#113 - August/Fall 2019: Stocking Up

#113 Stocking Up
August/November 2019

Food Preservation: A Daily Practice

     Rhonda Baird

Vegetable Fermentation: An Alchemy of Place

     Laura Killingbeck

Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies: Climate Resilience

     Jim Veteto, PhD

The Right Tool at Hand

     Gloria Flora

Dried Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration

     Chris Smith

Stocking the Apothecary

     Greg Monzel

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honey, and Kung Fu

     David Santander

The Deep Adaptation Agenda, Part Two

     Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.), PhD

Global Earth Repair Conference 2019 and Beyond

     Rhonda Baird

Earth Restoration Camps: Insights and Lessons

     Robin Woolner

Sociocracy and Permaculture

     Diana Leafe Christian

Reclaiming Our Community Life

     Alline Anderson


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