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Permaculture Activist / Permaculture Design
Digital Archive Collection

Back Issues #1 to #118, 1985 to 2020
Copyright Permaculture Design Publishing 2020

If you’d like the whole collection on a USB drive, it’s available for $100.
Be aware that several of the earliest issues have survived only as photocopies, and issues up to #71 were laid out in Adobe PageMaker, and had to be scanned as well. All of these were printed on newsprint, which yellows with age, the point being that getting quality scans was nearly impossible. Some scans aren’t pretty, but all text is searchable. Issues #72 and onward were laid out in InDesign, and .pdf quality is excellent.


#44 Earthworks and Energy

Nov. 2000 $6


  • The Well-Built Spreader Drain by Christian Meuli

  • Having a Swale Time with Horses by Brock Dolman

  • Design and Construction of Earth Dams by Darren Doherty

  • Human-Scale Earthworks by Edna Weigel

  • Tales from the Trenches by Rick Valley

  • A Carpet Sandwich, Please - Hold the water by Peter Bane

  • A Multi-Use Constructed Wetland at Sustainable Settings by Brook LeVan and Rose L. LeVan

  • Minipig, Megabulldozer by Toby Hemenway

  • Energy Touches Everything by Peter Bane

  • The Green Windmill by Robert Green

  • The Carbon Trade by Richard Komp

  • Recycled Water, Orcas Style by Douglas Bullock

  • Does Thermal Mass Still Have Class? by Dean Still

  • Another Kind of Energy (the work of Jean Pain) by Peter Bane

  • Straw Bales in a Wet Climate by Dean Still

  • Cooperative Land Ownership by Brendan Conley

#43 Food and Fiber

June 2000


  • Food and Plants for Hunger by Rosemary Morrow

  • Sourdough as Permaculture by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Salad of the Season by Darrell Frey

  • Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables by Suzanne P. DeMuth

  • The Synergistic Vegetable Garden by Emilia Hazelip

  • A Revolution in Rice Cultivation by Justin Rabenandrasana

  • Cold Climate Food Strategies by Jerry Heath

  • The Wonders of Insect Cuisine by Marci Robbin Tarre

  • The World of Chilies by Scott Wilson

  • A Look at Food Origins by Peter Bane

  • A Garlic Primer by Orin Martin

  • Plants and Place by Michael Pilarski

  • Katuah Wild Forage Plants by Lee Barnes

  • Fiber Plants for Permaculture by Toby Hemenway

  • Bamboo in the 21st Century by Adam Turtle, FLS;

  • Growing Fiber for Fences by Rick Valley

  • Industrial Hemp: Saviour or Nightmare by Stuart McMillan

  • A New Silk Road by Heather M. Steele

  • Fiber Plants in the Garden by Rick Valley

  • The Pampas Mulch Bed by Gustavo Ramirez

  • Self-Forage System for Chickens by Susanna Kaye Lein



#42 Self-reliance and Community Cooperation

Dec 1999 $6


  • Co-Intelligence and Community Self-Organization by Tom Atlee

  • A Co-Intelligent Toolkit for Working with Groups by Tom Atlee

  • The Cooperative Economic Vision by Brendan Conley

  • Where Did You Get Your Axe? by J. Baldwin

  • Sculpting a Neighborhood by Marna Hauk

  • Archetype Design and the Greater Circle by Vishu Magee

  • Bebop into Community Building by Christopher Peck

  • Designing for Sovereignty by John Schinnerer

  • Simple and Sustainable in Samoa by Will Hooker

  • Mondragon & the Future of Cooperation by Brendan Conley

  • Housing Ourselves Naturally by Peter Bane

  • The General Core Model: A Tool for Decision Making by Joel Glanzberg

  • Casting Seed and Deepening Roots by Brad Lancaster and Marci Tarre

  • Creating a Permanent Culture at Lost Valley by Teryani Riggs

  • The Dark Side of Lost Valley by Larry Kaplowitz

  • Zone Zero and the Enlightened Permaculturist by Toby Hemenway

  • Petroleum-Free with the Solar-Electric Tractor by Stephen Heckeroth

  • Natural Help for Beekeepers by Diane Tweten

#41 Natural Building / Regenerative Building

May 1999 $8


  • Roadbuilding: An Ecological Approach by Michael G. Smith

  • Our Dream House by Eric Storm

  • Buildings that Live by Chuck Marsh

  • Chasing the Dogma Out of Natural Building by Toby Hemenway

  • Lessons in Sustainability by Charlie Joiner

  • Under-$20,000 Housing: A Solution for the Rosebud Sioux by Owen Geiger

  • Providing Access: A Primer in Roadbuilding by John Beckman

  • Micro-Hydro in the Nineties by Paul Cunningham & Barbara Atkinson

  • A Laboratory for Natural Building by Toby Hemenway

  • A Barn Raising at Circle Springs by Kalen Jones

  • Cordwood Revisited by Darrell Frey

  • Oregon Cob by Ianto Evans

  • Thatching Comes to America by Deanne Bednar

  • Building With Bamboo by Darrell DeBoer

  • PaperCrete by Gordon Solberg

  • Oasis in the Urban Desert by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Caliche: Make Your Own Adobe by Charles Gibson
    Natural Building for Plants and Animals by Albert Bates

  • Design for High Winds by John Schinnerer

  • Special Feature: The Origins of Conflict by Lea Harrison


#40 New Forestry

Dec 1998 $10.00


  • Forest Health is More Than Forestry by Toby Hemenway

  • Forestry in Central Appalachia: Developing an Economy of Place by Anthony Flaccavento

  • A Kinder, Gentler Forestry by Nathaniel H. Axtell

  • Seven Generations of Forestry: The Menominee Reservation

  • The Patient Investor by David Simpson

  • An Ash Woodlot Prescription by Randy Carey and Tom Ward

  • Homestead Land Tenure by David Martin

  • Citizen Protection of Old Growth Forests by Lee Barnes

  • New Relationship by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Rhizosphere Wars by Alex Shigo

  • Forest Farming by Deborah Hill

  • The Hope of Woody Agriculture by Philip A. Rutter

  • "Gone Nuts:" Creating a Legacy for Permanent Agriculture by Mollie Curry

  • New Forest Farm b Mark Shepard

  • Rainforest Regeneration by Matt Kovacs

  • The Crenelated Windbreak by Christopher Meuli

  • The Story of the Understory: A Tale of Community Development by Colin Donohue

  • Coppice-with-Standards: New Forestry with Ancient Roots by Peter Bane

#39 Knowledge, Pattern & Design

July '98 $6


  • Permaculture: A Way of Seeing by Joel Glanzburg

  • Mats and Nets: Patterns from Sand Dunes by Toby Hemenway

  • Traditional California Native Conservation by Malcolm Margolin

  • Fairness & the Fourth System Condition by Donal Kinney

  • Pattern: Key to the Universe by Patricia Michael and Bill Meacham

  • Pattern In Nature by Marian Farrior with illustrations by Lisa Wittrup

  • Pattern as Process by Tim Murphy and Vicki Marvick

  • Thinking Like a Mule by John Beckman

  • Environmental Analysis for Land Use Planning by Matthew Arnsberger

  • Knowing Permaculture: A Personal View by Jude Hobbs

  • Teaching if People Mattered by Skye

  • "Vietnam Was Ready for Permaculture" by Rosemary Morrow

  • It Takes Villages...To Sustain the City by Ondine Wilhelm

  • Searching for a Way Forward by David Holmgren

#38 Economic Transformation

Feb. 98 $10.00


  • From the Real Economy to The Speculative by Bernard Lietaer

  • Top Feeders, Bottom Feeders...But No Middle Class by Toby Hemenway

  • Permaculture, Justice, and Economics from TRANET...Human survival may simply not be economic... by Albert Bates

  • Pollination Management by Dave Green

  • Adopt-A-Hive by Woody Wodraska

  • Paradise Garden; No Money! by Isatis

  • What Profits? by Darrell Frey

  • Holistic Financial Planning by Christopher Peck

  • Finding Gold in the "Rust Belt: by John "JB" Beckman

  • Ecological Patterns, Land Use, and Right Livelihood by Toby Hemenway

  • Bioregional Design; the Island of Molokai by Michael Pilarski

  • WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms)Win-Win Organization of Farming by Mary Woltz

  • If We Design it, They Will Come (But will they get along?) by Dan Howell.


#37 Tools and Appropriate Technology

Sept 97 $6


  • Dowsing by the Seat of Your Pants by Lee Barnes

  • No Destination: Perception, Time, Space, & Travel by Patrick Clark

  • Making Workbikes for the Neighborhood by Greg Bryant

  • New Energy Technologies by Gary Schwartz

  • Scythes: An Appropriate Tool for Homestead Management by David Jacke

  • The Swordmaker's Art: Japanese Hand Tools by Peter Bane and Noboru Matsumoto

  • Japanese Hand Saws by Peter Buhl

  • HouseBees & Bee Houses by David K. Jacke

  • Pallet Chicken Tractors by Peter Buhl;

  • Start a Nursery - Make an Impact by Douglas Bullock

  • S-L-U-G-S by Elaine Meyers

  • Paradise Gardens: No Tools, No Technology by Isatis

  • Paleo "Bashed Tools" by Charles Spear

  • Leveling with and A-Frame by Matthew Arnsberger

  • The Bunyip Level by Nate Downey

  • Recipe for a Ram Pump by Mollie Curry

  • Household Greywater Systems by David Jacke

  • Natural Building Column: Straw-Bale Construction by Ted Butchart

  • The Sunny John: Design for a Solar Moldering Toilet by John Cruickshank

  • Ferrocement by David Baty

  • Mow Slow by Mack Van Dyke

  • The Waldee Forest Inventory Stick by Lee Barnes

  • Homemade Log Yoke: A toll for low-impact forestry by Mollie Curry

  • Green Woodworking by Mollie Curry

  • Wood Saving Cookstoves by Susana Kaye Lein

  • Hayboxes: Fireless Cookers that Save Fuel by Dean Still & Jim Kness

#36 Climate and Microclimate

Mar 97 $8


  • Thinking Globally by Albert Bates

  • A Microclimate Primer by Toby Hemenway

  • Identifying Microclimates by Jeff Ashton

  • Notes from the Weatherman's Handbook by Lee Barnes

  • Prolegomena to a Pattern Language, part 2 by Paul Caron

  • Dance the Seasons: Catastrophia & Climate Change by Jamey Thompson

  • Windbreaks - Tried and True by Erik Ronneberg

  • Windicators by Chuck Marsh

  • Understanding Microclimate by Lee barnes and Peter Bane

  • Lee's Low-Tech Sun Locator by Lee Barnes

  • Making the Most from Micro-Sites by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Mini-cloches by Robert McKasson

  • A Subtropical Forest Garden by Peter Bane

  • Breakthrough in Beekeeping by Emilia Hazelip

  • In Praise of North-facing Slopes by Caroliine Smith

  • Report from Zimbabwe: Climate Change & Agriculture, Drought, & Water Harvesting - from Ground Cover

  • Micro-Catchments by Can Howell

  • Dryland Strategies by Kirby Fry

  • Straw-Clay Construction by Ted Butchart

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