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#70 Ethics at Work, $6,

Winter, 2008

  • Business-As-Usual is the Enemy by Peter Bane;

  • Thirteen Principles of People Care by Starhawk;

  • Permaculture in Business by Stefan Geyer;

  • How Ecovillages Care for People by Diane Leafe Christian;

  • A White Man in India by Rico Zook;

  • Beans, Bananas, & Boarding School by Rosemary Morrow;

  • The Principle of "No Waste" by Josh Kearns;

  • The Ethics of Quality Control by Jan Martin Bang;

  • Growing Our Own by Sarah Baker;

  • Farming in the City with Runoff from a Street by Brad Lancaster;

  • The Happiness Plant by Albert Bates

#69 Permaculture at Home, $6,

Autumn 2008

  • From Ecotourism to Grunt & Grow in Hawai'i by John Schinnerer;

  • A Forest Garden Grows in London by Graham Burnett;

  • Suburban Renaissance in the Heartland by Rhonda Baird;

  • CCAT: Home-Scale Action on a California Campus by Jeffrey M. Adams & Zachary A. Mermel;

  • The Philadelphia Orchard Project by Phil Forsyth;

  • A Charcoal Bucket Filter for Drinking Roof Water by Josh Kearns;

  • Brambleberry Farm from the Ground Up by Peter Bane;

  • Dreaming a New England Forest Home by Nicko Rubin;

  • Cleaning Water with Floating Islands by Scott Kellogg & Stacy Pettigrew;

  • Bicycles Pedaling into the Spotlight by J. Matthew Roney;

  • Gulf Coast Climate Refugees Move Inland by Lester R. Brown;

  • Mississippi Blooming by Akia Chabot;

  • In Memory of Nader Khalili by Wes Roe & Marge Erickson

#68 Plants on the Move, $6,

Summer 2008

  • Questioning the Invasive Species Paradigm by Jono Neiger and Dave Jacke

  • Re-thinking Non-Native Species by Eric Toensmeier

  • Forest Migration and Climate Change by Peter Bane

  • A New Perennial for Cold Climates by Jonathan Bates

  • Possible Black Walnut Polyculture Guilds by Rob Scott & William C. Sullivan

  • Stalking the Wild Stocks: Three from Forager's Harvest by Sam Thayer

  • Saving the Seed Savers by Kathryn DeLee

  • Grow Your Own Community Garden by David Tracey

  • Greening the Neighborhood by Jay Walljasper

  • Healthy Adaptive Honeybees by Kelly Simmons

  • Massive Diversion of US Grain to Fuel Cars Raising World Food Prices by Lester Brown

 #67 Kids in Permaculture 

Spring 2008, $6

  • Editor's Edge by Scott Horton;

  • Chicken Mash Layer Cake Midwife Girl by Thorpe Moeckel

  • Ruby Kay: the Accidental Permaculturist by Scott Horton

  • The School As Ecosystem by Sam Dunlap

  • Permaculture Education Comes Home by Rhonda Baird

  • Introducing High School Students to Permaculture by Kelly Simmons

  • Bolitas de Vida: Tlaxcalan Children Make Seedballs by Scott Horton

  • Sowing the Seeds of Gardening in Kids - Colorado Master Gardeners

  • Food Unlocks Interest in Sustainability: Fostering Research Skills in Youth by Dianne Clipsham & Letitia Charbonneau

  • Bottled Water Boycotts: Turning Back to the Tap by Janet Larsen

  • Solar Cell Production Jumps 50% in 2007 by Jonathan G. Dorn

  • Feeding Eight Billion Well by Lester R. Brown


#66 Animals in Design,

Winter 2007-08, $6

  • Editor's Edge: Design for All Six Kingdoms;

  • Way Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch by Chris Chmiel

  • Oxymoron on the Menu: Jumbo Shrimp by Keith Johnson

  • The Year of the Alpaca by Suvia Judd & Deborah Berman

  • Eggs, Milk, Honey...and No Gasoline by Arina & Scott Pittman

  • The Tao of Permaculture Beekeeping by Eugene Monaco

  • Pulling Permaculture Together: An Integrated New Hampshire Farm by Lauren Buyofsky & Bill Erickson

  • Permaculture Going to the Dogs by Dave Boehnlein

  • Insects as Human Food by David Gracer

  • The Universal Chicken: Notes on Pastured Poultry by John Wages

  • Small Livestock in the (Urban) Backyard by Dawn Pillsbury

  • Chicken Tractor from the Dump by Jan Steinman

  • Rabbits on Pasture by Kathryn Kerby

  • Abundance for All: Forest Restoration for Top Predators by Chris Shanks

  • The Ethical Omnivore: Working with Complementary Animals by Beck Lowe

  • It's Not Easy Being Green: A New Way of Burial by Jane Hillhouse

  • Agrichar: Birth of a New Wedge on Climate and Soils by Kelpie Wilson

#65 Climate Change

Autumn 07, $6

  • If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warming by Daniel Gilbert

  • Disappearing Lakes, Shrinking Seas by Janet Larsen

  • De-Stabilizing Climate by Lester R. Brown;

  • Recognizing Forests' Role in Climate by the Union of Concerned Scientists

  • The Urban Forest Possible by Andy & Katy Lipkis

  • Making Trees Pay by Albert Bates

  • Eight Principles for Successful Rainwater Harvesting by Brad Lancaster

  • The Greenhouse Effect: Creating Indoor Gardens by Peter Bane

  • Charcoal Water Filtration by Josh Kearns

  • The Changing Human Climate by Paul Hawken

#64 Waste = Food

Summer 2007, $6

  • Throwaway Economy in Trouble by Lester Brown

  • The Strategy of Salvage by John Michael Greer

  • Peak Soil by Vera Brandova

  • Getting Piggy with Integrated Waste Management by Josh Trought

  • Bicycles, Night Soil, and the Future of Garbage by Lisa DePiano

  • The farm as Organism by Don Tipping

  • The Opportunistic Plant Question in Permaculture by Michael Pilarski

  • Building a Simple BioDigester by Thomas Carmona

  • The Waters of Spain in Grey, Black, and Yellow by Ines Sanchez and Richard Wade

  • Vermiculture Goes to School by Binet Payne

#63 Building & Technology

Spring 2007, $6

  • How Do We Want To Dwell? by Dafyd Rawlings

  • Natural Building Outlaws Meet the Code by Warren Brush & Dafyd Rawlings

  • Making Natural Building a Legal Option by Michael G. Smith

  • Strawbale Building in China by Catherine Wanek

  • A Sleeping Red Giant: Scaling Up Technology in China by Kelly Lerner

  • Shelter & the Practice of the Local by Lydia Doleman

  • Mr. Cob Goes to Eden: The Armenian Republic of Natural Building by Ianto Evans

  • Integrated Solar Heating, Cooking, Pumping & Power by Albert Bates with Leila Dregger

  • Building with Vision: An Exemplary Self-Build Project by Catherine Wanek

  • A Nation-Scale Permaculture System Emerges in Brazil by Ali Sharif


 #62 The Art of Permaculture  

Winter 2006, $6

  • Beauty the Forgotten Permaculture Principle? by Scot Horton

  • Painting and Permaculture: Learning to See by Adam Wolpert

  • Observation in Writing and Permaculture by Tami Brunk

  • Ecoartists Open Eyes and Hearts to Nature by Patricia Watts

  • A Life in Art, Activistm and Community by Heather Gaudet

  • Catching Water, Making Magic by Chrissie Orr

  • Street Theatre & Water Struggle in Bolivia by Eve Tulbert

  • Art & Bioremediation: Turning Coalfields to Commons by T. Allen Comp, Ph.D.

  • Living Willow Placemaking by Josho Somine

  • The Body as Zone Zero by Nala Walla

  • The Nearly Lost Art of the Found by Andy Mahler

  • Permaculture Permeates Pop Culture by Monica Richards; and more.

#61 The Unseen Kin-doms

Fall 2006, $6

  • Using Naturalist Observation as a Design Tool by Amanda Malachesky

  • The Purpose of Weeding is Not to Eliminate by Brigitte Norland

  • Mysteries of the Soil Food Web by Bart Anderson

  • Mycelium as Nature's Internet by Paul Stamets

  • Making Your Own Mycorrhizal Inoculum by Sunseed Desert Technology

  • Bees: The Sweetest of Community Builders by Minna Jain

  • Cover Crops as Bee Forage in the Desert Southwest by Lynda Prim

  • Earth Energies Inform Design by Lee Barnes;

  • Design for the Five Kingdoms: ZERI Principles and Methods by Kris Holstrom and Tom Riesing

  • Time to Rekindle Local Currencies by Susan Witt

  • Dead Zones Increasing at the Edge of the Sea by Janet Larsen

  • Between Ice and Ocean by Albert Bates

  • Empty Skies: World's Bird at Risk by Janet Larsen; and more.

#60 Land Use Past & Present

Summer 2006, $6

  • Is Sustainable Agriculture an Oxymoron? by Toby Hemenway

  • Still Time to Learn from the Negev's Bedouin by Nirah Shirazipour

  • Eastern Woodlands Indigenous Agroforestry by Dave Sansone

  • Permaculture Begins to Heal the Land and Cultures of India by Richard Zook

  • Land Planning Comes to Arcosanti by Andrew Millison

  • A Rockies Relationship with the Land by Peter Bane

  • Don Carlos Grows a Forest by Scott Horton

  • Population Growth Leading to Land Hunger by Janet Larsen

#59 Peak Oil

Spring 2006, $6

  • Peak Oil & Permaculture by Tim Winton

  • Ecological Collapse & Trauma Theory by Lisa Rayner

  • Something Will Save Us by Thom Hartmann

  • Apocalypse Not by Toby Hemenway

  • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as a Post-Apocalyptic Utopia by Albert Bates

  • Designing Energy Descent Pathways by Rob Hopkins

  • How Cuba Survived Peak Oil by Megan Quinn

  • An Amtrak Peak-Oil Tour by Jan Lundberg

  • Oil & Food: A Rising Security Challenge by Danielle Murray

  • Relocalize Eonomic Life by Doug Biggs

  • Biofuels: Peak Oil Silver Bullet or Ecological & Humanitarian Disaster by Alec Johnson

  • Cultivating Algae for Liquid Fuel Production by Tom Riesing


#58 Urban Permaculture

Winter 2005, $6

  • Urban and Rural Futures Revisited by Toby Hemenway

  • Saturday in the Garden of Union by Claudia Joseph

  • A Permaculture Alliance with History by Phil Forsyth

  • Zones and Sectors in the City by Bart Anderson

  • Plant a Revolution: Growing Food in the City by Craig Hepworth

  • Detroit Urban Visionaries by Christopher Shein

  • Rebuilding New Orleans and Everytown USA by Richard Register

  • The Enduring Chinampas of Mexico by Nik Bertulis

  • City Form, Country Venue: A Village for the Ages by Peter Bane, Albert Bates and Keith Johnson

  • Permaculture and Community Transform a Military Base by Doug Biggs

  • Beverly Doty: A Permaculture Campaigner in Suburbia by Susan W. Clark

  • The Permacultured Kitchen by Robert Waldrop

  • Radical Vistas from the Urban Frontier by Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew

  • Moires of a "Rurban" Permaculturist by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • A Farmer Comes to Town by Don Tipping

#57 20th Anniversary Issue! Looking Back / Looking Forward

Fall 2005, $6

  • Permaculture Challenges by Sego Jackson

  • A Permaculture Remembrance by Will Carey

  • Permaculture in the USA by Michael Pilarsk

  • Permaculture Changes by Kevin Tope

  • The Road Less Traveled by William Roley

  • Permatecture by Ianto Evans

  • Gaia University by Tami Brunk

  • Toward an Ignorance-based World View by Wes Jackson

  • The Soft Edge of Permaculture by Robert Silber

  • The Permaculture Institute of Northern California by Deborah Grace

  • The First US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions by Becky Elder

  • Oil Depletion & the Immediate Need for Permaculture Communities by Richard Heinberg

  • Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability by David Holmgren

  • Success and Succession: IPC7 by Peter Bane

#56 Tree Crops...Tree Guilds: A New Look at Permanent Agriculture

Summer 2005, $6

  • Non-Traditional Tree Crops for Northern Climates by Karl Davies

  • A History of Pine Nuts for Northern Climates by Charles Rhora

  • Tree Vegetables: Salads That Grow on Trees! by Eric Toensmeier

  • Acorns as Human Food by Ken Asmus

  • Restoring the King of the Eastern Forest by Dale Kolengerg & Frederick V. Hebard, Ph.D.

  • Silvopastoral Agroforestry Using Honeylocust by Andy Wilson

  • Pattern and Process in the Underground Economy by Dave Jacke

  • Broadscale Agroforestry Ten Years On... by Mark Shepard

  • Temperate Agroforestry with Bamboo by Rick Valley

  • Wondrous Willow, Copious Coppice by Don Tipping

  • Social Forestry in the Shasta Bioregion by Tom Ward

  • Every Tree Has a Story by Peter Bane

  • Permaculture Beyond Borders by Jamie McSweeney and Max Kamen

  • Epilogue: A Story of Robert by Dave Jacke

  • The Straight (Over)Story by Richard Blaha

#55 Spring 2005 Learning from Our Mistakes