Upcoming Courses and Events In North, Central, & South America 
(and, occasionally, outside these regions)

What are you doing tomorrow?
Training, Mentoring, Instruction, Hands-on Experience,
and Basic Foundation Principles,
​(with Occasional Adventure and Action), in The Americas!


Sharpen your skills in  planetary, regional, local, and personal choice-making / problem-solving.


  • Learn to grow and cultivate life-support systems for family, friends, and all-our-relations / co-symbionts.

  • See how humans can re-inhabit, re-wild, rehydrate, and re-store the all-too-many damaged places in our world.

  • Discover how to move landscapes in the direction of enriched sustenance, nutrition & beneficial macro- and micro-flora / fauna…while on a trim budget with limiting AND challenging circumstances (e.g. climate crisis, etc.).

  • Find out how you can massively increase carbon capture and storage while reducing (or eliminating) consumption of fossilized and toxic products of dead-end enculturation.

  • Develop your resourcefulness, usefulness and skillfulness with appropriate tools that can be repaired (or regrown).

  • Master the arts of resilience in times of drought, flood, winds, mass migrations (& other annoying conditions.)

  • Practice regeneration. Show others how.

Please note:
The PDC is the foundation 72 hr standard international curriculum.
ALL Permaculture Design Courses will issue a certificate of completion
if you participate fully in the training.
The certificate does NOT mean that you are certified to teach the PDC
or that you have all the tools and skills to be a professional Permaculture designer. 


Advanced courses, teacher trainings, diplomas, and practice with professional teachers

/ designers are encouraged for all those who wish to expand their teaching and design practice.
Visit the Permaculture Institute of North America for further details about mentoring
toward diplomas in advanced permaculture subjects.

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Permaculture Design Course, Online
Dates: Jan. 18-May 7, 2021
Location: Online

Description: Take the permaculture design course in a way that works for you! Through more than 15 years of teaching the permaculture design course and facilitating online learning. The course will cover the standard material of the PDC (acknowledged by PINA), as well as include additional material on sociocracy, project development, connection to the landscape, garden development, and community-building practices and projects.
Students found in the past that the focus on personal implementation over the length of the course and the emphasis on practice supported their understanding and development as practitioners. One-to-one mentored experiences are also a part of this course and support your learning, as well as one-on-one support
throughout the course. Set up a call to see if this is a good fit for you.
Instructors: Rhonda Baird, lead; guest instructors throughout; former student “reunion” and community
Cost: Sliding scale: $750-$1,150. Payment plans available.

Permaculture Design Course - New York
Dates: January 16, 2021 and 14, Saturdays
Location: Warwick, NY

Description: Midsummer Farm has been an active teaching farm for many years, offering workshops as well as large scale intensive courses on topics such as Organic Gardening, Herbalism, Biodynamics, Homesteading, Holistic Health, and Sustainable & Artisanal Living. So many of these things culminate in our Permaculture Design Course.
We believe in teaching Permaculture on a useful, practical, effective scale. There is a strong focus on homesteading and small farm development. You may want to combine your Permaculture learning experience with Homesteading... we offer a Homesteading Course as well, which truly compliments the permaculture course, and we offer a discount if you sign up for both!
Our PDC course is, like our farm, special and different from many other permaculture courses. The Midsummer Permaculture Course will focus on using the permaculture concepts in context and in real-world usages. It is a practical and hands-on course. Along with exploring the major aspects and principles of permaculture, we will be focusing on applying these concepts to the development of small-scale farming and other holistic-styled businesses. We find that Permaculture is a perfect and simple way to create an energized atmosphere of nature and life bubbling all around you. And that’s our main goal - creating a space that acts as nature does - healing and magical and full of life.
We also like to think about Permaculture as a type or style of Homesteading - Homesteading in a beautiful way using nature as a guide in achieving sustainability, restoration, and abundance.
Instructors: Barbara Taylor-Laino, Mark Laino and guests.
Cost: $985



Permaculture Design Course - Pennsylvania
Dates: February 17-May, 2021
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Description: Come join us for our annual Winter/Spring permaculture design course! The permaculture design course, or PDC, is an intensive 72-hour internationally recognized permaculture certification. It’s designed to give participants the inspiration and knowledge they need to make a positive change in the world, needed now more than ever. It will give you the skills necessary to design your home/yard/landscape into an ecologically-resilient edible system, and for some, it could be the first stepping stone to a permaculture career in design,  education, consulting, or regenerative farming.
This course will be offered as a weekend course designed for local residents who don’t have time to take an intensive (and expensive) two-week PDC. This course will be mostly classroom-based but will also include hands-on components. It will go through the basics of permaculture design relating to different climates, energy, natural building, the global climate, social systems, and more.
Hundred Fruit Farm is a ten-acre permaculture farm that has been in operation for a little over two years now. We farm using only regenerative practices and aim to create a diverse agroecological system that includes multiple animal and plant species. We grow many different types of fruits and berries, vegetables, mushrooms, pastured meats, pastured eggs, and will someday have nuts as well.
Cost: $650-750



Permaculture Design Course - Arizona
Dates: Spring 2021
Location: Tucson, AZ

Description: This Permaculture certification course covers all aspects of sustainable design with a Southwest dry lands flavor, including a balance of hands on experience, classroom time, and design practicum. Dynamic exercises encourage pattern recognition, noticing the links between plants and animals, climate, and landforms that make up natural ecosystems. The course focuses on dry land communities with a strong urban and semi-rural emphasis, addressing individual site and neighborhood “problems,” such as storm water flooding.
Course topics include agroforestry, appropriate technology, building design, design principles and patterning, site analysis, drylands gardening principles, ecosystem restoration, philosophy and ethics of Permaculture, regenerative community economics, soils and erosion control, village and community design, water harvesting, invisible structures, and many other topics.
The classroom site is in the Central Tucson  area and at other Permaculture sites in the Tucson area. Much of the class is held outdoors. This course is taught and facilitated by, each with two and a half decades of Permaculture experience, as well as our many extraordinary associate SPG teachers.
Instructors: Dan Dorsey, Brad Lancaster, and Barbara Rose
Cost: $785
Contact: Dan Dorsey

Grounding Your Village, March 16th to April 17th 

This ONLINE course is for people who are looking to build or join community but have felt that they haven't had the resources, know-how, money, group support, or members they need to begin building their dream.

This workshop has been designed to CHANGE your life. We have brought in experts from many different fields in the ecovillage world.

Weekend Series PDC, W. Massachusetts

Safely Distanced, Hybrid Format of In-Person and Online Sessions for Spring 2021: One weekend a month for 5 months.

Online dates: March 20-21, April 17, May 15, June 12-13, July 10-11; PLUS Choice of In-Person Dates (Skill Training Sessions are at limited capacity for safe distances): April 18 or 25, May 16 or 23, (possible July in-person dates)

Study for a total of 5 weekends with Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design Certification Course in Western Massachusetts, beginning March 20th!  Located in a spacious classroom  at a renovated Mill and Permaculture Center in the Village of Shelburne Falls.  Practice ecological design alongside leading designers and educators in the northeast; Gain your permaculture design certificate with Sowing Solutions who is celebrating over 15 years of interactive permaculture education; Visit numerous inspiring demonstration sites; Apply your design skills to create a guided design for your home or for a site near your home.  Sliding scale, work trade, and fundraising support available. Instructors: Kay Cafasso, Keith Zaltzberg, Llani Davidson, Walker Korby, Dave Dion, Ghadi Tayeh, and guests (A spring 2021 Weekend Series is alternatively offered; Check our website) 



Permaculture Design Course - California
Dates: April 3-September 5, 2021; Six weekends
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Description: Our course brings in leading designers and teachers from around the region, each experts in different areas of permaculture. The Santa Cruz Permaculture network of instructors, alumni, community partners, and resources continues to grow each season, and by participating in our course, you become part of this network!
Read interviews with our alumni to learn how folks use the skills and knowledge they gain in this course.
Additionally, course participants work in teams throughout the six month program to design a holistic permaculture plan for a real-life property in the community. The hands-on learning, workshops, and readings throughout the course prepare students with knowledge and whole systems thinking strategies that allow them to create detailed and thoughtful design projects.
Instructors: John Valenzuela, Lydia Nielsen, and many more.
Cost: $1,250



Permaculture Design Certification Course

Date: May 15-28, 2021

Location: Joshua Tree, CA at the Harrison House Music, Arts and Ecology Center

Description:  Learn the skills to plan, design, and implement regenerative living systems that harmonize with nature.  This course will focus on dry land strategies, reading the landscape, water harvesting, biointensive gardening, building living soils, composting, irrigation strategies, and so much more.  

Instructors: Lead by International Permaculture Instructor Warren Brush and a team of inspiring instructors 

Cost: $1650-$2000

Contact information:  Contact or call 760.366.4712

Pc Volunternship, Molokai Hawaii, Kapehu Farm, Summer 2021

Saturday, May 15 2021 - Tuesday, August 31 2021

Flexible Dates, Mid May to end August, 2-month minimum, 3 spaces only

Description: Kapehu Farm is located in a remote, secluded, and beautiful Hawaiian valley on the east end of Molokai island. It is in its very early stage of development, and as such, this is an excellent time for learning here. This is real life applied work that will build your knowledge and deepen your understanding of regenerative system design while developing practical land-based skills for their implementation.. This program is an extended practicum, blending the learning structure of an apprenticeship with an agreement structure similar to volunteering. It is the first iteration of the paid internship program that will happen in summer of ’22.  

Our time will be approximately divided as follows, 60% Land work, 20% designed learning situations (may include physical work), and 20% free time, i.e., 2 days off per week. Land work is a general category for our project work (system installations), ongoing farm work, and community work (cooking, cleaning, etc.). Ongoing work includes, growing food, designing and creating new garden/production spaces, composting, seed saving and plant propagation, expanding the Integrated Pest Management system, fencing, and, tree care and pruning.

I strongly believe in doing good work and having fun while doing it. I view life as a celebration, with work and play just being different types of engagement in this celebration.

Write to the link below to receive the full 19-page program and site description, to ask questions, or to apply for a voluntern position. While completion of a PDC is not required to be part of this program, having one will allow you to get a lot more out of being here.

Instructors: Rico Zook, with guests

Cost: Free, though you cover costs of your food and day-to day living




Permaculture Design Course - Texas
Dates: June 5-18, 2021
Location: Georgetown, TX

Description: During this Permaculture Design Course, participants will be introduced to the ethics, principles, and methods of Permaculture while learning how to design, create, and maintain agriculturally productive ecosystems and sustainable human settlements.
The two week intensive class structure is designed with teachers in mind but is open to anyone, and is ideal for anyone who wants to complete their certification in a shorter time frame. This intensive permaculture design course will cover, but is not limited to: Introduction to permaculture – ethics, principles, methods and function of design. Patterns in nature & design. Climate and how to mimic natural ecosystems. PA Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence. Water management strategies. Earthworks & Mapping. Eliminating Waste & Increasing Yields. Soil sciences & soil conservation strategies – roads, dams, conservation terraces, key line plowing. Culinary, medicinal, pollinator, and annual gardens.
Edible beneficial perennial gardens. Intensive cell grazing systems. Plant propagation & wood lot management. Participants will create a design of their own to take home.
Instructors: Kirby Fry and Pete Van Dyck
Cost: $795





Permaculture Design Course - Vermont
Dates: July 30-August 8, 2021
Location: Vermont

Description: This course offers a uniquely hands-on opportunity to gain skills in applied permaculture skills immersed in one of North America’s most diverse and intensive permaculture research sites now 17 years in, along with our 2nd site where we are establishing our approaches learned over a decade at the first site, to the commercial permaculture farm scale.
Participants engage with high-performance home and community resource systems that are more resilient in the face of problems posed by peak oil, climate change, environmental toxicity, and the inability of
existing economic and social systems to deal with such challenges.
The course is staffed by those who live and make a living as designers, farmers, extension agents and health care providers. This is not permaculture as a fantastic idea, it’s an immersion in how numerous systems
actually work over a decade and beyond. It’s proof of concept.
These include systems such as: A high performance cold climate home and established zone 1 gardens, 17 years in place. Mature fruit, nut, pond, zone 1 homestead systems A high performance earth-sheltered
greenhouse in year 8. A root cellar and established food preservation strategies. Established medicine gardens and medicine-making techniques in use. A working homestead shop, barn and much else well
into its 2nd decade. 7,000 feet of agroforestry hedges and farm-scale permaculture plantings in year 7.
This course includes the standard certificate curriculum but goes beyond the typical Designer’s Certification Course by utilizing the background of skills-based trainings offered in Whole Systems Skills, and is filled with practice-based, learning-by-doing experiences, not only concept and information-based
Instructors: Ben Falk and team
Cost: $2,150


Dates: August 12-24-21

Location: Sunrise Ranch Loveland, Colorado

Description: Join Boulder Permaculture for its 6th annual Permaculture Design Course! This year’s course will be a two-week residential at Sunrise Ranch. Nestled in the foothills, this 200+ acre ranch has been a hub for permaculture and human gatherings for decades. Some of the things to see on site include: Beautiful Facilities, Food Forest, Year-round Greenhouses, Geodesic Dome, Intentional Community, Organic Farm, Compost Toilets, Holistic Animal Husbandry, Wildcrafting Medicine, and more…

Instructors: Tara Rae Kent, Amy Scanes-Wolfe, Patrick Padden, Avery Ellis

Cost: Camping, three meals per day, $1600, upgraded rooming options available

Contact: Patrick Padden 970-999-4306









PDC November 21- Dec 4, 2021

Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica


Join our diverse team of permaculture instructors led by the Rancho Mastatal team for this annual life-changing 2-week experience. The course covers the core Permaculture Design curriculum and emphasizes creating diverse multi-functional human landscapes based on ecological patterns. Utilizing Rancho Mastatal as a living classroom, the class will mix lectures and hands-on work, exploring design solutions for both temperate and tropical regions. Putting permaculture into practice, the course concludes with students working in teams to create their own permaculture site design.
Natives of Costa Rica: US $950
Legal Costa Rican Resident (cedula # required): US $1,350
Other: US $1,500






Permaculture Design Course Online

Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online
Description: Oregon State University’s online Permaculture Design course is a great way to build essential sustainable landscape design skills in a convenient online format. After ten weeks, you will complete a finished design with:

- One-on-one guidance from experts who will walk you through each assignment.
- Timely feedback on your individual project from your designated instructor.
- Low student / teacher ratio to ensure individualized attention for you.

Also, since the program is entirely online, you can access our expert-led courses from the comfort of your own home.
Instructors: Andrew Millison and others

Permaculture Design Course Online

Dates: Ongoing

Location: Online

Description: Our course is the classic, official 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) as taught by the founders of permaculture – Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is a 72- hour intensive program. This course involves study modules supported by practical exercises, photos, fieldwork and videos. Upon successful completion of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, graduates receive the official, internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

Instructors: Dr. Alan Enzo, Jessica Enzo, Art Freeman, Ben Bishop

Cost: $550


Children’s Permaculture Course
Dates: on-going
Location: online

Description: This is a course for kids! The content itself is divided into twelve blocks with each block containing four parts. Each part covers a different theme (e.g., community, patterns). This roughly correlates as one month (block) and four weeks (themes). However, because each child is unique, students are encouraged to move at their own pace.
Instructors: Roman Shapla
Cost: $32.95/month
Contact: Roman Shapla,

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