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Calling all CRMPI Supporters!

Dear Friends, 

    We are reaching out to our community to ask for your support. We are compiling a collection of our supporters' letters of support to send to the Eagle County Planning Department to go along with our application for a Special Use Permit. We need a Special Use Permit to continue our 35 year history of offering classes on permaculture design in our onsite food forest.  If the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute has added value to your life, community or career through one of our design courses, summer classes, internships, interactive tours or articles, please send a letter of support to about your experience!

    We understand that the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected many of our communities. If you have anything to spare, we accept donations to CRMPI at

Your Friends at  the
Central Rocky Mountain
Permaculture Institute

(970) 927-4158

For Sale

Land for sale

For sale to permaculturists only: 2&1/2 acre lots @ $10,000 near Tilly, Arkansas.



Grounding Your Village

This ONLINE course is for people who are looking to build or join community but have felt that they haven't had the resources, know-how, money, group support, or members they need to begin building their dream.

This workshop has been designed to CHANGE your life. We have brought in experts from many different fields in the ecovillage world.


Property and Land



Employment opportunities / Work trade / Internships / Apprenticeships


Accommodation / B&B 


Design / Consultation services

Permaculture Design and Consultation Services provided by Rhonda Baird and Associates through Sheltering Hills Design, LLC. Contact through

Patterns for Abundance Design / Consulting with Peter Bane and Keith Johnson.

We can provide long distance design and advice for clients around the country. 30 years experience. See call 1-812-335-0383
At this link you can download a copy of the Site Evaluation Questionnaire.  Please fill out and send / email to us your reply. Thanks.



Services and crafts