types)
Designing an aspen agroforestry scheme.
Marsh woundwort – a forgotten food plant.
Himalayan sea buckthorn.
Leptospermum scoparium: Manuka / tea tree.
Auricaria araucana photos



Vol. 24, #1: November 2015


News: Walnut and hazel agroforestry / Wood pastures of Europe / Trees that resist wildfires / An agroforestry farm in Belgium / Health benefits of grape seed flour / Soil in agroforestry systems.
Lycium: Wolfberries and Gojiberries.
The Energy Showcase: A pioneering solar house

Vol. 23, #4: August 2015


News: Growing tables and chairs / Brown rot / Houttounia / Vine research.
The Mahonias.
Fuschias for edible flowers and fruits.
Some nitrogen fixing shrubs

Vol. 23, #2: February 2015


News: Sky high “Vertical Forest” takes green living to new heights / Scattered trees in pasture / An agroforestry farm in Portugal
The ART site at Littlehempston: Small forest garden / Second forest garden / Hazelnut hedging trial / Irrigation reservoirs
Useful chemicals from trees

Vol. 23, #3: May 2015


News: Intercropping orange groves / Schisandra / Non-native plants not a threat / Agroforestry in Europe / Tackling ‘green zenophobia’.
Shrub alders.
Puttmyra Forest Garden in Sweden.
Rosaceae family intergeneric hybrids.
Book reviews: Integrated Forest Gardening / Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts / Farming the Woods / The New Kitchen Garden / Around the World in 80 Plants / Trees for Gardens, Orchards, and Permaculture / The New Wild.
Saltbushes: shrubby Atriplex



Vol. 23, #1: November 2014


News: Time for trees to pack their trunks? / Trees increase soil carbon / Agforward / Foraging in the 21st century / Pine nuts and forest preservation / Agroforestry ini Hungary / Agroforestry on contour swales in Flanders /  No-till commercial vegetable growing
Some agroforestry systems in Agforward
Urban trees and ozone formation
ART Plant Sale!

Vol. 22, #3: May 2014


News: Berberis vulgaris in Iran / Cornelian cherry in the Black Sea area / An established forest farden in Italy / Goodbye soil / Sea buckthorn as a radiation protector / ART walnut trial at Dartington / Commercial honeyberries (Lonicera caerulea) in Saskatchewan, Canada / Willows and plant defense / Less common uses of walnut trees / More on the winter 2013-14 UK floods
Effects of trees on soil pH
Pollarding in Western Norway
Book review: Edible Perennial Gardening
Plants for alkaline soils

Vol. 22, #4: August 2014


News: Forest Garden at the Koange Institute – NZ / Symbiosis: enforced surrender? / Prunarium in Belgium / Eating acorns could have caused tooth decay in hunter-gatherers / Soil carbon under N-fixing trees / Bamboo building panels / Wind speed reductions in alley cropping.
Shepherdia argentea – Buffalo Berry
Natural succession of species in agroforestry and in soil recovery
The recovery of impoverished soils by imitating and accelerating natural succession
Species succcession in nature
Update on perennial seeding experiment
Hardy Eucalyptus species
Damping off disease
Natural insecticides
Book review: Sustainable agroecosystems in climate change mitigation

Vol. 22, #2: Feb. 2014


News: Health protection from berries / Saskatoon in Poland / Health effects of sea buckthorn berries / Algae and their uses / Chestnut extract / Agforward
Diospyros kaki, kaki persimmon
Diospyros lotus, date plum
Diospyros virginiana, American persimmon



Vol. 22, #1: Nov. 2013


News: Long distance seed dispersal / Climate shifts within a lifetime / Apple max / Edible insects / Climate change consequences / Vegetation changes in W. N. America / Cllimate and competition / Home gardens;
Fertilizing organic blueberries;
Juneberries: Amelancier species;
Prospects for perennial grains;
The rowan: Sorbus aucuparia
Book reviews: Letting in the Wild Edges / Restoration Agriculture