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Permaculture Activist / Permaculture Design
Complete Digital Archives

Back Issues #1 to #118, 1985 to 2020
Copyright Permaculture Design Publishing 2020

If you’d like the whole collection on a USB drive, it’s available for $100.
Be aware that several of the earliest issues have survived only as photocopies, and issues up to #71 were laid out in Adobe PageMaker, and had to be scanned as well. All of these were printed on newsprint, which yellows with age, the point being that getting quality scans was nearly impossible. Some scans aren’t pretty, but all text is searchable. Issues #72 and onward were laid out in InDesign, and .pdf quality is excellent.



#123 Where We Stand Now

February / Spring 2022

  • Perspective in a Time of Climate Crisis by Albert Bates
  • A View from the Far Side of the Hill by M. Mathes Flora
  • Steppingstones by Looby Macnamara
  • Commoning and Changemaking by David Bollier
  • Responsibility in a World in Crisis by Bonita Eloise Ford
  • Where We Stand Now: Evolving Into a Global Age by Jillian Hovey
  • Adjusting to the Inevitable by Adam Turtle
  • The Unmanageable Future by John Michael Greer
  • Tactics for Skating on Thin Ice: Social Design in the Mix by Rhonda Baird
  • Take the Lid Off Renewable Energy by Koreen Brennan
  • A Note from Our Friend, Goldenrod by Laura Crystal
  • Spring Start Thinking: Seed Saving and Vegetable Breeding by Rhonda Baird


#122 Tending Our Forests

November / Winter 2021

  • David Holmgren’s Design Process Journey Part 2 by Dan Palmer
  • In the Woods by Johnny Baer
  • Collaborating with your Forest by Gloria Flora
  • Earth Advocates Research Farm by John Wages with Adam & Sue Turtle
  • Grounded Gardening—Eat the Weeds by Susun Weed (edited from interview by Delvin & Grace Solkinson)
  • Marrying the Forest—a Fiery Love Story by Blair Phillips
  • The Low-down on Dewberries by Jeffery C. Goss Jr., M.H.
  • Healing Ourselves: In Memoriam Sandy Cruz by Becky Elder
  • Timber & Forestry—A Permaculture Perspective by Doug Crouch
  • Scenes from an Automobile Odyssey by Rob Dietz
  • Bamboo in Permaculture Design by Rick Valley
  • Building a Bamboo Farm by Simon Henderson

#121 Build It!

August / Fall 2021

  • David Holmgren’s Design Process Journey by Dan Palmer
  • Building True Wealth by Shannon Frances
  • Radical Re-imagining with Permaculture by Rebecca Ellis
  • PINA Builds New Infrastructure by Peter Bane
  • Permaculture Without the Name by Bruce Blai
  • Building Library Community Networks by Alan Pakaln
  • Balecob 2.0 at the Nest in Wisconsin by Mark Mazziotti
  • Essential Earthbag Construction by Kelly Hart
  • Going Deep in Belize by Albert Bates
  • Natural Building as a Way of Avoiding Western Norms by Tobias Roberts
  • Reciprocating Roof Roundhouse by Huckleberry Leonard
  • Cobwood Revisited by Rob Roy

#120 Mutual Aid

May/Summer 2021

  • Mutual Aid by Koreen Brennan
  • Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution by David Graeber and Andrej Grubacic
  • The Nutty Buddy Collective: A web of Collective Action by Justin Holt
  • It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine by Stephanie Rearick
  • Indigenous Mutual Aid in the Mountains of Oaxaco: Gueza! by Phil and Kathy Dahl-Bredine
  • Journey into Africa by Jillian Hovey
  • What If Someone Gets Hurt? by Gloria Flora
  • Design Emergence by Celvin Solkinson and Lobby Macnamara
  • Local Organic Goodness by Shannon Frances
  • PODS: A Sweet Spot  for Mutual Aid Organizing by Zev Friedman

#119 Spring is in the Air.

Feb/Spring 2021

  • Gnats, Camels, and Chaos by Adam Turtle
  • What Would You Do If...? by Gloria Flora
  • Holistic Management and Permaculture by Dan Palmer
  • Aligned and Alive by Ted Rau
  • An Endless Spring by Peter Bane
  • The Downside of Dogs by Albert Bates
  • Groundwater Banking by Michael B. Commons
  • Strategies for Developing Resilience by Rhonda Baird
  • A Path Forward by Rhonda Baird
  • From Magic to Permaculture by Monique Moreau

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