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#54, Fire and Catastrophe

Winter 2004, $6

  • Designing Beyond Disaster by Toby Hemenway

  • Honoring Prometheus's Gift by Don Tipping

  • Fire Hazard Assessment in the Wildland / Urban Interface by National Fire Protection Agency

  • Fire on the Mount by the ReGenesis Group;

  • Catastrophe as Opportunity by Richard Zook

  • Shelter when You Really Need It by Dwight Sands

  • Going with the Flow by Bruce Blair

  • And the Creeks Did Rise by Peter Bane

  • The Oakland - Berkeley Hllls Fire by Paul Teague

  • One Gardener's View of a Disrupted Climate by Becky Elder

  • Concepts for a New World Order by Michael Kramer

  • Community Food Security by Bob Ewing and Heather Kerr

  • Street Orchards for Community Security by Brad Lancaster

  • The Rise of Globalization by Shirley-Anne Hardy

  • Another Look at Invasion Biology by David Holmgren

#53, Education: Learning to Change the World

Fall 2004, $8

  • Life-Long Learning by William Ellis

  • The Albany Free School by Stacy Pettigrew and Scott Kellogg

  • Edge-ucation by Michael Kramer

  • Points to Remember in Permaculture Facilitation by Max Lindegger

  • Thinking Outside the Permaculture Education Box by Will Hooker and Alison Cerulli

  • Living and Learning on the Road by Subcoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil

  • Indigenous Education and Ecology by Deanna Moore

  • The Case Study: A Teaching Tool for Regenerative Learning by Christopher Peck

  • The Evolution of a Learning Center by Weston Miller

  • Teaching Permaculture in a School Garden by Charles Headington

  • The Garden Dances by Megan McGee Ingram

  • Teaching About Soil by Walter Moore

  • Toward an Ecology of Learning by Gail Dennison

  • Permaculture Curriculum Design: An Ecovillage Perspective by Max Lindegger

  • Ecocentric Pedagogy: A Matter of Design by Deanna Moore

  • Learn Some, Teach Some by Judy Hobbs

  • The Ecoversity by Staci Matlock

#52, Aquaculture

Summer 2004, $6

  • Ecological Aquaculture at Ocean Arks by John Todd

  • Designing Ponds for Life by Max Lindegger

  • Toward a North American Polyculture by Bill McLarney

  • Small-scale Fish Culture Systems by Steven Van Gorder

  • Investing in a Freshwater Resource by Laurence Hutchinson

  • Polycultural Ponds, Hawaiian Style by John Schinnerer

  • Fish for Health by Peter Bane

  • Aquaculture in a Small Space by Oliver Lang

  • Treating Greywater Ecologically by Darrell Frey

  • Making Room for Nature by Don Tipping

  • Teaching Them to Fish by Rod & Kim Rylander

  • The Subtle Energies of Flowing Water by Lee Barnes

  • In Memoriam: Simon Henderson by Larry Santoyo

  • "Uncle Ho is Watching You" by Simon Henderson


#51, Traditional Knowledge and Regeneration

Winter 2003, $6


  • Contemplating Megadeaths by Albert Bates

  • The Context Can Bring Us Home by Renee Wade

  • Wildness and Wilderness by Paul Shepard

  • Connecting to Place by Hubb Knott

  • Beyond Wilderness: See the Garden In the Jungle by Toby Hemenway

  • The Nasca Lines: Geoglyphs Reveal an Ancient Water Map by David Johnson

  • Waru Waru: A New Life for Traditional Farming in Peru

  • Traditional Seed Breeding by Eric Humel;

  • Seed SavingConsciousness is Key by Woody Wodraska

  • Creating Village Orchards by Sasha Earnheart-Gold

  • BioSculpture by Phil Forsyth

  • Encounters with the Bear by Alice Kidd

  • Fermented Stimulants and the Rise of Globalization by Sandor Ellix Katz

  • Northern Delights: Inuit Medicine Helps Preserve Culture by Neil S. Lewis

  • The Helions: celebrating Earth's Orbital Progression by Rael Bassan

#50, Ecosystems

May 2003, $6


  • Permaculture & the 3rd Wave of Environmental Solutions by David Holmgren

  • Emilia Hazelip: A Retrospective by Souscayrous

  • Synergistic Agriculture & Permaculture by Emilia Hazelip

  • Synergistic Agriculture at Solaria by Emilia Hazelip

  • Keystones & Cops by Peter Bane (the chestnut/passenger pigeon connection)

  • Brushland & Oak Savanna by Mark Shepard

  • Root Crop Polycultures by Eric Toensmeir

  • The Fungal Ecosystem by Paul Stamets

  • Human in Wild Ecosystems by Max Lindegger & Lloyd Williams

  • Grazing for Healthy Farms by Mark Ludwig

  • Alders Aren't A Weed Tree Anymore by Rick Valley

  • An Odyssey of Discovery by Roland Bunch

  • Managing the Indoor Ecosystem by Darrell Frey


#49 Where Is Permaculture?

Winter 2002, $6


  • Where Stands Permaculture by Shirley-Anne Hardy

  • Thriving Pennsylvania Site by Darrell Frey

  • Sonoma County Measures Its Ecological Footprint by Ann Hancock

  • The Designer Becomes the Recliner by Christopher Adams

  • Permaculture With a Mechanical Twist by Weston Miller

  • A Gardener Grows in Brooklyn by Philip D. Forsyth

  • Pilgrim's Progress by Chris Jagger

  • Water Gardens Bloom in South Texas by Kirby Fry

  • Evolution of an Herb Farm by Michael Pilarski

  • Making the Farm Pay Its Way by Mark Shepard

  • High, Dry & Flourishing by Peter Bane

  • Permaculture Goes Suburban by Brian Skeele

  • You Can Lead a Rabbit to Water... by Richard Herman

  • Beauty: A Key to Sustainability by Will Hooker

  • Urban Agriculture in Cuba by Fundacion

#48 Making Changes

Fall 2002, $8


  • A Vision of Co-Intelligent Activism by Tom Atlee

  • Webs of Power (Starhawk)

  • Urban Food Circles by Bob Ewing

  • Change Insurgency in a Shamrock World by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky

  • A Perspective on Change by Peter Bane

  • Snowballing Feedback Loops by Paul Krafel

  • Garden-Grown Activism by Loren Davidson

  • The Zen of Global Transformation by Nasrudin O'Shaw

  • A Permaculture-Informed Confluence by David Sando

  • A Visionary Repairs the City by Mark Lakeman and Toby Hemenway

  • Culture Out of Daily Life by John Schinnerer

  • Escaping the Job Trap by Thomas J Elpel

  • A Model fro Argentina's Recovery by Gustavo Ramirez and Silvia Balado

  • a Pura Vida by John Valenzuela

#47 Watersheds

Summer 2002, $6


  • Water As Commodity by Maude Barlow

  • Basins of Relations by Brock Dolman

  • From Source to Sink: Planning Watershed Development by Max Lindegger

  • Wisdom of the Beaver by Toby Hemenway

  • Romance of the Raindrop by Bill McLarney

  • Peat Bogs: Preservation or Peril by Sissi Grohman

  • Where the Water Meets the Land by Claude William Genest

  • Skywater Center - Restoring a Northern California Watershed - Capra j'Neva Devi interviews Penny Livingston and James Stark

  • Urban Stormwater Management by Tom Liptan

  • Where Rocks Have Made the Water Run by Brad Lancaster

  • Look Before You Leap by Chris Anderson

  • Rabbits Love Roses by Jane Hunnicutt


#46 Good Work and Right Livelihood

July 2001, $6

  • A New Human Story by Jacob von Uexkull

  • Designing the Permaculture LInks by Jerome Osentowski and Peter Bane

  • Keeping Up with the Smiths by Seve Solomon

  • Finding Work that Works by Nick Routledge

  • Surviving Insurmountable Opportunities: Interview with Tom Ward

  • Calories, the Real Economic Currency by Thomas J. Elpel

  • Birth of a Meditation Cushion Salesman by Patrick Clark

  • An Escape from Wage Slavery by Alan Seid

  • Finding a Sense of Surplus by Toby Hemenway

  • Adventures in Egalitarian Living b Jon Dumont

  • Growing Community Power by Richard Komp

  • Cosmic Bob's Plan for Your Life by Douglas Bullock

  • Social Ecology in Action by Keja MacEwan

  • A Day of Urban Sustainability by Tim Krupnik

  • Activists Envision a New World by Brendan Conley

#45 Medicine and Health

March 2001, $6


  • Transforming World and Self by Joan Harper;

  • Your Home is Your Castle by Paul Battle

  • Designing Care by Susan Parenti and Patch Adams

  • AIDS and Ayurveda by Pankaj Seth, N. D.

  • Bacteria: Pathogens or Agents of Decay by Adeha Feustel

  • A Rumination on Barberry and Descartes by Richard Mandelbaum

  • Integrated Community Health by Katherine Willow, N. D. and Michael Willoz

  • Women's Health and Traditional medicine by Cynthia Edwards

  • A Fourth World Apothecary by Arjuna daSilva

  • Healing Weeds by Corey-Pine Shane

  • Botanical Medicine in Hawaii by Michael Pilarski

  • Healing Powers of the Garden by Elizabeth Messer Diehl

  • Medicinal Tree Crops by Martin Craw ford

  • Medicinal Trees, Shrubs & Vines for Cold Climates by Michael Pilarski, compiler

  • Ginseng: Herbal Ally by Robert Eidus

  • How to Make Money! by Brendan Conley

  • Grafting to Wild Rootstocks by Oliver Kellhammer