How do I Subscribe?

1. Select the subscription of your choice
2. Click SIGN-UP to register as a site member
3. We will email you within 48 hours
You will then have Log-In access to the digital copy of the most recent issue.
* NOTE: Site membership is NOT necessary to shop in our store.


How do I get the digital issue if I’m a print subscriber?

When you register and subscribe, your site request is approved by the store manager, after which you can download the current issue using your username and password (the ones you set up when you registered). Note—beginning with issue #101, the pass­word is no longer on your mailing label.


I waited too long to download my copy, and now it’s gone!

Only the current issue is available for download. When the next issue is made available, the previous one is taken down. To ac­cess it, you will need to buy it as a back issue.


How do I subscribe to only the digital issue?

Select the “Digital” option on the Subscribe page.


I noticed that the digital and print issues aren’t the same.

One difference is that the digital issue is in color! Aside from this, the articles in the digital version may include hyperlinks, and there may be extra (bonus!) articles that we were unable to include in the print edition. So, even our subscribers who prefer hard copy may want to check out the pdf as well.


When will the archive of all back issues be available?

We are still working on this project.


How much will the archive of all back issues cost?

We have not yet set a price for the archive, but it will be less than the cost of a full set of printed back issues ($450 in the US). While some magazines have made their archives available to subscribers for free, Permaculture Design/Activist content is quite amazing, and the early issues share accounts of convergen­ces and meetings in the '80s that are also of historical interest.


My copies arrive torn or damaged! What can I do?

Automated postal equipment sometimes damages issues that are not in paper or plastic wrappers. For obvious reasons, we prefer not to add additional packaging. However, if you frequently receive torn copies, let us know, and we will mail your copies in an envelope.