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Please note, WE do NOT provide design services (even though our two of our 3-person staff do, and likely already have their hands full).

If you are seeking design consultation, please provide your contact info / address. We can publish your request in the magazine or post in our Social Media pages but please tell us your preference. The more data you can provide, the more helpful we can be.


Before you send us mail, first consult our directory of permaculture sites and designers at:

and find the State or region in which you reside.

You can also view a list of permaculture diploma holders, teachers and designers, at Permaculture Institute of North American:

Alternately, consider joining our Facebook Group at

and visit / Like our Facebook Page at

Permaculture Design Publishing

P.O. Box 3607

Tupelo, MS 38803

(408) 569-8607


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