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#118 Wild Yields

Nov/Winter 2020

  • Considering the Wild by Milton Dixon
  • Succession Through the Forest: Wildcrafting & Mentorship by Michael Pilarski
  • The Journey to Find Home: An Apprentice's Journey  by Anna Pallotta
  • A Persistent Staple: Black Walnut by Mary Vance
  • The Art of the Harvest: Paw-paw Handling & Processing by Michael Judd
  • The Sapience Curriculum: Freeing Our Selves by Frank Forencich
  • Milkweed as a Vegetable by Sam Thayer
  • Organic Gardens Cooperative by Matt Noyes
  • Tree Vaccination with Pure Mulch by Alicja Szubert
  • Permaculture & Wild Yields by Rhonda Baird
  • NATIFS - Rhonda Baird & the NATIFS staff
  • Nested Permaculture Communities by Dan Palmer
  • Atmospheric Collision Courses by Albert Bates
  • Mastering the Growing Edge by Luke A.M. Simon
  • Grow Engagements with Systems Design - Sociocracy for All Permaculture Circle

#117 Permaculture and Biodiversity

Aug/Fall 2020

  • Conserving Biodiversity as my Guiding Principle  by S. Nicki Youngsma
  • Locavores Rejoice! by Adam Turtle, FLS & Susanne Turtle
  • Silent Night by John Wages
  • Paradise Gardening by Joe Hollis
  • Turning Lawns into Meadows by Owen Wormser
  • Cemeteries as Refugia by Greg Gerritt
  • Herbal immune tonics from your own backyard by Gloria Flora
  • Nothingness, Cumquats, and Walter Scott by Patrick Noble
  • A Multi-use Constructed Wetland by Brook Le Van & Rose L. Le Van
  • The Lost Forest Gardens of Europe  by Max Paschall
  • Holism & Reductionism—Musings on Barberry & Descartes by Richard Mandelbaum
  • Black Commons, Community Land Trusts, & Reparations by David Bollier
#116 Permaculture Works

May/Summer 2020

  • Accelerating Succession by Jillian Hovey
  • Does Permaculture Work? by Milton Dixon
  • Who is your permaculture for? by Karryn Olson
  • Learning by Doing: Permaculture for Youth by Penny Krebiehl
  • Putting First Things First in Our Work by Rhonda Baird
  • Corona Virus and Our Immune Systems by Marco Chung-Shu Lam
  • Building Skills for the Future: Staying Grounded by Debbie Tremel
  • Loss of Reverence: A Native-Born Outsider’s Insights by Adam Turtle, FLS
  • IPC-14: The Long Road There by Catherine Dolleris
  • Hopewell: Permaculture-based Community Empowerment by Rhonda Baird
  • Developing the Permaculture Workforce by Erik Ohlsen
  • Exploring a Sense of Surplus by Toby Hemenway


#115 Emergent Design

Feb/Spring 2020

  • Using the Design Web by Looby Macnamara
  • Imagine a New Way by Rob Hopkins
  • Generative Transformation by Dan Palmer
  • Regenerative Futures: Emergent Design in Permaculture Education by Jillian Hovey
  • Invitation to the Unknown: Gaia U Approaches to Education by Silvina Miguel
  • Landscape Design: Following the Primrose Path Wormhole by Gloria Flora
  • Importance of Imagination: An Interview with Rob Hopkins by Jill Kiedaisch, Chelsea Green Publishing
  • Permaculture in Puerto Rico: Year Three in Cooperative Development by April Lea, John Lago Gonzalez
  • A Choice: Forests or Deserts—Lessons from the Amazon by Loxley Clovis
  • A Grafted Union: Working with Tree Shaping by Dawn Shiner
  • Announcement: North American Leadership Summit by Peter Bane, Sandy Cruz
  • Interview: Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute Transitions - PDM Staff; CRMPI Staff


#114 Retrofit

Nov/Winter 2019

  • The Story of Abdallah House by Richard Telford
  • Passivhaus Wall Techniques by Baxt Ingui Architects and John Mitchell
  • A Checklist of Ideas for Retrofit Design by Stuart Muir Wilson
  • Wood Storage Design by Rick Valley
  • Cool Runnings: A Greenhouse Journey by Jeff Caldwell
  • Observations for a Solar Energy Re-Design by James R. Campbell
  • The Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence - Collectively written by members of the Northwest Permaculture Community and allies: Shaelee Evans, Ryan Flesch, Setesh Freeman, Jillian Hovey, Paul McDermott,
    Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, Jessi Pongratz, Cody Wicks, Julie Wolf and Tiffany
    Y’vonne; Edited by Shaelee Evans and Jillian Hovey
  • A Walk in the Woods by John Wages
  • Food Forests for the Future by Marisha Auerbach
  • Embers of Hope: Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Chaos by Bonita Ford
  • Climate Chaos and Project Drawdown by Gloria Flora
  • Permaculture and Food Security by Rosemary Morrow


#113 Stocking Up

Aug/Fall 2019

  • Food Preservation: A Daily Practice by Rhonda Baird
  • Vegetable Fermentation: An Alchemy of Place by Laura Killingbeck
  • Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies: Climate Resilience by Jim Veteto, PhD
  • The Right Tool at Hand by Gloria Flora
  • Dried Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration by Chris Smith
  • Stocking the Apothecary by Greg Monzel
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honey, and Kung Fu by David Santander
  • The Deep Adaptation Agenda, Part Two by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.),PhD
  • Global Earth Repair Conference 2019 and Beyond by Rhonda Baird
  • Earth Restoration Camps: Insights and Lessons by Robin Woolner
  • Sociocracy & Permaculture by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Reclaiming our Community Life by Alline Anderson