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Upcoming Courses and Events In North, Central, & South America 
(and, occasionally, outside these regions)

What are you doing tomorrow?
Here are the places and times where you can get
Mentoring, Instruction, Hands-on Experience,
and Basic Foundation #Permaculture #EarthRepair Principles,
​(with Occasional Adventure and Action), in The Americas!

(and occasionally elsewhere)

Sharpen your skills in  planetary, regional, local, and personal choice-making / problem-solving.


- Learn to grow and cultivate life-support systems for family, friends, community, and all-our-relations / co-symbionts.

- See how humans can re-inhabit, re-wild, rehydrate, and re-store the all-too-many damaged places in our world.

- Discover how to move landscapes in the direction of enriched sustenance, nutrition & beneficial macro- and micro-flora / fauna…while on a trim budget with limiting AND challenging circumstances (e.g. climate crisis, etc.).

- Find out how you can massively increase carbon capture and storage while reducing (or eliminating) consumption of fossilized and toxic products of dead-end enculturation.

- Develop your resourcefulness, usefulness and skillfulness with appropriate tools that can be repaired (or regrown).

- Master the arts of resilience in times of drought, flood, winds, mass migrations (& other annoying conditions.)

- Practice regeneration. Show others how.

Please note:
The PDC is the foundation 72 hr standard international curriculum.
ALL Permaculture Design Courses will issue a certificate of completion
if you participate fully in the training.

The certificate does NOT mean that you are certified to teach the PDC
or that you have all the tools and skills to be a professional Permaculture designer. 
The PDC is the foundation; students still need to build the walls, roof, openings, finish, and landscape.
Some students bring less experience than others. That's OK.

Advanced courses, teacher trainings, diplomas, and practice with professional teachers

/ designers are encouraged for all those who wish to expand their teaching and design practice.
Visit the Permaculture Institute of North America for further details about mentoring
toward diplomas in advanced permaculture subjects.

(Event listings cannot all be investigated by us due to limited time and staff.
Before using any of these services, we recommend asking for references

or otherwise doing your own due diligence.)

 Please contact us if you would like your permaculture event listed on this page. 
You may also use our do-it-yourself online calendar for North American permaculture events. 
(The DIY calendar does NOT automatically add your event to the calendar listings  below.)



Permaculture Design Course
Date: January 6th -January 22 2024
Location: Cazadero, California


Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) is our longest-running and most requested course that we’ve been teaching for over 20 years. This foundational permaculture course is where your learning about permaculture, resilient land management and climate adaptation begins.

In this PDC, students will gain the foundation for practicing permaculture with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism. Learn how to work with nature to heal land and water as we create real abundance and advocate for social justice. Each day begins with ritual and personal resilience tools. Mornings focuses on theory, information, and examples of regenerative design. In the afternoon, we put theory into practice with hands-on activities. Evenings are interactive times to go deeper into social permaculture and global issues.


Instructors: Starhawk, Charles Williams and guest presenters
Cost: $2600-$3200 (sliding scale) Work trade and Diversity Scholarships available

Fire, Flood, Drought & Heat: Creating Community Resilience:
Date: January 9th -February 13th
Location: Live online


This course will help participants develop the confidence to step into this unknown future by learning innovative ways to design, adapt and prepare for climate change. 

Whether you:

  • Work on a farm, eco-village or land-based project

  • Run a business or not-for-profit organization

  • Are involved in urban or rural planning

  • Or are an individual concerned about the future of your family and community

This course is for you!

Instructors: Chris Gilmour and guest presenters
Cost: $300-400 (sliding scale) Work trade and Diversity Scholarships available

Course: Introduction to GIS Mapping for Permaculturists
Date: January 24th -February 28th
Location: Live online

Introduction to GIS Mapping for Permaculturists is the first in a series of courses focused on digital map creation. This course will lay the foundation for creating functional maps with geographic Information system (GIS) software.

This is a practical how-to course si designed to introduce students to digital mapping tools. We will demystify digital tools’ complexity and translate professional mapmakers’ jargon into easily understood terms. During this class, we will be using QGIS mapping software. QGIS is an open-source (free) application that stands alongside with ESRI ArcGIS (paid service) as the industry standard for digital mapping.

No prior GIS mapping experience necessary to take this course.

Instructors: Charles Williams
Cost: $300-400 (sliding scale) Work trade and Diversity Scholarships available

Sustainable Infrastructure
Date: January 23rd -March 13th
Location: Live online

Learn the fundamentals of farm and ranch scale energy systems and waste management. This class will provide the technical know-how you didn’t know you needed.

Managing land ecologically is a resource-intense activity that requires finding a balance between consumption, ecological impact, and financial solvency. This course strives to provide practical answers on how to balance these often complex and sometimes competing needs. Sustainable Infrastructure centers student understanding on the fundamentals of farm and ranch scale energy systems, material choices, and waste management. We will explore how to design, maintain and manage energy systems, how to integrate cyclic waste management strategies, and how to evaluate and find low-impact materials for landed projects.

Students will gain tools and strategies for designing and managing the inputs and waste streams for their specific locations and situations. 

Instructors: Charles Williams and Guest Speakers
Cost: $150-$500 (sliding scale)



Advanced Permaculture - Water and Site Design
Date: February 1st -March 7th
Location: Live online

Resilient design begins with water. Come learn to work with water, nutrients, and energy flows to create vibrant landscapes and resilient communities. Taught by senior instructors Starhawk and Charles Williams. This class will guide you through the art and science of working with water to promote productivity and resistance in your landscape. You can take this class as a stand-alone class for personal growth or as the first module in a four-part Advanced Permaculture certificate program.

Course will cover:


  • Water Harvesting, Water Cycles, Drought, and Flood Control. Learn the intricacies of how water moves in the landscape, how human systems impact this movement.  Delve into strategies for water harvesting and retention along with flood and drought mitigation.

  • Water in the Landscape: Erosion Control and Stream Restoration. Learn about water remediation strategies in urban and rural systems. Explore techniques for healing degraded lands suffering from erosion, drought, and water pollution

  • Water Management Plans and Case Studies. Review case studies around water management and write your own water management plan.


  • Water Collection and Storage. Learn to design rainwater collection systems, including sizing, siting, and plumbing. Explore a wide range of water storage options and how to select which works best for a site.

  • Treatment Strategies. Learn the basics of on-site wastewater treatment. We will review basic treatment strategies and go into detail about how to design and set up a treatment system.

  • Remediate Toxins and Manage Humanure. Explore treatment strategies for polluted water through biological methods. Learn to safely manage humanure for pathogen removal and landscape use.

Instructors: Starhawk, Charles Williams and Guest Speakers
Cost: $300-$500 (sliding scale)

Advanced Permaculture (AP)
Advanced Permaculture Certificate Program
Date: February 1st – October 17th
Location: Live online


Advanced Permaculture is an eight month advanced permaculture course focused on: understanding natural systems and cycles, learning tools of regenerative land stewardship, and methods for applying restorative principles in design. The course is divided into three  6 week sessions and one 3 week session, which can be taken together for a Advanced Permaculture (AP) Certificate or individually for personal growth and education.

  • Module one: WATER MANAGEMENT - (February 1st -March 7th)

  • Module two: SITE DESIGN – (March 14th - 28th)

  • Module three: SOIL & ANIMALS - (April 4th - May 9th)

  • Module three: FOOD FOREST AND FOREST ECOLOGY – (September 12th – October 17th)

Modules can be taken individually as stand alone class.

Instructors: Starhawk, Charles Williams and Guest Speakers
Cost: $1250-$1600 (sliding scale) for Full course, or $350-$450 (sliding scale)/Module

Garden Master Course - Montana
Dates: February 5-9, 2024
Location: near Missoula, Montana
Description: Permaculture, no-till, veganic, organic Garden Master Certification Course with Helen Atthowe. Most Master Gardener courses offered by state universities include large sections about pesticide use and safety and non-organic approaches to gardening. Not so with this course!
With the Certified Garden Master course, you will learn organic, veganic, no-till, and permaculture gardening knowledge and skills. This course will focus on soil and habitat-building for beneficial organisms and systems thinking for gardeners and farmers: how to manage relationships rather than just crops.
Our goal is to understand ecological functions and interactions within plant, soil, microorganism, and insect communities.
You will learn how to identify and manage all the relationships that make up a healthy farm-garden-ecosystem--one that does not require pesticides or large off-farm fertilizer inputs .
Camping at the event is free (BYO tent) or you can rent a bunk if preferred.

Instructors: Helen Atthowe, Paul Wheaton (host)
Cost: At the time of writing the super early bird price of $480 is still available.

Restoration Intensive
Date: February 23th -March 3th 2024
Location: Cazadero, California


Earth Activist Training’s Restoration Intensive is an in depth hands on course teaching practical land restoration skills. This intensive focuses on fire-resilient landscapes, erosion and stream restoration, and integrating livestock as an element of restoration.

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the woods! Communities are banding together to take responsibility for their forests and grasslands  to create more safety and resilience in the face of climate-intensified wildfire. This ten-day intensive will immerse you in one such community and give you hands-on experience with the many aspects of forest and grassland management. We will be assessing the forest for fire danger, thinning, pruning, limbing up, creating shaded fuel breaks, pile burns, prescribed burns (weather permitting), working with government and other local agencies, making biochar, inoculating mushrooms, and creating other value-added products from the woods.

Grazing can be one of our key tools for fire prevention and grassland regeneration, when done right. In our animal care segments, we’ll have a chance to work with sheep, goats, cows, poultry and live-stock guardian and herding dogs. We will learn about animal care, psychology and training, fencing, herding, and other aspects of humane care.


Instructors: Starhawk, Delyla Wilson and guest presenters
Cost: $1350-$1650 (sliding scale) Work trade and Diversity Scholarships available

Regenerative Business Design
Date: February 27th – April 16th
Location: Live online

In today’s changing world, our planet is calling for businesses to follow Earth-based ethics, principles, and ecological design processes– also known as permaculture!

Regenerative Business Design will guide you through a step-by-step process to build a business that can sustain you financially while staying true to your core values.

What do you need to know, consider, and plan for in order to launch a business that will have a high likelihood of success and a plan for handling failures, fumbles, and hurdles?

Fully participating in this course, including completing homework between classes and utilizing the tools developed, will empower you to be significantly prepared to put your business plan into action.

Instructors: Patty Love
Cost: $300-400 (sliding scale) Work trade and Diversity Scholarships available



Advanced Permaculture – Site Analysis and Design
Date: March 14th – March 28th
Location: Live online

This session will provide students with tools for understanding a site, gathering data, developing a goal and communicating a plans. This class is only available to students enrolled in Advanced Permaculture certificate program or who have taken Advanced Permaculture module 1,3 and 4.


Course will cover:


  • Orientation, Ecoliteracy, and Citizen Science. Introduction to ecology, citizen science, and record keeping from a land restoration perspective along with indigenous approaches to land and cultural competency

  • Holistic Goal-Setting and Design Principles. Practice holistic goal-setting and development plans. Learn how to write and design quality management plans

  • Mapping, Site Analysis, and Systems Theory. Learn the needs of a site and to design clear and effective maps for clients and community organizations. Explore the power of thinking in systems and how to apply ecological system centered designs

Only available to those taking the Full Advanced Permaculture Certificate Program

Permaculture For Climate Activists
Date: March 19th - April 2nd
Location: Live online

Calling all Activists!

This course is designed to give you hope, resources, and direction to support and deepen your work.

Climate change is upon us—and we can easily feel overwhelmed and hopeless when we consider the changes we need to make in response. But when we confront enormous challenges, we are most effective when we know what we are working for—not just what we are against. If we see climate change as massive ecosystem degradation on a global scale, then the response we need is massive ecosystem regeneration with justice and equity to heal our human ecosystems. 

The good news is that we know how to do it! 

Permaculture is a global movement of regenerative design that offers many approaches to healing our environment. In this course for climate activists we provide an overview of positive approaches to mitigation and adaptation. What is the most effective way to think about the problem? 

What policies should we advocate for, and which should we be wary of? How do we determine where best to put our energy?

If you feel a responsibility to do more than complain about our problems, if you are committed to doing something, you are an activist. Whether you are on the front lines of a pipeline blockade, or wondering where best to donate an extra ten dollars, whether you are a policy maker or a teacher, a parent struggling to raise conscious kids or a volunteer at an urban garden, you are an activist.


Instructors: Starhawk and Charles Williams
Cost: by donation



Advanced Permaculture - Soil & Animals
Date: April 4th – May 9th
Location: Live online

Understanding soil is key to any resilient land design. Come learn how to build healthy living soils for vibrant landscapes and resilient communities. Taught by senior instructors Starhawk and Charles Williams. This class will guide you through the art and science of building soils for productive landscapes.  You can take this class as a stand-alone class for personal growth or as the third module in a four-part Advanced Permaculture certificate program.

Course will cover:


  • Soil Analysis: Learn the ecology behind regenerative theory of soil management. Gain skills in soil biology, chemistry, and structural analysis.

  • Strategies for Soil Healing and Management: Examine regenerative soil strategies ranging from small urban settings to large-scale farming systems. Learn how to build and maintaining healthy soils through techniques such as no-till, compost teas, ferments, crop covers, biochar.

  • Applied learning: Take what is taught in class and apply it in the real world. Through class exercises and case studies write your own soil management plan.


  • Integrating Animals Into Ecological Systems: Learn how to design wildlife and domestic animals into systems for resilience and restoration.

  • Practical Soil Management with Animals: Explore the role of animals in building soil, sequestering carbon, and improving ecological resilience.

  • Perennial Systems Thinking: Integrate animals, perennial plants and a systems approach to write your own holistic animal and perennial system design.


Instructors: Starhawk, Charles Williams and Guest Speakers


Introduction to Permaculture
Date: April 23rd – May 7th
Location: Live online


Introduction to Permaculture is a great place to start your Permaculture journey.  This class will orient you to Permaculture and give you a solid grounding in the history, philosophy, and some of the core tools used in permaculture design.

In this class, you will learn the basics of Permaculture design, where Permaculture came from, and how to use basic ecological principles to design human systems that mimic natural systems. This class will cover:

  • Principles and practices of reading the landscape

  • How to use zones and sectors in design

  • Working with natural patterns to create efficient systems


Instructors: Asha Nelson, Kristi Broadhead, Krystin Tinny, Lauri Heath, and Steve Breedlove
Cost: by donation



Let us know about your event. Use the contact form at the bottom.



Let us know about your event. Use the contact form at the bottom.



Let us know about your event. Use the contact form at the bottom.





Advanced Permaculture - Food Forest & Forest Ecology
Date: September 12th – October 17th
Location: Live online

Forest systems are critical for carbon sequestration, climate disaster mitigation, and a host of ecosystem services. Forests are also valuable elements in a design for food, fuel, building materials, and medicinal crop production. Join Starhawk and Charles Williams to learn about the ecology of forests and principles for designing and maintaining productive forest systems. This class can be taken as a stand-alone class for personal growth or as the fourth module in a four-part Advanced Permaculture certificate program

Course will cover:


  • Forest Ecology: Explore the intricacies of forest ecology, disturbance and succession, forest architecture, and fungal/bacterial relationship. Gain skills in reading and understanding your local forests.

  • Applied Forestry: Learn forest measurement, analysis and best management practices (BMP). Apply what you learn in class to your context ranging from classic rural woodlands or complex urban forests. 

  • Forest Management Plans: Using concepts from class write a forest management plan.


  • Designing and Building Food Forests: Learn how to approach food forest design, ranging from how to select cultivars to how to arrange your plans for beneficial relationships

  • Management of Trees and Food Forests: Gain tools and techniques for food forest maintenance and care. Learn how to adapt food forest theory to a range of places and spaces.

  • Building a Design: Building off what was discussed in class design a food forest for your region and write a plan for management and maintenance.



Instructors: Starhawk, Charles Williams and Guest Speakers



Permaculture Design Course - Costa Rica
Dates: October 21-November 5
Location: San Ramón, Alajuela

Learn a set of design patterns and principles found in Nature that can be applied to all areas of your life. By implementing Permaculture we’re creating new systems for the way we grow our food and steward the land that
are in harmony with Nature. This course is applicable to anyone with an interest in designing resilient and regenerative futures as well as professionals in the fields of architecture, planning, ecology, education, farming and community development.
Join our diverse team of permaculture instructors led by Hugo Soto, Elena Valverde and Scott Gallant of Porvenir Design for this life-changing two-week immersion. The course covers the core permaculture design
curriculum and emphasizes creating diverse, multi-functional human landscapes based on ecological patterns. This is the third annual course offered in conjunction with the Brave Earth and Finca Luna Nueva.
Utilizing these sites as a living classroom, the class will mix lectures and hands-on work, exploring design solutions for both temperate and tropical regions. Putting permaculture into practice, the course concludes with students working in teams to create their own permaculture site design.
The whole-systems design thinking outlined in the course will give participants the tools to re-design and improve their surroundings, from gardens, farms and homes, to livelihoods, relationships and communities.
Cost: There are a variety of housing options, so contact us for exact prices. $2025- $3,205 Pp.







Regenerative Land Management (RLM)
Advanced Permaculture Diploma Program
Date: On going
Location: Mixed in person and online


Regenerative Land Management (RLM) is two to three year advanced permaculture diploma program designed to advance your permaculture practice and provide deep comprehensive training needed to apply these regenerative skills in your life! Whether caring for the land, building urban gardens, or decolonizing farmland, the Regenerative Land Management Diploma program will prepare you for your earth healing endeavors, and to provide a livelihood for yourself and your family.

  • The Regenerative Land Management is a minimum two-year diploma program focused earth healing and land management

  • It encompasses five core online courses, one in-person restoration intensive, and individually tailored applied learning projects

  • During the program students will develop three comprehensive land management plans.

  • Students are matched with mentors to guide and support them throughout the program

  • Learning cohort provides solidarity, community-building, and resource-sharing about their learning experiences

  • Graduates are awarded a Regenerative Land Management diploma from Earth Activist Training accredited through  Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA)

For more information visit our webpage.

Instructors: Starhawk, Charles Williams, Patty Love, Chris Gilmour, Leila Darwish and Guest Speakers

Maven Makers
Date: On going
Location: Live online

Have you been working on building a new business? Or have you launched a business that now needs support? Earth Activist Training offers affordable, collaborative coaching for regenerative, ecological minded business development.

Dedicated Coaching to Support Your Small Business:

  • Affordable small business coaching with experienced instructor, Patty Love

  • Groups are limited to 6 people each to ensure a focus on your work, each and every meeting

  • The opportunity to build lasting personal and professional relationships with like-minded colleagues and peers

  • One-on-one coaching valued at $150– plus monthly meetings. (Similar groups cost $250-$1,000 monthly– without the benefits of Maven Makers’ personalized coaching and attention)

Instructors: Patty Love
Cost: $157


Permaculture in Practice
Date: On going
Location: Live online

PERMACULTURE IN PRACTICE (PIP),Ongoing personalized permaculture support. Are looking to become more: self-sufficient, create a permaculture homestead, incorporate more regenerative design into your life?

PIP is a small intimate group which meets regularly to discuss the ideas, designs, and the challenges that the members are grappling with. This program centers the discussion and learning around the needs of the members. When not discussing topics brought forward by members, we will be looking at seasonally relevant topics around regenerative land care.

Instructors: Charles Williams
Cost: $100-$180/ month

Permaculture Design Course Online

Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online
Description: Oregon State University’s online Permaculture Design course is a great way to build essential sustainable landscape design skills in a convenient online format. After ten weeks, you will complete a finished design with:

- One-on-one guidance from experts who will walk you through each assignment.
- Timely feedback on your individual project from your designated instructor.
- Low student / teacher ratio to ensure individualized attention for you.

Also, since the program is entirely online, you can access our expert-led courses from the comfort of your own home.
Instructors: Andrew Millison and others

Permaculture Design Course Online

Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online

Description: Our course is the classic, official 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) as taught by the founders of permaculture – Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72- hour intensive program. This course involves study modules supported by practical exercises, photos, fieldwork and videos. Upon successful completion of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, graduates receive the official, internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

Instructors: Dr. Alan Enzo, Jessica Enzo, Steve Hart, Art Freeman, Ben Bishop

Cost: $550


Permaculture & Prosperity - Online Course

Has your concern for people and planet led you to think negatively about money or even struggle financially? It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, the foundations for building true wealth are modeled for you in nature and in complete alignment with permaculture and regenerative practices. Were you, like so many others, drawn to permaculture through the garden gate? And then you stopped there, paying little attention to the treasure trove of ideas and resources outlined in some of the major permaculture texts about the economics and finance petal of the seven-petal permaculture flower.? Why is it so easy for you (and so many others) to presume abundance in your landscape, but not when it comes to your money, livelihood, and true wealth? In this course you’ll uncover the wealth building tools that are part of our permaculture tool kit and learn how they can help you cultivate true personal and community wealth in ways that also enrich the ecosystems which you inhabit. Instructor - Laura Oldanie,

Rich & Resilient Living Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online a pay what you can course -

ONLINE Permaculture Design Certification
An online guided course in respond to our Ecological World Climate crisis & COVID 19

All Climates / 72 hr Internationally Recognized Course.

You can complete it in 2 months in your own time so you can work in your own designs/projects with guided hands-on for you to do in your specific situation

Course description: Starts January 1st - We will add daily videos, PDF's, slide shows, links, conference room chats, interviews to teachers & practitioners in regeneration design all over the world & guided hands-on activities for you to complete in your own specific situation at your own time.

You have 2 months to complete it.

At the end you will be required to send us your design drawings & description of the solutions you applied

This course will give you a wide vision of solutions, empowering you to take action in your immediate world.
Many regenerative jobs can be created with these skills.
Our world needs us all doing regeneration! Lets create our jobs & communities as in NOW!


This Certification Course is offered by PermafunK Institute in collaboration with Butte College faculty, Chico State College of Agriculture faculty, Holistic Management International Educators & many organizations around the world, like Permamed Barcelona, Gaia Education Germany, Brogo Permaculture Sydney, Regrarians NSW, Tasmania Permaculture, Trihita Karana Indonesia,  Permaculture Maui, et al.

Children’s Permaculture Course
Dates: on-going
Location: online

Description: This is a course for kids! The content itself is divided into twelve blocks with each block containing four parts. Each part covers a different theme (e.g., community, patterns). This roughly correlates as one month (block) and four weeks (themes). However, because each child is unique, students are encouraged to move at their own pace.
Instructors: Roman Shapla
Cost: $32.95/month

Contact: Roman Shapla,

Permaculture Bootcamp Programme

Internships & Apprenticeships

The Permaculture bootcamp programme is a  way for enthusiasts to learn permaculture skills and techniques via a work/stay arrangement. Participants can choose to work for several weeks in exchange for attending one of our courses (for example, a PDC or a Garden Master Course). For those who love it and choose to stay a few years, they can even earn an acre of land. More info can be found here:

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