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#86 Health & Nutrition

Winter 2012

  • Naturopathy Centre Integrates Health & Community by Katherine Willow;

  • Seasonal Eating for Health by Tiffany Robbins;

  • Reclaiming Plant Medicine by rachel Berry;

  • Mushrooms & Vit D: The Sun Connection by Paul Stamets;

  • The Herbal Medic: Herbal First Aid by Sam Coffman;

  • Edible Insects by Roman Shapla;

  • Forest Gardens on Campus by Macon Foscue;

  • Beer for Health & Happiness by Phil Wages;

  • Growing Wise Children by Leigh Senna;

  • Fenugreek: A Versatile & Healing Herb by Jill Henderson;

  • Choosing Plants & Animals for Edible Landscapes by Kyle Chamberlain;

  • Not All Nitrogen Fixers Are Created Equal by Eric Toensmeier;

  • The Benefit of Ordeal by Albert Bates

  • Book Reviews:
    People Money: The Promise of Regional Currency; The Art of Fermentation; The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, champion trees, & an urgent plan to save the planet; How to Grow Perennial Vegetables: Low-maintenance, low-impact vegetable gardening; Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough; The “Ultimate” Guide to Permaculture (don’t buy this book, it’s neither permaculture nor “ultimate”)

#85 There Goes the Neighborhood

Autumn 2012, $6

  • Rural, Urban, and Potential Neighborhoods by Creighton Hofeditz

  • The Needs of Sustainable Communities by David Bainbridge

  • “Re-Villagize”: Patterns to Build the Neighborhood by Andrew Millison

  • Community Solar Power by Greg Pahl

  • Multi-Farm CSA in NH: Local Economic Organizing by Scott Codey & Bethan Weick

  • Cultivating Food-Secure Communities by Mark Roseland

  • SENS House at Berea College: Metrics on Sustainability by Richard Olson

  • Cross-Country on Amtrak: Thoughts on Broadscale Restoration by Michael Pilarski

  • Relocating an Intentional Community by Tarenta Baldeschi

  • Community Common Rights and Fracking by Pamela Sherman

  • Book Reviews:
    2052: A global forecast for the next 40 years;
    Too Much Magic: Wishful thinking, technology, and the fate of the nation;
    Dreaming the Future: Reimagining civilization in the age of nature;
    Honeycomb Kids: Big picture parenting for a changing world;
    The Seed Underground: A growing revolution to save food

#84 Home and Hearth

Summer 2012

  • The Permaculture of Domesticity by Sharon Astyk

  • Natural Building by Sasha Rabin

  • The Recip0rocating Roof Roundhouse by Huckleberry Leonard

  • Fire at the Heart of the Home: Retrofitting a Monrovian Barn by Max Jensen

  • Tending the Hearth by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Inching Toward Permaculture by Ileana Grams-Moog

  • Grow Dome Pops Up in Denver by Reggie Lafaye

  • Growing the Homebody Economy by Rachel Kaplan

  • Homeschooling and Permaculture Adventures by Rhonda Baird

  • Permaculture in Damaged Drylands by Dan Smith

  • Nova Scotia: Sticks and Stumps Feed the Hearth by Marissa Ringel

  • Book Reviews:
    The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country;
    Independence Days: A guide to sustainable food storage and preservation;
    Sowing Seeds in the Desert: Natural farming, global restoration and ultimate food security

#83 The Economy of Wood

Spring 2012

  • The Polewood Economy by Mark Krawczyk

  • Living by Wood by Bethann Weick

  • A Basket-Maker’s Landscape by Tom Ward

  • Ligurian Alnoculture: An Italian Example by Dave Jacke

  • The Fuel of Choice by Peter Bane

  • What to Do with All the Wood by Jeanmarie Zirger & Kara Cifizzari

  • Black Locust: Utility or Futility by Bill Whipple

  • Perennial Staple Crops: Part 2 by Eric Toensmeier

  • Book Reviews:
    Asphalt to Ecosystems; Occupy World Street; The KunstlerCast; The Holistic Orchard


#82 Growing Staple Crops

Winter 2011

  • Growing Staple Foods in Permaculture by Mark Shepard

  • Tell Me Where You Get Your Bread by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger

  • Staple Crops Without Tillage –

  • Part 1, Dry Beans; Part 2, Growing Corn among the 3 Sisters by Susanna Lein

  • Pole Beans – The Vagaries of Phaseolus by Leigh Hurley

  • Poor People’s Food by John Glavis

  • Pig-Powered Potatoes by Behann Weick

  • Growing Rice in Vermont by Erik Andrus with Ben Falk

  • Who Am I to Farm? by Peter Bane

  • Working Out a New Farming System by Harry MacCormack

  • Perennial Staple Crops by Eric Toensmeier

  • Chestnuts: Staple Foods Do Grow on Trees by Frank Salzano

  • Acorn: The Perennial Grain by Kyle Keegan

  • Book Reviews:
    Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier;
    The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs

#81 Hidden Connections in the Garden

Autumn 2011

  • Green Acres Neighborhood Garden, The Place to Be by Ann Kreilkamp

  • Urban Agriculture – Bringing Paradise Back to the Empty Lot by David Tracey

  • Food Means Access to Land by Sandor Ellix Katz

  • Tending the Wild: Restoring Indigenous Practices by Eric Toensmeier

  • Hoarding and Storing Seeds by Carol Deppe

  • Gardening Religion: Choices in our Cultural Stew by David Haberman

  • Lifting the Garden Up: Deep Raised Beds by Sepp Holzer

  • A Better Deer Fence by Nina Maclean

  • Greenhouses with Altitude by Jerome Osentowski, Evan Granito, Elena Zubulake & Sara DeAloia

  • Managing Manure to Save Mankind by Gene Logsden

  • Wild Edibles in Civilized Settings by Rachel Kaplan

  • For the Love of Mushrooms by Greg Marley

  • Book Reviews:
    The End of Growth: Adapting to our new economic reality;
    Urban Homesteading: Heirloom skills for sustainable living
    Common Ground: Commuity orchards handbook;
    Urban Agriculture: Ideas & designs for the new food revolution
    21st Century Greens: Leaf vegetables in nutrition & sustainable agriculture;
    Aquaponic Gardening: A step-by-step guide to raising vegetables & fish togethe

#80 Designing for Disaster

Summer 2011

#79 The Urban Frontier, $6,

Spring 2011

  • An Indoor Farm Grows in Denver by Adam Brock

  • Meet You on the Roof: City Food Production Looking Up by Phil Forsyth (with Micah Woodcock on Beekeeping in the City)

  • Being the Change in Your Village by Kelda Miller

  • D-I-Y Meets P.U.D.: Bringing the Village into the City by Peter Bane

  • Creating Urban Mycelia: Permaculture for Everyone by Zev Friedman

  • Permaculture: Farming for Tomorrow by Chuck Burr

  • General Index to Permaculture Activist issues 24-40

  • Species Index (issues 24-40)

  • Book Reviews:

The Biochar Solution: Carbon farming & climate change;

The Growing Edge: Beyond sustainability & regeneration DVD;

Birthrites: Rituals & celebrations for the child-bearing years

#78 Water Wise, $6,
Winter 2011
  • Thinking Like a River by Michael Blazewicz
  • Watershed Relationships by Brock Dolman
  • Berms & Basins Gain the Colorado Rain by Jason Gerhardt
  • From Wastewater to Gardens by Mark Nelson & Florence Cattin
  • Old Practices, New Thinking: Water Tools & View for Drylands:
  • 1. Cisterns of Saudi Arabia; 2. Watergy: Where water & Energy Meet by Brad Lancaster
  • Mexican Water Design Endures 450 Years by Scott Horton
  • Edible Boardrooms & Allotments in the Sky by Dave Richards
  • Water Conservation in the Home by Jerry Yudelson
  • The Causeway Apporach to Poorly Drained Lands by Chris Dixon


#77 Eco-nomics, $6,

Fall 2010

  • Design for Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman

  • New Roots for Economics by Stephanie Mills

  • Making Sense of a Collapsing System by Peter Bane

  • The Eco-nomics of Small-Scale Forestry by Ish Shalom

  • BioShelter Market Gardens by Darrell Frye

  • The Economics of Logging on Public Lands by Christine Glaser

  • Community Currencies Build the Future by John Rogers

  • Cooperation, Peace and Economic Justice by Stephen DeMeulenaere

  • The New Green-Collar Economy by Abel Kloster

  • Enterprise Models Regenerate the Planet by Greg Landua, Eric Toensmeier, & Mary Johnson

  • Permaculture Institutes, Certificates, & the Diploma by Rosemary Morrow

#76 Soil Fertility, $6,

Summer 2010


  • The Permaculture Way of Soil by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Biochar and Agriculture by James Bruges

  • Rocky Mountain Miracles with Sheet Mulch by Jerome Osentowski

  • Hawai'ian Farm Builds Soil with Worms by Sarah Staley

  • Demystifying humanure: The Poop on Composting Toilets by Joe Jenkins

  • A Golden Opportunity: Diverting Urine to Fertilize Soil by Carol Steinfeld

  • Building Soil with Crop Rotations by Eric & Beth Ardapple-Kindberg

  • Fungus Among Us: Mushrooms and Soil by Alice Beetz and Michael Kustudia

#75 Local Food, $6,

Spring 2010

  • Expanding the Niche of Local Food: A City and Regional Plan by Peter Bane

  • Local Food Starts with the Garden: Small Farm Self-Reliance by Darrell E. Frey

  • Living the local Food Life: Suburban and Rural Views by Doniga Markegard and Susan Osofsky

  • Food Interdependence in the City - A Group Effort by Robert van de Walle

  • Colorado Food Bank Adds Own Gardens and Orchards by Melissa Marts

  • Designing a Garden to Grow the Food Bank by Barb Fath

  • A Local Foods Movement Worth its Salt by Tao Orion

  • Reintroducing Staples to Regional Farming by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger

  • Urban Survival Farming by Mike Thayer


#74 Energy Descent, $6,

Winter 2009

  • A Personal Story: Practical Home Energy Descent by Kate & Larry McAuliffe

  • Transition: Meeting the Challenge of Energy Descent by Michael Brownlee

  • Permaculture and Transition in Mexico by Holger Heironimi

  • Carbon-Negative...Starving Chickens and Sacred Shrines by Albert Bates

  • On Energy, We're Finally Walking the Walk by Lester R. Brown

  • Making Fuel Alcohol by Lynn Ellen Doxon

  • An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis by Keith Farnish

  • Throwing Out the Throwaway Economy by Lester R. Brown

  • The Eco-Logic of Descent: Why Industrial Society is Ending by John Michael Greer

  • The Right Invisible Structures for Energy Descent by Rhonda Baird

#73 Bioregionalism, $6,

Autumn 2009

  • Jumping Into a New Paradigm by Ken Lassman

  • ReEnvisioning & Restoring Wild Lands in the Rocky Mountains by Sandy Cruz

  • As Go the Elephants, So Goes the Bioregion by John Seed

  • Bioregional Organizing in Cities: A Houston Success by Bob Randall

  • Heirloom Seeds of Tomorrow by Don Tipping

  • Gardens of Gratitude: Taking L.A. by Storm by Virginia LeRossignol Blades

  • Reclaiming the Land Commons by David Harper

  • Transition Town: Hohenwald, Tennessee by Jennifer Dauksha-English

  • From Kansas to Oz...& Back Again: A Saga of the BioCongress by Caryn Miriam Goldberg

  • Making Home in a Global Neighborhood by Peter Bane

  • Growing a Bioregional Vision by Christine Muehlman Gyovai

#72 The View from Abroad, $6,

Summer 2009

  • Viva Biafra: Machine Guns, Naked Women, & Heliciculture in Nigeria by Keith Morris

  • Green Tech: An Optimistic View of the Future by David Holmgren

  • Integrated Water Management in Ethiopia by Rosemary Morrow

  • Shrinking Forests: The Many Costs by Lester Brown

  • Food Exploration in the Caucasus by Justin West

  • Trees, Fire & Farmers in the Maya Rainforest by Ronald Nigh

  • Bringing Permaculture to Trinidad by Erle Rahaman Noronha

  • Bridging Cultures in India & Brazil: Solidarity Through Soil by aManda Greene

  • Permaculture in Schools in Southern & Eastern Africa by Mugove Walter Nyika

  • Chasing the Bugger-Bug in Liberia by Warren Brush

  • End of an Era: No New Coal Plants in America by Jonathan Dorn

#71 Earthworks, $6,

Spring 2009

  • Mounds of Water Management by Barb Fath & Ted Sunderhaus;

  • Going Deep in Belize by Albert Bates;

  • Building the Road to "Lottawater Water" by Peter Bane;

  • Soil, Water & Carbon for Every Farm by Darren Doherty;

  • Gardening Lessons from the Past by Laura Donohue;

  • Permaculture & the Landscape Architect by Andrew Millison;

  • Earthbag Building by Jeff Bosquet;

  • A Fridge That Takes Only 0.1kW a Day by Tom Chalko