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What are you doing tomorrow?
Training, Mentoring, Instruction, Hands-on Experience, and Basic Foundation Principles,
​(with Occasional Adventure and Action), in The Americas!


Sharpen your skills in  planetary, regional, local, and personal choice-making / problem-solving.


  • Learn to grow and cultivate life-support systems for family, friends, and all-our-relations / co-symbionts.

  • See how humans can re-inhabit, re-wild, rehydrate, and re-store the all-too-many damaged places in our world.

  • Discover how to move landscapes in the direction of enriched sustenance, nutrition & beneficial macro- and micro-flora / fauna…while on a trim budget with limiting AND challenging circumstances (e.g. climate crisis, etc.).

  • Find out how you can massively increase carbon capture and storage while reducing (or eliminating) consumption of fossilized and toxic products of dead-end enculturation.

  • Develop your resourcefulness, usefulness and skillfulness with appropriate tools that can be repaired (or regrown).

  • Master the arts of resilience in times of drought, flood, winds, mass migrations (& other annoying conditions.)

  • Practice regeneration. Show others how.

Please note:
The PDC is the foundation 72 hr standard international curriculum.
ALL Permaculture Design Courses will issue a certificate of completion
if you participate fully in the training.
The certificate does NOT mean that you are certified to teach the PDC
or that you have all the tools and skills to be a professional Permaculture designer. 


Advanced courses, teacher trainings, diplomas, and practice with professional teachers

/ designers are encouraged for all those who wish to expand their teaching and design practice.
Visit the Permaculture Institute of North America for further details about mentoring
toward diplomas in advanced permaculture subjects.

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Permaculture Design Course
July 5-18, 2020
Montague, Michigan

Do you know where your food, water, and energy come from, where your waste goes and what’s being done with your money?

Permaculture problem-solving leads to sustainable lifeways that nurture people and planet. During this magical fortnight, our team of world-renowned and locally grounded teachers will create a stimulating atmosphere for group learning, giving you the tools to practice regenerative land design. Join us for this exceptional opportunity in the friendly White Lake community. West Michigan’s wonderland of natural beauty, between lakeshore dunes and wooded ridges, and the emerging garden farm and homestead systems of Blue Sky Farm will provide us a laboratory for exploring carbon farming, the mycelial internet, polyculture gardens, home food preservation and storage, regenerative forestry, energy-efficient building science, and the circular economy.

Teachers from Michigan (and/or nearby) will contribute to enriching this residential intensive with their hard-won experience in animal management, appropriate technology, and community development. We will present the 72+ hour curriculum recognized by Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) covering ethics, principles, design process, pattern knowledge, natural systems of soil, forests, and water, along with climate and microclimate adaptations, food and fertility systems, urban and village design, architecture and building methods, economics and finance. We will wrap up with team design projects to be implemented on the ground.

A veteran of 100 courses in five nations, Peter Bane is the author of The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country, and an accomplished ecovillage designer. He holds diplomas from the Permaculture Institute of Britain, PINA, and the Permaculture Institute-USA.  UP-native Keith Johnson is a market gardener, seed saver, and landscaper extraordinaire. Keith has a PINA diploma in Education and Site Design and holds diplomas in Education, Design, Site Development, Community Service, and Media from the Permaculture Institute

Course materials, tuition, meals, and camping in our managed woodland are covered by the registration fee. Commercial lodging is available locally by private arrangement. The $150 deposit is non-refundable if you withdraw before completing enrollment, but fully refunded if the course should for any reason be cancelled. The final cost is determined by the date you complete payment: before  Jan. 15, 2020 – $1100; by March 1 – $1200; by May 1 – $1295; by June 30 – $1395. Early registration saves you money (PayPal adds 3%). Pay by check and make it out to Permaculture Activist, PO Box 182, Montague, MI 49437 (See

A limited number of partial scholarships may be available to support enrollment by people of color, recent immigrants to the USA from Two-thirds World countries, and Native Americans/ First Nations peoples. Instruction is given in English. To apply for scholarship, send a letter of intent describing your circumstances and how you would apply permaculture training in your community. Scholarship fund donations may be made via

For information or to register, contact: Peter Bane, 812-335-0383,



Permaculture TeacherTraining
DATES Fall 2020, 5-6 days in length, exact dates pending…

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Permaculture teacher? Learn how to lead through the life-changing design practice of Permaculture. The world is in increasing need of different ways of being, and permaculture is at the forefront of ecological and social change. We need more educators to develop unique permaculture programs suited to the many contexts that exist in the world. This course is designed to help you do just that!

In this course, Scott Pittman, who has taught permaculture for over three decades all over the globe, will share his profound teaching tips and tricks for what may be the last time. Alongside him will be Jason Gerhardt, who will share his extensive experience teaching highly successful permaculture programs in universities, public Permaculture Design Courses in all formats, and where permaculture education and leadership is heading.

This course will offer each participant opportunities to teach and facilitate, get positive and constructive feedback, and refine their subject matter and delivery. This course will function as a teaching practicum retreat. We will find camaraderie, collaboratively teach, hear personal stories from the early days of permaculture, and leave energized for leadership in whatever form one chooses to take it. The world needs you, and we want to share our experiences to help you rise to the occasion.

Permaculture Design Course with Rico Zook, France

Dates : 1st to 16 of August 2020

Location : Lamentargue, Maritime Alps - France

Description : Using a variety of learning techniques and strategies this workshop will present Permaculture in all of its applications. Class time will consist of traditional lectures, guest presentations, group discussions, games, exercises photo shows, and movies. We will focus on land systems with as much hands on work and examples as possible. Many discussions and examples will be explored of possible applications in 'Invisible Structures', those social, cultural, political, and economic structures that shape much of our world today. The course will not only teach Permaculture, it will also model it by its structure and the environment we create together during the course. 

This course is taught in English only. French and Italian co-teacher will help with specific translation if needed.

Les Moustaches Farm is located in the Mercantour National Park. Seven kilometers from the nearest village (Tende), this exceptional land gathers all the necessary variables for the upbringing of a collective of people who decided to start a farm project in 2015 and explore their fields of interest like natural agriculture, building, energy, medicinal plants and art. In presence of abundance of clear water, a dense biodiversity and numerous resources, we think that this place is a great classroom for a Permaculture Design Course.

Cost  : 750 €  / Meals and accommodation are included for 16 days of training, meals are prepared by a cook onsite with local and organic food.

Contact in France : +33 (0)760 875 710

Find all informations and registrations on our website :

Permaculture Design Course + Regenerative Land Management
St Louis, MO
DATES: August 9th–21st, arriving on the evening of Aug 8th and departing the morning of Aug 22nd.
Join us to earn your Permaculture Design Course certificate!  Learn a variety of practical farmsteading skills, immerse into the flow of land-based lifestyle, and steep yourself in the design process of Permaculture at the Great Rivers Confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. 

We will be residing and learning at Confluence Farms, the new home of the Permaculture Institute. This land is at the early stages of development, and participants will experience a course packed with details of how to regenerate forests, watersheds, and soils while interacting with this rolling, beautiful landscape. Confluence Farms is transitioning from decades of continuous row-cropping and associated soil erosion into agroforesty, human-scale market farming, and ecological restoration. Come learn these skills and experience what it’s like to reverse land degradation at the ground floor.

Additional experiences in this course include: field trips to EarthDance Organic Farm School in Ferguson, MO and a rooftop farm in downtown St. Louis City, as well as a full-day paddle trip exploring the hydrology among the wild river islands on the Missouri River. Nightly movies and/or campfire circles and gatherings are held at the end of the day as well. 

Course material is universal to every ecosystem, and the knowledge acquired in this class is easily applied in other locations and settings. Worldwide participants of a wide range of ages, abilities and backgrounds are attracted to our courses.

Participants receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate from the Permaculture Institute Inc. founded by Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman. The course syllabus can be found here (PDF).

INSTRUCTORS: Jason Gerhardt, Matt Lebon, Crystal Stevens, and guests.

CLASS DETAILS: Permaculture classes are held for six to seven hours every day. There will be abundant time for the life-changing permaculture design course curriculum, in-field land management experiences, and real-world regenerative design projects. There are also inspirational films and hang out time in the evenings and at lunch. This course attracts adult participants of all ages.

There is one day off in the middle of the class when participants are free to explore local attractions or relax on the land. St. Louis is full of amazing local farm-to-table restaurants, breweries, and cultural attractions like City Museum, Forest Park, and historic neighborhoods.

GETTING THERE: Those traveling by car can pull right up to the course location. For our more distant students, air travel into St. Louis Lambert International Airport is very convenient to the course location. Participants can opt to use a ride sharing service or taxi from the airport and be at the farm in 15 minutes! Please be in touch if you have any questions about travel logistics.

SETTING AND WEATHER: St. Louis is a humid continental climate. August is typically warm and sunny, punctuated by occasional cooler spells. Indoor spaces will be air conditioned and cool. The farm has lots of shade and forest, 1/2 mile of Missouri River frontage, as well as wide open fields with incredible views! We will be spending time outside in all weather. Please come prepared with boots, sun protection, bug spray, and an eagerness to explore the forests, waters, and fields. We will be taking an expertly guided full-day paddle trip from the farm among wild river islands, therefore sandals, swim suits, and sun protection will be helpful.


Permaculture Design Course, Trinidad-Tobago

August 17-28, 2020

Wa Samaki Ecosystems (

 Learn about designing and building sustainable systems that harvest energy, trap water, grow food, support wildlife and biodiversity and recycle all wastes. Be the solution and not the problem!Pay what you can to take our 10 day course! We normally charge TT$4000 (approx $US600) to take a 10 day PDC. We do not receive any external funding and in the past, the workshop has been run on the porch of one of the instructors. A residential PDC course in central or south America will cost between US$1200-2000 plus flights. People have complained that our price is still difficult to afford.With this in mind we are offering this PDC as a no frills 'Pay what you can'. We ask that everyone attending come with their own meals and snacks and the manual will be digitally shared on any memory stick the participant provides . You put down a non- refundable deposit of TT$1000 to show your commitment to show up and to reserve a space. You must attend 90% of the course including the presentation to qualify to get your certificate. That means showing up by 8.30 am every morning and attending all the classes for that day for a minimum of 9 days. Whatever you would like to pay towards the full price of the workshop, based on your means, will be accepted on the last day of the PDC.Direct Deposit payments can also be can be made as followingRepublic Bank, Account # 340005422901Name of Account holder : Wa Samaki Ecosystemsafter payment, email your name and a scan of your deposit slip to

Weekend Series PDC, Safely Distanced,
Fall 2020: Aug 21-23, Sept 11-13, and Oct 2-5

 (A total of 3 weekends) with Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design Certification Course in Western Massachusetts!  Located at The Mill in the Village of Shelburne Falls, where we will participate in design and installation for local village residents.  Practice ecological design alongside leading designers and educators in the northeast; Gain your permaculture design certificate with Sowing Solutions who is celebrating over 13 years of permaculture education; Visit numerous demonstration sites.  Sliding scale, work trade, and fundraising support available. 

Instructors: Kay Cafasso, Keith Zaltzberg, Llani Davidson, Walker Korby, Dave Dion and guests (A spring 2021 Weekend Series is alternatively offered; Check our website)

Permaculture Food Forests: Planning, Growing and Enjoying Year Round Abundance 

August 2020 - May 2021

Do you want to gain hands-on skills and build community around growing food? Interested in learning best practices for orchard establishment and management, food forestry, designing year round vegetable farms and gardens, and preserving the harvest? We are pleased to offer this advanced practicum grounded in sound horticultural practices and spiced with the delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables of our region. Before Silicon Valley, it was “the Valley of the Heart’s Delight” because of its many abundant orchards. Join us in creating and celebrating these habitats on both home and broadacre scales. 

Advanced Permaculture Design Course

August 29 - September 5, 2020

Santa Cruz, CA

Do you want to gain more permaculture design experience? This 8-day Advanced Design Course is an excellent follow-up to a Permaculture Design Course. Join Dave Boehnlein of Terra Phoenix Design and the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead and David Shaw of Santa Cruz Permaculture while we practice together and share what we’ve learned over the years.



Permaculture Design Course, Illinois
Dates: Weekends, Sept.-Dec. 2020
Location: Chicago, IL

Description: You’re invited to join us for our next weekend design course in Chicagoland! Over seven weekends, we will share the standard curriculum in addition to a deep dive on social permaculture.
Through readings, dynamic discussions, and hands-on activity, your design skill will move beyond foundations into practical work in your own life and collaborative projects. Former students often join in, and you’re invited to be a part of the growing Chicago-land permaculture community.
Instructors: William Faith, Milton Dixon, Rhonda Baird



Santa Cruz Permaculture Design Course

October 2020 - March 2021

Santa Cruz, CA

This certificate course meets one weekend a month for six months and includes the internationally recognized PDC curriculum. The course brings in leading designers and teachers from around the region, each experts in different areas of permaculture. The curriculum is augmented by an additional 38 hours of hands-on practice and field trips! Throughout the course, participants also work in teams to create a permaculture design of a local property.









Permaculture Design Course Online

Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online
Description: Oregon State University’s online Permaculture Design course is a great way to build essential sustainable landscape design skills in a convenient online format. After ten weeks, you will complete a finished design with:
* One-on-one guidance from experts who will walk you through each assignment.
* Timely feedback on your individual project from your designated instructor.
*Low student / teacher ratio to ensure individualized attention for you.
Also, since the program is entirely online, you can access our expert-led courses from the comfort of your own home.
Instructors: Andrew Millison and others

Permaculture Design Course Online

Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online

Description: Our course is the classic, official 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) as taught by the founders of permaculture – Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72- hour intensive program. This course involves study modules supported by practical exercises, photos, fieldwork and videos. Upon successful completion of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, graduates receive the official, internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

Instructors: Dr. Alan Enzo, Jessica Enzo, Art Freeman, Ben Bishop

Cost: $550


Children’s Permaculture Course
Dates: on-going
Location: online

Description: This is a course for kids! The content itself is divided into twelve blocks with each block containing four parts. Each part covers a different theme (e.g., community, patterns). This roughly correlates as one month (block) and four weeks (themes). However, because each child is unique, students are encouraged to move at their own pace.
Instructors: Roman Shapla
Cost: $32.95/month
Contact: Roman Shapla,

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