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Permaculture Activist / Permaculture Design
Digital Archive Collection

Back Issues #1 to #118, 1985 to 2020
Copyright Permaculture Design Publishing 2020

If you’d like the whole collection on a USB drive, it’s available for $100.
Be aware that several of the earliest issues have survived only as photocopies, and issues up to #71 were laid out in Adobe PageMaker, and had to be scanned as well. All of these were printed on newsprint, which yellows with age, the point being that getting quality scans was nearly impossible. Some scans aren’t pretty, but all text is searchable. Issues #72 and onward were laid out in InDesign, and .pdf quality is excellent.


#54, Fire and Catastrophe

Winter 2004, $6

  • Designing Beyond Disaster by Toby Hemenway

  • Honoring Prometheus's Gift by Don Tipping

  • Fire Hazard Assessment in the Wildland / Urban Interface by National Fire Protection Agency

  • Fire on the Mount by the ReGenesis Group;

  • Catastrophe as Opportunity by Richard Zook

  • Shelter when You Really Need It by Dwight Sands

  • Going with the Flow by Bruce Blair

  • And the Creeks Did Rise by Peter Bane

  • The Oakland - Berkeley Hllls Fire by Paul Teague

  • One Gardener's View of a Disrupted Climate by Becky Elder

  • Concepts for a New World Order by Michael Kramer

  • Community Food Security by Bob Ewing and Heather Kerr

  • Street Orchards for Community Security by Brad Lancaster

  • The Rise of Globalization by Shirley-Anne Hardy

  • Another Look at Invasion Biology by David Holmgren

#53, Education: Learning to Change the World

Fall 2004, $8

  • Life-Long Learning by William Ellis

  • The Albany Free School by Stacy Pettigrew and Scott Kellogg

  • Edge-ucation by Michael Kramer

  • Points to Remember in Permaculture Facilitation by Max Lindegger

  • Thinking Outside the Permaculture Education Box by Will Hooker and Alison Cerulli

  • Living and Learning on the Road by Subcoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil

  • Indigenous Education and Ecology by Deanna Moore

  • The Case Study: A Teaching Tool for Regenerative Learning by Christopher Peck

  • The Evolution of a Learning Center by Weston Miller

  • Teaching Permaculture in a School Garden by Charles Headington

  • The Garden Dances by Megan McGee Ingram

  • Teaching About Soil by Walter Moore

  • Toward an Ecology of Learning by Gail Dennison

  • Permaculture Curriculum Design: An Ecovillage Perspective by Max Lindegger

  • Ecocentric Pedagogy: A Matter of Design by Deanna Moore

  • Learn Some, Teach Some by Judy Hobbs

  • The Ecoversity by Staci Matlock

#52, Aquaculture

Summer 2004, $6

  • Ecological Aquaculture at Ocean Arks by John Todd

  • Designing Ponds for Life by Max Lindegger

  • Toward a North American Polyculture by Bill McLarney

  • Small-scale Fish Culture Systems by Steven Van Gorder

  • Investing in a Freshwater Resource by Laurence Hutchinson

  • Polycultural Ponds, Hawaiian Style by John Schinnerer

  • Fish for Health by Peter Bane

  • Aquaculture in a Small Space by Oliver Lang

  • Treating Greywater Ecologically by Darrell Frey

  • Making Room for Nature by Don Tipping

  • Teaching Them to Fish by Rod & Kim Rylander

  • The Subtle Energies of Flowing Water by Lee Barnes

  • In Memoriam: Simon Henderson by Larry Santoyo

  • "Uncle Ho is Watching You" by Simon Henderson


#51, Traditional Knowledge and Regeneration

Winter 2003, $6


  • Contemplating Megadeaths by Albert Bates

  • The Context Can Bring Us Home by Renee Wade

  • Wildness and Wilderness by Paul Shepard

  • Connecting to Place by Hubb Knott

  • Beyond Wilderness: See the Garden In the Jungle by Toby Hemenway

  • The Nasca Lines: Geoglyphs Reveal an Ancient Water Map by David Johnson

  • Waru Waru: A New Life for Traditional Farming in Peru

  • Traditional Seed Breeding by Eric Humel;

  • Seed SavingConsciousness is Key by Woody Wodraska

  • Creating Village Orchards by Sasha Earnheart-Gold

  • BioSculpture by Phil Forsyth

  • Encounters with the Bear by Alice Kidd

  • Fermented Stimulants and the Rise of Globalization by Sandor Ellix Katz

  • Northern Delights: Inuit Medicine Helps Preserve Culture by Neil S. Lewis

  • The Helions: celebrating Earth's Orbital Progression by Rael Bassan

#50, Ecosystems

May 2003, $6


  • Permaculture & the 3rd Wave of Environmental Solutions by David Holmgren

  • Emilia Hazelip: A Retrospective by Souscayrous

  • Synergistic Agriculture & Permaculture by Emilia Hazelip

  • Synergistic Agriculture at Solaria by Emilia Hazelip

  • Keystones & Cops by Peter Bane (the chestnut/passenger pigeon connection)

  • Brushland & Oak Savanna by Mark Shepard

  • Root Crop Polycultures by Eric Toensmeir

  • The Fungal Ecosystem by Paul Stamets

  • Human in Wild Ecosystems by Max Lindegger & Lloyd Williams

  • Grazing for Healthy Farms by Mark Ludwig

  • Alders Aren't A Weed Tree Anymore by Rick Valley

  • An Odyssey of Discovery by Roland Bunch

  • Managing the Indoor Ecosystem by Darrell Frey


#49 Where Is Permaculture?

Winter 2002, $6


  • Where Stands Permaculture by Shirley-Anne Hardy

  • Thriving Pennsylvania Site by Darrell Frey

  • Sonoma County Measures Its Ecological Footprint by Ann Hancock

  • The Designer Becomes the Recliner by Christopher Adams

  • Permaculture With a Mechanical Twist by Weston Miller

  • A Gardener Grows in Brooklyn by Philip D. Forsyth

  • Pilgrim's Progress by Chris Jagger

  • Water Gardens Bloom in South Texas by Kirby Fry

  • Evolution of an Herb Farm by Michael Pilarski

  • Making the Farm Pay Its Way by Mark Shepard

  • High, Dry & Flourishing by Peter Bane

  • Permaculture Goes Suburban by Brian Skeele

  • You Can Lead a Rabbit to Water... by Richard Herman

  • Beauty: A Key to Sustainability by Will Hooker

  • Urban Agriculture in Cuba by Fundacion

#48 Making Changes

Fall 2002, $8


  • A Vision of Co-Intelligent Activism by Tom Atlee

  • Webs of Power (Starhawk)

  • Urban Food Circles by Bob Ewing

  • Change Insurgency in a Shamrock World by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky

  • A Perspective on Change by Peter Bane

  • Snowballing Feedback Loops by Paul Krafel

  • Garden-Grown Activism by Loren Davidson

  • The Zen of Global Transformation by Nasrudin O'Shaw

  • A Permaculture-Informed Confluence by David Sando

  • A Visionary Repairs the City by Mark Lakeman and Toby Hemenway

  • Culture Out of Daily Life by John Schinnerer

  • Escaping the Job Trap by Thomas J Elpel

  • A Model fro Argentina's Recovery by Gustavo Ramirez and Silvia Balado

  • a Pura Vida by John Valenzuela

#47 Watersheds

Summer 2002, $6


  • Water As Commodity by Maude Barlow

  • Basins of Relations by Brock Dolman

  • From Source to Sink: Planning Watershed Development by Max Lindegger

  • Wisdom of the Beaver by Toby Hemenway

  • Romance of the Raindrop by Bill McLarney

  • Peat Bogs: Preservation or Peril by Sissi Grohman

  • Where the Water Meets the Land by Claude William Genest

  • Skywater Center - Restoring a Northern California Watershed - Capra j'Neva Devi interviews Penny Livingston and James Stark

  • Urban Stormwater Management by Tom Liptan

  • Where Rocks Have Made the Water Run by Brad Lancaster

  • Look Before You Leap by Chris Anderson

  • Rabbits Love Roses by Jane Hunnicutt


#46 Good Work and Right Livelihood

July 2001, $6

  • A New Human Story by Jacob von Uexkull

  • Designing the Permaculture LInks by Jerome Osentowski and Peter Bane

  • Keeping Up with the Smiths by Seve Solomon

  • Finding Work that Works by Nick Routledge

  • Surviving Insurmountable Opportunities: Interview with Tom Ward

  • Calories, the Real Economic Currency by Thomas J. Elpel

  • Birth of a Meditation Cushion Salesman by Patrick Clark

  • An Escape from Wage Slavery by Alan Seid

  • Finding a Sense of Surplus by Toby Hemenway

  • Adventures in Egalitarian Living b Jon Dumont

  • Growing Community Power by Richard Komp

  • Cosmic Bob's Plan for Your Life by Douglas Bullock

  • Social Ecology in Action by Keja MacEwan

  • A Day of Urban Sustainability by Tim Krupnik

  • Activists Envision a New World by Brendan Conley

#45 Medicine and Health

March 2001, $6


  • Transforming World and Self by Joan Harper;

  • Your Home is Your Castle by Paul Battle

  • Designing Care by Susan Parenti and Patch Adams

  • AIDS and Ayurveda by Pankaj Seth, N. D.

  • Bacteria: Pathogens or Agents of Decay by Adeha Feustel

  • A Rumination on Barberry and Descartes by Richard Mandelbaum

  • Integrated Community Health by Katherine Willow, N. D. and Michael Willoz

  • Women's Health and Traditional medicine by Cynthia Edwards

  • A Fourth World Apothecary by Arjuna daSilva

  • Healing Weeds by Corey-Pine Shane

  • Botanical Medicine in Hawaii by Michael Pilarski

  • Healing Powers of the Garden by Elizabeth Messer Diehl

  • Medicinal Tree Crops by Martin Craw ford

  • Medicinal Trees, Shrubs & Vines for Cold Climates by Michael Pilarski, compiler

  • Ginseng: Herbal Ally by Robert Eidus

  • How to Make Money! by Brendan Conley

  • Grafting to Wild Rootstocks by Oliver Kellhammer

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