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Creating a Financial Permaculture is a design endeavor towards circulating money locally, and finding innovative ways to promote trading and exchange systems that align with ecological patterns and boundaries.

Financial Permaculture is the conscious whole system design of human financial systems to create a zero waste economy that cares for the earth, the people and distributes surplus of material, currency and knowledge in a fair and equitable manner.

Financial Permaculture, like a Permaculture Design, is context dependent. Each Financial Permaculture design will be a different arrangement of design elements such and Local Currency, Local Investment, Green Business, Coops, and ZERI industries to create the most mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationships between different elements in the human ecology that defines a particular community.

The Financial Permaculture Initiative is intended to help create a local participatory design for businesses that can address the needs of the local community in a sustainable manner.  The hope of the Financial Permaculture Institute is that this initiative can become a template for other initiatives, network with other existing movements and initiatives and add new voices and wisdom to the collective and cooperative movement towards a regenerative human community.




is a new project created with the intent of developing a shared and readily accessible knowledge base for those interested in practicing permaculture in the Phoenix, AZ, area.


The network is a group of designers, teachers, students, activists, farmers, homesteaders, and other permaculture enthusiasts who mutually support and collaborate to demonstrate, educate, and inspire permaculture solutions in the Northeast and New England.

This is the participatory permaculture wiki of Northeastern America. Everyone from the permaculture network is welcome to add courses, events, demonstration sites, designer listings, or other resources. Explore and represent your state and region through the links in the left column. Check the Regional Calendar for up coming events, or add your own event.



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