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#109 - August/Fall 2018: Building Living Soil

#109 - August/Fall 2018: Building Living Soil

#109 Building Living Soil

August 2018

  • An Early Response to Chemical Fertilizers: Biodynamics - Jeff Poppen
  • Building Carbon-Rich Soil the (Very) Old-Fashioned Way: Biochar - Gloria Flora
  • Regionally Pressed Edible Oils - Chris Smith
  • Making Superior Compost: The Indore Method - Steve Solomon
  • Putting Worms to Work - Crystal Stevens
  • Kitchen Systems: Bokashi - Adam Footer
  • Mysteries of the Soil Food Web - Bart Anderson
  • Another Kind of Compost - John Wages
  • This Compost! - Walt Whitman
  • Synergistic Gardens - Emilia Hazelip
  • All We Need is Soil - John Wages
  • Permaculture in Scotland:


#108 - May/Summer 2018: In Your City

#108 - May/Summer 2018: In Your City

#108 In Your City

May 2018

  • Portland, Oregon: Embodying Permaculture Ethics - Marisha Auerbach
  • Brooklyn: The Old Stone House - Claudia Joseph
  • The Story of LIFE in Miami - Mario Yanez
  • Ryerson Urban Farm in Toronto - Ciera Young
  • Homesteading in Urban Environments -Rachel Kaplan
  • Chicago: Permaculture Emerges - Alejandra Diaz and David Staudacher
  • Working for a Better Life Together: Shareable Cities - Neal Gorenflo
  • Permaculture Guilds: A Model for Mutual Support - Chad Hellwinckel and Rhonda Baird
  • Creating Community Together - Leni Koen
  • Small and Slow Solutions - Chris Smith
  • Campti, Field of Dreams -Donna Isaacs
  • Maya Mountain Research Farm: View from a PDC - Rhonda Baird
  • The Great American Stand: US Forests and Climate Change - Bill Moomaw, PhD and Danna Smith, JD
#107 - February/Spring 2018: Agroecology

#107 - February/Spring 2018: Agroecology

#107 Agroecology

Feb 2018

  • Agroecology: A Holistic Perspective from Via Campesina - Ayla Fenton and Bryan Dale

  • What Agroecology and Permaculture Can Offer Each Other -Connor Stedman

  • Regenerating the Land - Paula Westmoreland and Lindsay Rebhan

  • Learning from Annual Agriculture - Eric Toensmeier

  • Tracking Hershey’s Legacy: A Pennsylvania Permaculture Adventure - Dale Hendricks

  • No Till Organic Relay Cropping: Kentucky to New York? - Dr. Brian Caldwell and Ryan Maher

  • The Story of the Niwot Raspberry - Peter Tallman

  • Thai Integrated Systems: Experience with Chickens - Michael B. Commons

  • Building Ecological Resilience - Gloria Flora

  • Averting Insect Armageddon? - Chris Smith

  • DIY Permaculture: Seedling Table - Gabriel Hahn

  • A Snapshot of PDC Graduates - Rhonda Baird

  • Integral Permaculture - C. Milton Dixon

  • IPC-India: A Greater Perspective - Jeremy Lynch

  • The Climate Bums: COP Bonn - Albert Bates

  • The “Rich Port” - April Lea



#106 November/Winter 2017 - The Doorstep

#106 November/Winter 2017 - The Doorstep

#106 The Doorstep

November 2017

  • Using Pattern and Energy to Design the Front Doorstep - Sabrena Schweyer

  • Fluid Zone One Gardens - Chris Smith

  • Welcome to Light’s Footprint - Peter Light

  • Thresholds in Time and Space  - Ann Kreilkamp

  • Threshold Workers and Cell Communication - Nori Treacy

  • Design Your Root Cellar - Marlene Burr

  • Companion Planting Myths and Realities - Robert Kourik

  • People of the Beautiful Valley: Community Planning - Megan Fehrman and Tom (Hazel) Ward

  • Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth - Gar Alperovitz

  • Deconstructing Oppression: The Elephant at the Front Door - Jennifer English Morgan

  • Journey Past Permaculture’s Doorstep - Annaliese Hordern and Delvin Solkinson

  • Keeping it Real - Laura Killingbeck

  • Permaculture Authenticated - Braden Trauth

  • Remembering Chuck Marsh - Peter Bane

#105 Summer/August 2017 |Plant Breeding-Crops for Your Region

#105 Summer/August 2017 |Plant Breeding-Crops for Your Region

#105 Plant Breeding - Crops for Your Region

August 2017

  • Cultivating Resilience to Climate Change by Don Tipping

  • In Search of Our Ancestor's Gardens by Rhonda Baird

  • Indigenous Corn Breeding Today by Zachary Paige

  • Breeding Vegetables May Simple by Carol Deppe

  • The Importance of Breeding Perennials by Eric Toensmeier

  • The Cambia Drawdown Solution by (Alejandra) Liora Adler & Andrew Langford

  • Create Seed for Your Region by Susanna Lein

  • Emergent Design: Finding the White Tiger by Jennifer English Morgan

  • Designing from the Front Door - Part 2 by Peter Light

  • Eating Muscadines in Utopia by Chris Smith

  • Social Forestry at Little Wolf Gulch by Tom Ward, aka Hazel

  • Perennial Economy at CRMPI by Rhonda Baird and Jerome Osentowski

  • The Yin and Yang of Social Dynamics by Adam Brock

  • Book Reviews: The Permaculture Transition Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Resilient Living; The Food Lover's Garden: Growing, Cooking, and Eating Well; The Permaculture Market Garden: A Visual Guide to a Profitable Whole-systems Farm Business; The Food Forest Handbook: Design and Manage a Home-scale Polyculture Garden; Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation: Inspiring Ecological, Social, Economic, and Cultureal Responses for Resilience and Transformation; Sustainable (R)evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms;, and Communities Worldwide; Resilience, Community Action, and Societal Transformation: People, Place, Practice, Power, Politics, and Possibility in Transition.

#104 May 2017 | Permaculture Design Process

#104 May 2017 | Permaculture Design Process

#104 Permaculture Design Process

May 2017

  • Beginning Design Process by Jono Neiger

  • Design Process Evolution by Andrew Langford

  • Pattern Language as Design Process by Peter Bane

  • Toward a More Perfect Design Process by Dan Palmer

  • Design Method Application: Urban Settings by Karl Treen

  • Radical Redesign by Dr. Charlie Brennan & Bridget O'Brien

  • Designing from the Front Door - Part 1 by Peter Light

  • Stewardship: The Missing Element by Blake Cothron

  • Maximizing Annual Crops by Chris Smith

  • Treasure in the Ozarks: The Forgotten Principle byJohn Wages

  • Becoming "Water-culturists" by Terry DuBeau

  • Biogas: Domesticating Dragons by Bob Hamburg

  • Less is More by Carlos Cuellar Brown

  • Book Reviews: Making Small Farms Work: A pragmatic whole systems approach to profitable regenerative agriculture; The Garden Seed Saving Guide: Easy Heirloom Seeds for the Home Gardener; Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal & Community Transformation

#103 February 2017 | Permaculture and the Commons

#103 February 2017 | Permaculture and the Commons

#103 Permaculture & the Commons

February 2017

  • A Manifestation of the Commons by David Bollier

  • Pillars, History, Questions, & Principles by Dave Jacke

  • Sharing Power, Upholding Our Ethics by Ryan Conway

  • Three Questions: Clarifying a Permaculture Commonwealth by Joel Glanzberg

  • Community Food Forestry Initiative by Mario Yanez

  • Climate Cooling Front and Center by Peter Bane

  • Living with a Commons Legacy by Peter Light

  • Living in the Place of Possibility by Terry DuBeau

  • Suburban Agroforestry Growing Up by Blake Cothron

  • Leaning In - Dialogue at the Farmer's Table by Whitney Sewell

  • Permaculture Understanding is our Commons by Peter Bane

  • Toby Hemenway Remembered by Peter Bane

  • Life in my Feudal Village in Silicon Valley by Susan L. Grill

  • Book Reviews: The Earth Changes; The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More; Surviving the Future: Culture, carnival, & capital in the aftermath of the market economy; Mycorrhizal Planet: How Symbiotic Fungi Work with Roots to Support Plant Health and Build Soil Fertility.


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