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Permaculture Activist / Permaculture Design
Digital Archive Collection

Back Issues #1 to #118, 1985 to 2020
Copyright Permaculture Design Publishing 2020

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Be aware that several of the earliest issues have survived only as photocopies, and issues up to #71 were laid out in Adobe PageMaker, and had to be scanned as well. All of these were printed on newsprint, which yellows with age, the point being that getting quality scans was nearly impossible. Some scans aren’t pretty, but all text is searchable. Issues #72 and onward were laid out in InDesign, and .pdf quality is excellent.


#118 Wild Yields

Nov/Winter 2020

  • Considering the Wild by Milton Dixon
  • Succession Through the Forest: Wildcrafting & Mentorship by Michael Pilarski
  • The Journey to Find Home: An Apprentice's Journey  by Anna Pallotta
  • A Persistent Staple: Black Walnut by Mary Vance
  • The Art of the Harvest: Paw-paw Handling & Processing by Michael Judd
  • The Sapience Curriculum: Freeing Our Selves by Frank Forencich
  • Milkweed as a Vegetable by Sam Thayer
  • Organic Gardens Cooperative by Matt Noyes
  • Tree Vaccination with Pure Mulch by Alicja Szubert
  • Permaculture & Wild Yields by Rhonda Baird
  • NATIFS - Rhonda Baird & the NATIFS staff
  • Nested Permaculture Communities by Dan Palmer
  • Atmospheric Collision Courses by Albert Bates
  • Mastering the Growing Edge by Luke A.M. Simon
  • Grow Engagements with Systems Design - Sociocracy for All Permaculture Circle

#117 Permaculture and Biodiversity

Aug/Fall 2020

  • Conserving Biodiversity as my Guiding Principle  by S. Nicki Youngsma
  • Locavores Rejoice! by Adam Turtle, FLS & Susanne Turtle
  • Silent Night by John Wages
  • Paradise Gardening by Joe Hollis
  • Turning Lawns into Meadows by Owen Wormser
  • Cemeteries as Refugia by Greg Gerritt
  • Herbal immune tonics from your own backyard by Gloria Flora
  • Nothingness, Cumquats, and Walter Scott by Patrick Noble
  • A Multi-use Constructed Wetland by Brook Le Van & Rose L. Le Van
  • The Lost Forest Gardens of Europe  by Max Paschall
  • Holism & Reductionism—Musings on Barberry & Descartes by Richard Mandelbaum
  • Black Commons, Community Land Trusts, & Reparations by David Bollier
#116 Permaculture Works

May/Summer 2020

  • Accelerating Succession by Jillian Hovey
  • Does Permaculture Work? by Milton Dixon
  • Who is your permaculture for? by Karryn Olson
  • Learning by Doing: Permaculture for Youth by Penny Krebiehl
  • Putting First Things First in Our Work by Rhonda Baird
  • Corona Virus and Our Immune Systems by Marco Chung-Shu Lam
  • Building Skills for the Future: Staying Grounded by Debbie Tremel
  • Loss of Reverence: A Native-Born Outsider’s Insights by Adam Turtle, FLS
  • IPC-14: The Long Road There by Catherine Dolleris
  • Hopewell: Permaculture-based Community Empowerment by Rhonda Baird
  • Developing the Permaculture Workforce by Erik Ohlsen
  • Exploring a Sense of Surplus by Toby Hemenway


#115 Emergent Design

Feb/Spring 2020

  • Using the Design Web by Looby Macnamara
  • Imagine a New Way by Rob Hopkins
  • Generative Transformation by Dan Palmer
  • Regenerative Futures: Emergent Design in Permaculture Education by Jillian Hovey
  • Invitation to the Unknown: Gaia U Approaches to Education by Silvina Miguel
  • Landscape Design: Following the Primrose Path Wormhole by Gloria Flora
  • Importance of Imagination: An Interview with Rob Hopkins by Jill Kiedaisch, Chelsea Green Publishing
  • Permaculture in Puerto Rico: Year Three in Cooperative Development by April Lea, John Lago Gonzalez
  • A Choice: Forests or Deserts—Lessons from the Amazon by Loxley Clovis
  • A Grafted Union: Working with Tree Shaping by Dawn Shiner
  • Announcement: North American Leadership Summit by Peter Bane, Sandy Cruz
  • Interview: Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute Transitions - PDM Staff; CRMPI Staff


#114 Retrofit

Nov/Winter 2019

  • The Story of Abdallah House by Richard Telford
  • Passivhaus Wall Techniques by Baxt Ingui Architects and John Mitchell
  • A Checklist of Ideas for Retrofit Design by Stuart Muir Wilson
  • Wood Storage Design by Rick Valley
  • Cool Runnings: A Greenhouse Journey by Jeff Caldwell
  • Observations for a Solar Energy Re-Design by James R. Campbell
  • The Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence - Collectively written by members of the Northwest Permaculture Community and allies: Shaelee Evans, Ryan Flesch, Setesh Freeman, Jillian Hovey, Paul McDermott,
    Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, Jessi Pongratz, Cody Wicks, Julie Wolf and Tiffany
    Y’vonne; Edited by Shaelee Evans and Jillian Hovey
  • A Walk in the Woods by John Wages
  • Food Forests for the Future by Marisha Auerbach
  • Embers of Hope: Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Chaos by Bonita Ford
  • Climate Chaos and Project Drawdown by Gloria Flora
  • Permaculture and Food Security by Rosemary Morrow


#113 Stocking Up

Aug/Fall 2019

  • Food Preservation: A Daily Practice by Rhonda Baird
  • Vegetable Fermentation: An Alchemy of Place by Laura Killingbeck
  • Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies: Climate Resilience by Jim Veteto, PhD
  • The Right Tool at Hand by Gloria Flora
  • Dried Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration by Chris Smith
  • Stocking the Apothecary by Greg Monzel
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honey, and Kung Fu by David Santander
  • The Deep Adaptation Agenda, Part Two by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.),PhD
  • Global Earth Repair Conference 2019 and Beyond by Rhonda Baird
  • Earth Restoration Camps: Insights and Lessons by Robin Woolner
  • Sociocracy & Permaculture by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Reclaiming our Community Life by Alline Anderson
#112 Learning From Our Mistakes

May/Summer 2019

  • Watching the Flow of the H2O by Gloria Flora
  • Oh, the Stories We Could Tell… by Rhonda Baird
  • Growth is a Type-1 Error by Peter Bane
  • Ten Misconceptions about Permaculture by Bart Anderson
  • Food, Food Security, and the Environment-North Korea by Rowe Morrow
  • Un/Learning Models for Our Epistemic Community by Andrew Langford
  • Pockets of Happiness: A Conversation with Toby Hemenway by Bellamy Fitzpatrick
  • What They Got Right: Helen and Scott Nearing by Michael Welber
  • A Map for Navigating Climate Change Tragedy: Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.), PhD
  • Vasko, the Digital Goatherd by De Chantal Hillis
  • On the Yellow Brick Road by Rhonda Baird
  • The Whole Animal by Laura Killingbeck
  • Life in Design with Max Lindegger by Annaliese Hordern & Delvin Solkinson


#111 Creating Comunity

Feb/Spring 2019

  • 19 Steps to Community by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Community in the Hardest Place I Know by Jason Gerhard
  • Culture Change: The Nature of Community by Brian Knittel
  • Environmental Networks: Community and Collaboration by Gloria Flora
  • Ten Stories of Transition by Steve McAllister
  • An Apple a Day—Ask the Doctor to Stay by Rose Sulentic, Afshan Omar, & Nicholas Twyman
  • Permaculture & Sociocracy by Henny Frietas
  • Seizing the Moment by Christopher Nesbitt
  • Rebuilding Puerto Rico—Year Two by April Lea, Era Boyd, Mara Nieves
  • Mutual Aid Networks Launch by Zev Friedman
  • Retrofitting the Here and Now: An Interview with David Holmgren by Derrick Jensen
  • Salad Greens in Every Home by Chris Smith



#110 Permaculture Ethics

Nov/Winter 2018

  • Portland, Oregon: Embodying Permaculture Ethics - Marisha Auerbach
  • Brooklyn: The Old Stone House - Claudia Joseph
  • The Story of LIFE in Miami - Mario Yanez
  • Ryerson Urban Farm in Toronto - Ciera Young
  • Homesteading in Urban Environments -Rachel Kaplan
  • Chicago: Permaculture Emerges - Alejandra Diaz and David Staudacher
  • Working for a Better Life Together: Shareable Cities - Neal Gorenflo
  • Permaculture Guilds: A Model for Mutual Support - Chad Hellwinckel and Rhonda Baird
  • Creating Community Together - Leni Koen
  • Small and Slow Solutions - Chris Smith
  • Campti, Field of Dreams -Donna Isaacs
  • Maya Mountain Research Farm: View from a PDC - Rhonda Baird
  • The Great American Stand: US Forests and Climate Change - Bill Moomaw, PhD and Danna Smith, JD