#115 February/Spring 2020: Emergent Design
  • Using the Design Web - Looby Macnamara

  • Imagine a New Way - Rob Hopkins

  • Generative Transformation - Dan Palmer

  • Regenerative Futures: Emergent Design in Permaculture Education - Jillian Hovey

  • Invitation to the Unknown: Gaia U Approaches - Silvina Miguel

  • Landscape Design: Following the Primrose Path (make that Wormhole) - Gloria Flora

  • Importance of Imagination: An Interview with Rob Hopkins - Jill Kiedaisch

  • Permaculture in Puerto Rico: Year Three of Collaboration - April Lea, John Lago Gonzalez

  • A Choice: Forests or Deserts - Lessons from the Amazon - Loxley Clovis

  • A Grafted Union: Working with Tree Shaping - Dawn Shiner

  • North American Leadership Summit Announcement - Peter Bane, Sandy Cruz

  • Interview: Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute Transition 

#114 cover.png
#114 November/Winter 2019: Retrofit
  • The Story of Abdallah House Richard Telford

  • Passivhaus Wall Techniques - Baxt Ingui Architects and John Mitchell

  • A Checklist of Ideas for Retrofit Design - Stuart Muir Wilson

  • Wood Storage Design - Rick Valley

  • Cool Runnings: A Greenhouse Journey Jeff Caldwell

  • Observations for a Solar Energy Re-design - James R. Campbell

  • The Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence Collectively written by members of the Northwest Permaculture Community and allies: Shaelee Evans, Ryan Flesch, Setesh Freeman, Jillian Hovey, Paul McDermott, Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, Jessi Pongratz, Cody Wicks, Julie Wolf and Tiffany Y’vonne; Edited by Shaelee Evans and Jillian Hovey

  • A Walk in the Woods - John Wages

  • Food Forests for the Future - Marisha Auerbach

  • Embers of Hope: Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Crisis - Bonita Ford

  • Climate Chaos: Project Drawdown - Gloria Flora

  • Permaculture and Food Security - Rosemary Morrow

#113 August/Fall 2019: Stocking Up
  • Food Preservation: A Daily Practice by Rhonda Baird

  • Vegetable Fermentation: An Alchemy of Place by Laura Killingbeck

  • Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies: Climate Resilience by Jim Veteto, PhD

  • The Right Tool at Hand by Gloria Flora

  • Dried Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration by Chris Smith

  • Stocking the Apothecary by Greg Monzel

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honey, and Kung Fu by David Santander

  • The Deep Adaptation Agenda, Part Two by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.), PhD

  • Global Earth Repair Conference 2019 and Beyond by Rhonda Baird

  • Earth Restoration Camps: Insights and Lessons by Robin Woolner

  • Sociocracy and Permaculture by Diana Leafe Christian

  • Reclaiming Our Community Life by Alline Anderson

#112 Front Cover.png
#112 Learning From Our Mistakes, Summer 2019, $6.50
  • Watching the Flow of the H2O by Gloria Flora

  • Oh, the Stories We Could Tell... by Rhonda Baird

  • Growth is a Type-1 Error by Peter Bane

  • Ten Misconceptions About Permaculture by Bart Anderson

  • Food, Food Security, and the Environment - North Korea by Rowe Morrow

  • Un/Learning Models for Our Epistemic Community by Andrew Langford

  • Pockets of Happiness: A Conversation with Toby Hemenway by  Bellamy Fitzpatrick

  • What They Got Right: Helen and Scott Nearing by Michael Welber

  • A Map for Navigating Climate Change: Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.), PhD

  • Vasko, the Digital Goatherd by De Chantal Hillis

#99 Ecological Restoration, Spring 2016 , $6.50
  • The Upward Spiral by Jono Neiger

  • Tree-Crop Survivors: Standing Tall Amongst the Sprawl by Ben Richmond

  • Restoring Commuities & Landscape: Agroforestry in Ecuador by Nick Slobodian

  • Ecology & Economy: The End of Restoration by Tao Orion

  • Woodland Permaculture by Don Tipping

  • Open Letter Reclaiming Environmentalism by Derrick Jensen & Lierre Keith

    - Understanding the Ebb & Flow of Permaculture by David Holmgren
    - Abundance from Small Spaces by Graham Bell
    - A New Framework for Sustainability by Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir
    - Can Arable be Permacultural by Federico Fillipi
    - The Big Idea with Seven Billion Solutions by Rosemary Morrow
    - Harnessing Permaculture for Sustainable Development by Gisele Henriques & Lachlan McKenzie
    - Rights of Nature - Why Do We Need It? by Mumta Ito

  • A Perennial Food Guild for the Arid Southwest by Michael Ford

  • Grow Your Own Phosphorus by Robert Kourik

  • Book Reviews
    Trees for Gardens, Orchards, & Permaculture by Martin Crawford
    The Healing Terrain: Coming Home to Nature's Medicine by Jesse Wolf Hardin along with Kiva Rosese Hardin, David Hoffmann, Phyllis Light, Robin Rose Bennett, Juliet Blankespoor, & Dara Saville

#98 Decolonizing Permaculture, Winter 2015 , $6.50
  • Permaculture = Relationship by Stella Strega Scoz & Jose’ Lorenzo Zamora

  • Living Naturally: A Black Woman Practicing Permaculture by Kirtrina Baxter

  • People of Color Statement from the NAPC by POC Caucus, NAPC 2014

  • Permaculture and the Patrix by Andrew Langford

  • Open Letter … in the Wake of the Charleston Shootings by Dani slabaugh, David Rodriguez,
    & Nakia Winfield

  • The Intersectionality of Permaculture Ethics by Anandi A. Premlall

  • Navigating an Uneven Terrain by Heather Jo Flores

  • Exploring the Intersection of Permaculture & Decolonization by Jesse Watson

  • A Short Lexicon of Racism by Starhawk

  • Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture by Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

  • Colonialism Dimishes Us All by Joel Glanzberg

  • In Support of Women and People of Color in Permaculture: A Report by Jonathon Bates

#97 Life on the Edge, Fall 2015 , $6.50
  • A New Culture of Healing by Jesse Wolf Hardin

  • Hedgerows Make Better Neighbors by Molly Phemister

  • Life on the Edge by Rick Valley

  • Hellstrip Polycultures by Frank Raymond Cetera

  • Permaculture in Succession: Reaching the Masses by Alan Booker

  • Humanure: Just Do It by Stan Wilson

  • Deep Roots for Dynamic Accumulation? by Robert Kourik

  • Walking the Line: Culture by Jeanmarie Zirger

  • Designing for Childen and Elders by Roman Shapla

  • Gardening Natives by Dara Saville

  • Whole Earth, Whole Birth by Marly Hornik

  • Grief: Designing for Disaster by Lonnie Howell

  • Green Chinampas by Jeanmarie Zirger

  • Food Justice and Edible Schoolyards by Patricia Sprague

#96 Building the Solar Economy, Summer, 2015 , $6.50
  • The Gross Society: Why Energy Profit Matters by Richard Heinberg

  • Enchanted Ecosystems: Bioshelters and Solar Greenhouses by Jason Workman

  • Designing the Passivhaus by Christina Snyder

  • Lemons in the Living Room by Sue Gray and Jerome Osentowski

  • Solar Success in the Midwest by Woodie Bessler, Darrell Boggess, Anne Heddin, & Terry Usrey

  • Planting Rain in the Desert by Jeremy Lynch

  • Active Systems for the Passive Solar House by Christina Snyder

  • Building a Solar Business by N. Ryan Zaricki

  • Perennial Grains and Pseudocereals, Part 2, by Eric Toensmeier

  • Revival of a Peer-Driven Permaculture Organization by Penny Livingston-Stark and Peter Bane

  • Species Index (Issues #75-90)

  • Book Reviews:
    Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels by Richard Heinberg (review by Peter Bane);
    Seed Libraries and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people by Cindy Connor
    (review by Peter Bane);
    Around the World in 80 Plants by Stephen Barstow (review by Peter Bane).


#95, Perennial Crops, Spring, 2014, $6.50
  • Perennial Crops, Perennial Cultures by Adam Brock

  • Hybrid Swarms and Hickory-Pecans by Philip A. Rutter

  • De-Slugging the Woods by Steve Gabriel

  • Perennial Sugar by Bill Whipple

  • Regreening Haiti by Braden Trauth

  • Four Perennial Vegetables by Martin Crawford

  • Perennial Cereals and Pseudocereals by Eric Toensmeier

  • Basic Guild Patterning by Rico Zook

  • One, Two, Three – Actinidia! by Jono Neiger

  • A Forager’s Journey to the Future by Ande Shewe

  • General Index (Issues #75-90)

  • Book Reviews:
    The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm (Review by Peter Bane);
    Organic Mushroom Farming and MycoRemediation (Review by Brian Mets);
    Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts (Review by Peter Bane); 
    Eat Your Greens (Review by Peter Bane)


#94, Seasonal Cycles of Work, Autumn, 2014, $6.50
  • Festivals and Forestry on the Ecological Calendar by Tom Ward

  • A High Desert Homestead by Erin O’Neill

  • Seasons of the Market Garden by Darrell Frey

  • Eating Year-Round from a Wisconsin Garden by Kathleen Plunkett-Black

  • Energy Through the Seasons by Peter Bane

  • Weaving the Threads of Resilience by Rhonda Baird

  • Forest Garden Research by Tomas Remiarz

  • Reviews:
    Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals
    in the Temperate Forest by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel (Reviewer Peter Bane);
    Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities
    Worldwide. [Reviewer Michael Welber]


#93, Experimentation-
Science in Permaculture, Autumn, 2014, $6.50
  • Critical Questions for Permaculture by Rafter Sass Ferguson

  • Dynamic Accumulators Revisited by Robert Kourik

  • Experimentation in Permaculture by Chris Warburton-Brown

  • Nitrogen-Fixing Vegetables by Jonathan Bates

  • Bio-Char – the Carbon Kickstarter by Kelpie Wison & Hans-Peter Schmidt

  • People’s Science or Pseudoscience? by Rafter Sass Ferguson

  • Permaculture Farmer in Malawi by Abigail Conrad

  • Forming a More Perfect Union: Permaculture & Academia by Steve Gabriel

  • Soil and Biodiversity Test by Tom Kemeny

  • Political Ecology & Public Permaculture by Christopher Kelly-Bisson

  • Reviews:
    A Different Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Liiving & Innner Abundance (Review by Erin Schey); The Art & Science of Shepherding: Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders (Review by Peter Bane); Integrated Forest Gardening: The complete guide to polycultures & plant guilds in permaculture systems (Review by Peter Bane); The Permaculture Orchard (video) (Review by Peter Bane)


#92, Stacking Functions, Summer, 2014, $6.50
#91, Seeds, Spring, 2014, $6.50
  • Stewards of Arizona Seed-Sheds by Chris Franco

  • Seed Saving Primer by Randel Agrella

  • Remember the Leucaena by Marjory Wildcraft

  • Volunteer Plants in the Garden by Michael Pilarski

  • Successful Seed-Saving by Hillie Salo

  • Bioregional Seed-Sheds by Don Tipping

  • Saving the Seeds of Cheese by David Asher Rotzstain

  • Create Your Own Seed Bank by Randel Agrella

  • The Seeds of Community: Forest Garden Emerging by Frank Raymond Cetera

  • Start a Community Seed Bank by Ellen Rainwalker

  • GMO Seeds: The New Green Revolution in Africa by Trina Moyles

  • Index to Permaculture Activist #59 – 74 (2006-2009)

  • Book reviews:
    Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist; American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival; The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture: Creating An Edible Ecosystem


#90, Appropriate Technology, Winter, 2013-14, $6.50
  • It’s Getting Better All the Time…. by Maurice Schauffert

  • Low-Tech Tools for Zone 4 by Ben Weiss

  • Rocket Mass Heaters by Leslie Jackson

  • Stocking Up with Solar Power: Evaluating Food Dryers by Dennis Scanlin

  • Teaching an Old Pump New Tricks by Douglas Bullock

  • WWOOFing Bonds Virtual with Face-to-Face Community by Dan Moberger

  • Social Sharing Software by Chris Carnevale

  • Hand-Powered Oil Presses by John Wages

  • Facing the Giants: Permaculture Trials at a Big Ag School by Kevin Woltz

  • Scythes: A Gem from the Past by Vaidila Satvika

  • Convivial Technology: The Scythe by Peter Vido

  • Board Game Technology for Education by Roman Shapla

  • Solar Double-Cropping by Glen & Lyle Estill

  • Community-Supported Industry by Susan Witt

  • Book Reviews:
    Small Stories, Big Changes: Agents of change on the front lines of sustainability;
    The Woodland Way, 2nd Ed.: A permaculture approach to sustainable woodland management;
    Earth Repair: A grassroots guide to healing toxic & damaged landscapes;
    Let It Shine: The 6000-year story of solar energy;
    Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains: A guide to high altitude, semi-arid home permaculture gardens


#89, Practicing Democracy, Autumn, 2013, $6.50
  • Mimicking Life’s Politics by Ellen Laconte

  • The Case for Slow Democracy by Susan Clark & Woden Teachout

  • David vs. Goliath: Seed Libraries by Stephanie Syson

  • Mapping the Way to Prosperity in Rhode Island by Greg Gerritt

  • Lessons from the Iroquois in Self-Organizing Governance by Joel Glanzberg

  • A Toolbox for Social Permaculture by Abrah Jordan Dresdale & Connor Stedman

  • Entrepreneurship & the Three-Legged Stool of Sustainability by Lee Walker Warren

  • Bring a Little Dirt into Your Life: So. Calif. Community Gardens by Bill Roley

  • The Forgotten Herb: Sweet Cicely by Jill Henderson

  • Patoralism: Problem or Solution by Alice Gray

  • Losing Ground in the Solomon Islands by Rosemary Morrow

  • Book Reviews: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Food Rights: The escalating battle over who decides what we eat;
    The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors toolkit;
    Principles of Ecological Landscape Design;
    Financing our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money;
    Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Climate: Lessons from desert farmers on adapting to climate uncertainty


#88, Earth Skills & Nature Connection, Summer, 2013, $6.50
  • Mentoring for the Earth: Nature Connection & Cultural Repair by Mark Morey

  • Building a Permaculture Legacy Through Nature Connection by Jon Young & Josh Lane

  • Connecting Youth to Nature & Self by Rick Berry

  • Wild Animals Tell Us by Tom Ward

  • Teaching Earth Skill to Children by Roman Shapla

  • Permaculture & Wilderness Survival by Adam “Hub” Knott

  • Tracks to a Full Stomach by Bonita Ford

  • Traditional Observation Techniques for the Permaculture Designer by Benjamin Weiss

  • Adventures in Oyster-Tecture: Thought on Seabed Design by Jason Gerhardt

  • A Personal Forest: Reclaiming Our Carbon Footprints by Albert Bates

  • Suburban Agroforestry: An Ohio Valley Prototype by Blake Cothron

  • Book Reviews: Perennial Vegetable Gardening;
    Plowing with Pigs: And Other Creative, Low-budget Homesteading Solutions;
    Restoration Agriculture: Real-world Permaculture for Farmers;
    Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, & Secure Food Systems;
    The Resilient Farm & Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture & Whole Systems Design Approach


#87, Weeds to the Rescue, Spring, 2013, $6
#86, Health & Nutrition, Winter, 2012-13, $6
  • Naturopathy Centre Integrates Health & Community by Katherine Willow;

  • Seasonal Eating for Health by Tiffany Robbins;

  • Reclaiming Plant Medicine by rachel Berry;

  • Mushrooms & Vit D: The Sun Connection by Paul Stamets;

  • The Herbal Medic: Herbal First Aid by Sam Coffman;

  • Edible Insects by Roman Shapla;

  • Forest Gardens on Campus by Macon Foscue;

  • Beer for Health & Happiness by Phil Wages;

  • Growing Wise Children by Leigh Senna;

  • Fenugreek: A Versatile & Healing Herb by Jill Henderson;

  • Choosing Plants & Animals for Edible Landscapes by Kyle Chamberlain;

  • Not All Nitrogen Fixers Are Created Equal by Eric Toensmeier;

  • The Benefit of Ordeal by Albert Bates

  • Book Reviews:
    People Money: The Promise of Regional Currency;
    The Art of Fermentation;
    The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, champion trees, & an urgent plan to save the planet;
    How to Grow Perennial Vegetables: Low-maintenance, low-impact vegetable gardening;
    Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough;
    The “Ultimate” Guide to Permaculture
    (don’t buy this book, it’s neither permaculture nor “ultimate”)


#85, There Goes the Neighborhood, Autumn 2012, $6
  • Rural, Urban, and Potential Neighborhoods by Creighton Hofeditz

  • The Needs of Sustainable Communities by David Bainbridge

  • “Re-Villagize”: Patterns to Build the Neighborhood by Andrew Millison

  • Community Solar Power by Greg Pahl

  • Multi-Farm CSA in NH: Local Economic Organizing by Scott Codey & Bethan Weick

  • Cultivating Food-Secure Communities by Mark Roseland

  • SENS House at Berea College: Metrics on Sustainability by Richard Olson

  • Cross-Country on Amtrak: Thoughts on Broadscale Restoration by Michael Pilarski

  • Relocating an Intentional Community by Tarenta Baldeschi

  • Community Common Rights and Fracking by Pamela Sherman

  • Book Reviews:
    2052: A global forecast for the next 40 years;
    Too Much Magic: Wishful thinking, technology, and the fate of the nation;
    Dreaming the Future: Reimagining civilization in the age of nature;
    Honeycomb Kids: Big picture parenting for a changing world;
    The Seed Underground: A growing revolution to save food


#84, Home and Hearth, Summer 2012, $6
  • The Permaculture of Domesticity by Sharon Astyk

  • Natural Building by Sasha Rabin

  • The Recip0rocating Roof Roundhouse by Huckleberry Leonard

  • Fire at the Heart of the Home: Retrofitting a Monrovian Barn by Max Jensen

  • Tending the Hearth by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Inching Toward Permaculture by Ileana Grams-Moog

  • Grow Dome Pops Up in Denver by Reggie Lafaye

  • Growing the Homebody Economy by Rachel Kaplan

  • Homeschooling and Permaculture Adventures by Rhonda Baird

  • Permaculture in Damaged Drylands by Dan Smith

  • Nova Scotia: Sticks and Stumps Feed the Hearth by Marissa Ringel

  • Book Reviews:
    The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country;
    Independence Days: A guide to sustainable food storage and preservation;
    Sowing Seeds in the Desert: Natural farming, global restoration and ultimate food security


#83, The Economy of Wood, Spring 2012, $6
  • The Polewood Economy by Mark Krawczyk

  • Living by Wood by Bethann Weick

  • A Basket-Maker’s Landscape by Tom Ward

  • Ligurian Alnoculture: An Italian Example by Dave Jacke

  • The Fuel of Choice by Peter Bane

  • What to Do with All the Wood by Jeanmarie Zirger & Kara Cifizzari

  • Black Locust: Utility or Futility by Bill Whipple

  • Perennial Staple Crops: Part 2 by Eric Toensmeier

  • Book Reviews:
    Asphalt to Ecosystems;
    Occupy World Street;
    The KunstlerCast;
    The Holistic Orchard


#82, Growing Staple Crops, Winter 2012 , $6
  • Growing Staple Foods in Permaculture by Mark Shepard

  • Tell Me Where You Get Your Bread by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger

  • Staple Crops Without Tillage –

  • Part 1, Dry Beans; Part 2, Growing Corn among the 3 Sisters by Susanna Lein

  • Pole Beans – The Vagaries of Phaseolus by Leigh Hurley

  • Poor People’s Food by John Glavis

  • Pig-Powered Potatoes by Behann Weick

  • Growing Rice in Vermont by Erik Andrus with Ben Falk

  • Who Am I to Farm? by Peter Bane

  • Working Out a New Farming System by Harry MacCormack

  • Perennial Staple Crops by Eric Toensmeier

  • Chestnuts: Staple Foods Do Grow on Trees by Frank Salzano

  • Acorn: The Perennial Grain by Kyle Keegan

  • Book Reviews:
    Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier;
    The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs


#81, Hidden Connections in the Garden, Autumn 2011, $6
  • Green Acres Neighborhood Garden, The Place to Be by Ann Kreilkamp

  • Urban Agriculture – Bringing Paradise Back to the Empty Lot by David Tracey

  • Food Means Access to Land by Sandor Ellix Katz

  • Tending the Wild: Restoring Indigenous Practices by Eric Toensmeier

  • Hoarding and Storing Seeds by Carol Deppe

  • Gardening Religion: Choices in our Cultural Stew by David Haberman

  • Lifting the Garden Up: Deep Raised Beds by Sepp Holzer

  • A Better Deer Fence by Nina Maclean

  • Greenhouses with Altitude by Jerome Osentowski, Evan Granito, Elena Zubulake & Sara DeAloia

  • Managing Manure to Save Mankind by Gene Logsden

  • Wild Edibles in Civilized Settings by Rachel Kaplan

  • For the Love of Mushrooms by Greg Marley

  • Book Reviews:
    The End of Growth: Adapting to our new economic reality;
    Urban Homesteading: Heirloom skills for sustainable living
    Common Ground: Commuity orchards handbook;
    Urban Agriculture: Ideas & designs for the new food revolution
    21st Century Greens: Leaf vegetables in nutrition & sustainable agriculture;
    Aquaponic Gardening: A step-by-step guide to raising vegetables & fish togethe


#80, Designing for Disaster, Summer 2011, $6
#79, The Urban Frontier, Spring 2011, $6
  • An Indoor Farm Grows in Denver by Adam Brock

  • Meet You on the Roof: City Food Production Looking Up by Phil Forsyth
    (with Micah Woodcock on Beekeeping in the City)

  • Being the Change in Your Village by Kelda Miller

  • D-I-Y Meets P.U.D.: Bringing the Village into the City by Peter Bane

  • Creating Urban Mycelia: Permaculture for Everyone by Zev Friedman

  • Permaculture: Farming for Tomorrow by Chuck Burr

  • General Index to Permaculture Activist issues 24-40

  • Species Index (issues 24-40)

  • Book Reviews:
    The Biochar Solution: Carbon farming & climate change;
    The Growing Edge: Beyond sustainability & regeneration DVD;
    Birthrites: Rituals & celebrations for the child-bearing years


#78, Water Wise, Winter 2011, $6
  • Thinking Like a River by Michael Blazewicz

  • Watershed Relationships by Brock Dolman

  • Berms & Basins Gain the Colorado Rain by Jason Gerhardt

  • From Wastewater to Gardens by Mark Nelson & Florence Cattin

  • Old Practices, New Thinking: Water Tools & View for Drylands:

  • 1. Cisterns of Saudi Arabia; 2. Watergy: Where water & Energy Meet by Brad Lancaster

  • Mexican Water Design Endures 450 Years by Scott Horton

  • Edible Boardrooms & Allotments in the Sky by Dave Richards

  • Water Conservation in the Home by Jerry Yudelson

  • The Causeway Apporach to Poorly Drained Lands by Chris Dixon

#77, Eco-nomics, Fall 2010, $6
  • Design for Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman

  • New Roots for Economics by Stephanie Mills

  • Making Sense of a Collapsing System by Peter Bane

  • The Eco-nomics of Small-Scale Forestry by Ish Shalom

  • BioShelter Market Gardens by Darrell Frye

  • The Economics of Logging on Public Lands by Christine Glaser

  • Community Currencies Build the Future by John Rogers

  • Cooperation, Peace and Economic Justice by Stephen DeMeulenaere

  • The New Green-Collar Economy by Abel Kloster

  • Enterprise Models Regenerate the Planet by Greg Landua, Eric Toensmeier, & Mary Johnson

  • Permaculture Institutes, Certificates, & the Diploma by Rosemary Morrow

#76, Soil Fertility, Summer 2010, $6
  • The Permaculture Way of Soil by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Biochar and Agriculture by James Bruges

  • Rocky Mountain Miracles with Sheet Mulch by Jerome Osentowski

  • Hawai’ian Farm Builds Soil with Worms by Sarah Staley

  • Demystifying humanure: The Poop on Composting Toilets by Joe Jenkins

  • A Golden Opportunity: Diverting Urine to Fertilize Soil by Carol Steinfeld

  • Building Soil with Crop Rotations by Eric & Beth Ardapple-Kindberg

  • Fungus Among Us: Mushrooms and Soil by Alice Beetz and Michael Kustudia

#75, Local Food, Spring 2010, $6
  • Expanding the Niche of Local Food: A City and Regional Plan by Peter Bane

  • Local Food Starts with the Garden: Small Farm Self-Reliance by Darrell E. Frey

  • Living the local Food Life: Suburban and Rural Views by Doniga Markegard and Susan Osofsky

  • Food Interdependence in the City – A Group Effort by Robert van de Walle

  • Colorado Food Bank Adds Own Gardens and Orchards by Melissa Marts

  • Designing a Garden to Grow the Food Bank by Barb Fath

  • A Local Foods Movement Worth its Salt by Tao Orion

  • Reintroducing Staples to Regional Farming by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger

  • Urban Survival Farming by Mike Thayer

#74, Energy Descent, Winter 2009, $6
  • A Personal Story: Practical Home Energy Descent by Kate & Larry McAuliffe

  • Transition: Meeting the Challenge of Energy Descent by Michael Brownlee

  • Permaculture and Transition in Mexico by Holger Heironimi

  • Carbon-Negative…Starving Chickens and Sacred Shrines by Albert Bates

  • On Energy, We’re Finally Walking the Walk by Lester R. Brown

  • Making Fuel Alcohol by Lynn Ellen Doxon

  • An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis by Keith Farnish

  • Throwing Out the Throwaway Economy by Lester R. Brown

  • The Eco-Logic of Descent: Why Industrial Society is Ending by John Michael Greer

  • The Right Invisible Structures for Energy Descent by Rhonda Baird

#73, Bioregionalism, Autumn 2009, $6
  • Jumping Into a New Paradigm by Ken Lassman

  • ReEnvisioning & Restoring Wild Lands in the Rocky Mountains by Sandy Cruz

  • As Go the Elephants, So Goes the Bioregion by John Seed

  • Bioregional Organizing in Cities: A Houston Success by Bob Randall

  • Heirloom Seeds of Tomorrow by Don Tipping

  • Gardens of Gratitude: Taking L.A. by Storm by Virginia LeRossignol Blades

  • Reclaiming the Land Commons by David Harper

  • Transition Town: Hohenwald, Tennessee by Jennifer Dauksha-English

  • From Kansas to Oz…& Back Again: A Saga of the BioCongress by Caryn Miriam Goldberg

  • Making Home in a Global Neighborhood by Peter Bane

  • Growing a Bioregional Vision by Christine Muehlman Gyovai

#72, The View from Abroad, Summer 2009, $6
  • Viva Biafra: Machine Guns, Naked Women, & Heliciculture in Nigeria by Keith Morris

  • Green Tech: An Optimistic View of the Future by David Holmgren

  • Integrated Water Management in Ethiopia by Rosemary Morrow

  • Shrinking Forests: The Many Costs by Lester Brown

  • Food Exploration in the Caucasus by Justin West

  • Trees, Fire & Farmers in the Maya Rainforest by Ronald Nigh

  • Bringing Permaculture to Trinidad by Erle Rahaman Noronha

  • Bridging Cultures in India & Brazil: Solidarity Through Soil by aManda Greene

  • Permaculture in Schools in Southern & Eastern Africa by Mugove Walter Nyika

  • Chasing the Bugger-Bug in Liberia by Warren Brush

  • End of an Era: No New Coal Plants in America by Jonathan Dorn

#71 Earthworks, Spring 2009, $6
  • Mounds of Water Management by Barb Fath & Ted Sunderhaus;

  • Going Deep in Belize by Albert Bates;

  • Building the Road to “Lottawater Water” by Peter Bane;

  • Soil, Water & Carbon for Every Farm by Darren Doherty;

  • Gardening Lessons from the Past by Laura Donohue;

  • Permaculture & the Landscape Architect by Andrew Millison;

  • Earthbag Building by Jeff Bosquet;

  • A Fridge That Takes Only 0.1kW a Day by Tom Chalko

#70, Ethics at Work, Winter, 2008, $6
  • Business-As-Usual is the Enemy by Peter Bane;

  • Thirteen Principles of People Care by Starhawk;

  • Permaculture in Business by Stefan Geyer;

  • How Ecovillages Care for People by Diane Leafe Christian;

  • A White Man in India by Rico Zook;

  • Beans, Bananas, & Boarding School by Rosemary Morrow;

  • The Principle of “No Waste” by Josh Kearns;

  • The Ethics of Quality Control by Jan Martin Bang;

  • Growing Our Own by Sarah Baker;

  • Farming in the City with Runoff from a Street by Brad Lancaster;

  • The Happiness Plant by Albert Bates

#69, Permaculture at Home, Autumn 2008, $6
  • From Ecotourism to Grunt & Grow in Hawai’i by John Schinnerer;

  • A Forest Garden Grows in London by Graham Burnett;

  • Suburban Renaissance in the Heartland by Rhonda Baird;

  • CCAT: Home-Scale Action on a California Campus by Jeffrey M. Adams & Zachary A. Mermel;

  • The Philadelphia Ordhard Project by Phil Forsyth;

  • A Charcoal Bucket Filter for Drinking Roof Water by Josh Kearns;

  • Brambleberry Farm from the Ground Up by Peter Bane;

  • Dreaming a New England Forest Home by Nicko Rubin;

  • Cleaning Water with Floating Islands by Scott Kellogg & Stacy Pettigrew;

  • Bicycles Pedaling into the Spotlight by J. Matthew Roney;

  • Gulf Coast Climate Refugees Move Inland by Lester R. Brown;

  • Mississippi Blooming by Akia Chabot;

  • In Memory of Nader Khalili by Wes Roe & Marge Erickson

#68, Plants on the Move, Summer 2008, $6
  • Questioning the Invasive Species Paradigm by Jono Neiger and Dave Jacke

  • Re-thinking Non-Native Species by Eric Toensmeier

  • Forest Migration and Climate Change by Peter Bane

  • A New Perennial for Cold Climates by Jonathan Bates

  • Possible Black Walnut Polyculture Guilds by Rob Scott & William C. Sullivan

  • Stalking the Wild Stocks: Three from Forager’s Harvest by Sam Thayer

  • Saving the Seed Savers by Kathryn DeLee

  • Grow Your Own Community Garden by David Tracey

  • Greening the Neighborhood by Jay Walljasper

  • Healthy Adaptive Honeybees by Kelly Simmons

  • Massive Deiversion of US Grain to Fuel Cars Raising World Food Prices by Lester Brown

#67, Kids in Permaculture Spring 2008, $6
  • Editor’s Edge by Scott Horton;

  • Chicken Mash Layer Cake Midwife Girl by Thorpe Moeckel

  • Ruby Kay: the Accidental Permaculturist by Scott Horton

  • The School As Ecosystem by Sam Dunlap

  • Permaculture Education Comes Home by Rhonda Baird

  • Introducing High School Students to Permaculture by Kelly Simmons

  • Bolitas de Vida: Tlaxcalan Children Make Seedballs by Scott Horton

  • Sowing the Seeds of Gardening in Kids – Colorado Master Gardeners

  • Food Unlocks Interest in Sustainability: Fostering Research Skills in Youth
    by Dianne Clipsham & Letitia Charbonneau

  • Bottled Water Boycotts: Turning Back to the Tap by Janet Larsen

  • Solar Cell Production Jumps 50% in 2007 by Jonathan G. Dorn

  • Feeding Eight Billion Well by Lester R. Brown

#66, Animals in Design, Winter 2007-08, $6
  • Editor’s Edge: Design for All Six Kingdoms;

  • Way Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch by Chris Chmiel

  • Oxymoron on the Menu: Jumbo Shrimp by Keith Johnson

  • The Year of the Alpaca by Suvia Judd & Deborah Berman

  • Eggs, Milk, Honey…and No Gasoline by Arina & Scott Pittman

  • The Tao of Permaculture Beekeeping by Eugene Monaco

  • Pulling Permaculture Together: An Integreated New Hampshire Farm
    by Lauren Buyofsky & Bill Erickson

  • Permaculture Going to the Dogs by Dave Boehnlein

  • Insects as Human Food by David Gracer

  • The Universal Chicken: Notes on Pastured Poultry by John Wages

  • Small Livestock in the (Urban) Backyard by Dawn Pillsbury

  • Chicken Tractor from the Dump by Jan Steinman

  • Rabbits on Pasture by Kathryn Kerby

  • Abundance for All: Forest Restoration for Top Predators by Chris Shanks

  • The Ethical Omnivore: Working with Complementary Animals by Beck Lowe

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green: A New Way of Burial by Jane Hillhouse

  • Agrichar: Birth of a New Wedge on Climate and Soils by Kelpie Wilson

#65, Climate Change, Autumn 07, $6
  • If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warming by Daniel Gilbert

  • Disappearing Lakes, Shrinking Seas by Janet Larsen

  • De-Stabilizing Climate by Lester R. Brown; Recognizing Forests’ Role in Climate
    by the Union of Concerned Scientists

  • The Urban Forest Possible by Andy & Katy Lipkis

  • Making Trees Pay by Albert Bates

  • Eight Principles for Successful Rainwater Harvesting by Brad Lancaster

  • The Greenhouse Effect: Creating Indoor Gardens by Peter Bane

  • Charcoal Water Filtration by Josh Kearns

  • The Changing Human Climate by Paul Hawken

#64, Waste = Food, Summer 2007, $6
  • Throwaway Economy in Trouble by Lester Brown

  • The Strategy of Salvage by John Michael Greer

  • Peak Soil by Vera Brandova

  • Getting Piggy with Integrated Waste Management by Josh Trought

  • Bicycles, Night Soil, and the Future of Garbage by Lisa DePiano

  • The farm as Organism by Don Tipping

  • The Opportunisitc Plant Question in Permaculture by Michael Pilarski

  • Building a Simple BioDigester by Thomas Carmona

  • The Waters of Spain in Grey, Black, and Yellow by Ines Sanchez and Richard Wade

  • Vermiculture Goes to School by Binet Payne

#63, Building & Technology, Spring 2007, $6
  • How Do We Want To Dwell? by Dafyd Rawlings

  • Natural Building Outlaws Meet the Code by Warren Brush & Dafyd Rawlings

  • Making Natural Building a Legal Option by Michael G. Smith

  • Strawbale Building in China by Catherine Wanek

  • A Sleeping Red Giant: Scaling Up Technology in China by Kelly Lerner

  • Shelter & the Practice of the Local by Lydia Doleman

  • Mr. Cob Goes to Eden: The Armenian Republic of Natural Building by Ianto Evans

  • Integrated Solar Heating, Cooking, Pumping & Power by Albert Bates with Leila Dregger

  • Building with Vision: An Exemplary Self-Build Project by Catherine Wanek

  • A Nation-Scale Permaculture System Emerges in Brazil by Ali Sharif

#62, The Art of Permaculture, Winter 2006, $6
  • Is Beauty the Forgotten Permaculture Principle? by Scot Horton

  • Painting and Permaculture: Learning to See by Adam Wolpert

  • Observation in Writing and Permaculture by Tami Brunk

  • Ecoartists Open Eyes and Hearts to Nature by Patricia Watts

  • A Life in Art, Activistm and Community by Heather Gaudet

  • Catching Water, Making Magic by Chrissie Orr

  • Street Theatre & Water Struggle in Bolivia by Eve Tulbert

  • Art & Bioremediation: Turning Coalfields to Commons by T. Allen Comp, Ph.D.

  • Living Willow Placemaking by Josho Somine

  • The Body as Zone Zero by Nala Walla

  • The Nearly Lost Art of the Found by Andy Mahler

  • Permaculture Permeates Pop Culture by Monica Richards; and more.

#61, The Unseen Kin-doms, Fall 2006, $6
  • Using Naturalist Observation as a Design Tool by Amanda Malachesky

  • The Purpose of Weeding is Not to Eliminate by Brigitte Norland

  • Mysteries of the Soil Food Web by Bart Anderson

  • Mycelium as Nature’s Internet by Paul Stamets

  • Making Your Own Mycorrhizal Inoculum by Sunseed Desert Technology

  • Bees: The Sweetest of Community Builders by Minna Jain

  • Cover Crops as Bee Forage in the Desert Southwest by Lynda Prim

  • Earth Energies Inform Design by Lee Barnes; Design for the Five Kingdoms

  • ZERI Principles and Methods by Kris Holstrom and Tom Riesing

  • Time to Rekindle Local Currencies by Susan Witt

  • Dead Zones Increasing at the Edge of the Sea by Janet Larsen

  • Between Ice and Ocean by Albert Bates

  • Empty Skies: World’s Bird at Risk by Janet Larsen; and more.

#60 Land Use Past & Present, Summer 2006, $6
  • Is Sustainable Agriculture an Oxymoron? by Toby Hemenway

  • Still Time to Learn from the Negev’s Bedouin by Nirah Shirazipour

  • Eastern Woodlands Indigenous Agroforestry by Dave Sansone

  • Permaculture Begins to Heal the Land and Cultures of India by Richard Zook

  • Land Planning Comes to Arcosanti by Andrew Millison

  • A Rockies Relationship with the Land by Peter Bane

  • Don Carlos Grows a Forest by Scott Horton

  • Population Growth Leading to Land Hunger by Janet Larsen

  • Accelerating Succession - Jillian Hovey

  • Does Permaculture Work? - Milton Dixon

  • Who is Your Permaculture For?  - Karryn Olson

  • Learning by Doing: Permaculture for Youth -  Penny Krebiehl

  • Putting First Things First in Our Work - Rhonda Baird

  • Corona Virus and Our Immune Systems - Marco Chung-Shu Lam

  • Building Skills for the Future: Staying Grounded - Debbie Tremel

  • Loss of Reverence: An Outsider's Perspective - Adam Turtle, FLS

  • IPC-14: The Long Road There - Catherine Dolleris

  • Hopewell: Permaculture-based Community Empowerment - Rhonda Baird

  • Developing the Permaculture Workforce - Erik Ohlsen

  • Exploring a Sense of Surplus - Toby Hemenway

#116 May/Summer 2020: Permaculture Works
#59, Peak Oil, Spring 2006, $6
  • Peak Oil & Permaculture by Tim Winton

  • Ecological Collapse & Trauma Theory by Lisa Rayner

  • Something Will Save Us by Thom Hartmann

  • Apocalypse Not by Toby Hemenway

  • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit as a Post-Apocalyptic Utopia by Albert Bates

  • Designing Energy Descent Pathways by Rob Hopkins

  • How Cuba Survived Peak Oil by Megan Quinn

  • An Amtrak Peak-Oil Tour by Jan Lundberg

  • Oil & Food: A Rising Security Challenge by Danielle Murray

  • Relocalize Eonomic Life by Doug Biggs

  • Biofuels: Peak Oil Silver Bullet or Ecological & Humanitarian Disaster by Alec Johnson

  • Cultivating Algae for Liquid Fuel Production by Tom Riesing

#58, Urban Permaculture, Winter 2005, $6
  • Urban and Rural Futures Revisited by Toby Hemenway

  • Saturday in the Garden of Union by Claudia Joseph

  • A Permaculture Alliance with History by Phil Forsyth

  • Zones and Sectors in the City by Bart Anderson

  • Plant a Revolution: Growing Food in the City by Craig Hepworth

  • Detroit Urban Visionaries by Christopher Shein

  • Rebuilding New Orleans and Everytown USA by Richard Register

  • The Enduring Chinampas of Mexico by Nik Bertulis

  • City Form, Country Venue: A Village for the Ages by Peter Bane, Albert Bates and Keith Johnson

  • Permaculture and Community Transform a Military Base by Doug Biggs

  • Beverly Doty: A Permaculture Campaigner in Suburbia by Susan W. Clark

  • The Permacultured Kitchen by Robert Waldrop

  • Radical Vistas from the Urban Frontier by Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew

  • Moires of a “Rurban” Permaculturist by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • A Farmer Comes to Town by Don Tipping

#57, 20th Anniversary Issue! Looking Back / Looking Forward, Fall 2005, $6
  • Permaculture Challenges by Sego Jackson

  • A Permaculture Remembrance by Will Carey

  • Permaculture in the USA by Michael Pilarsk

  • Permaculture Changes by Kevin Tope

  • The Road Less Traveled by William Roley

  • Permatecture by Ianto Evans

  • Gaia University by Tami Brunk

  • Toward an Ignorance-based World View by Wes Jackson

  • The Soft Edge of Permaculture by Robert Silber

  • The Permaculture Institute of Northern california by Deborah Grace

  • The First US Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions by Becky Elder

  • Oil Depletion & the Immediate Need for Permaculture Communities by Richard Heinberg

  • Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability by David Holmgren

  • Success and Succession: IPC7 by Peter Bane

#56, Tree Crops…Tree Guilds: A New Look at Permanent Agriculture, Summer 2005, $6
  • Non-Traditional Tree Crops for Northern Climates by Karl DaviesA History of Pine Nuts for Northern Climates by Charles Rhora

  • Tree Vegetables: Salads That Grow on Trees! by Eric Toensmeier

  • Acorns as Human Food by Ken Asmus

  • Restoring the King of the Eastern Forest by Dale Kolengerg & Frederick V. Hebard, Ph.D.

  • Silvopastoral Agroforestry Using Honeylocust by Andy Wilson

  • Pattern and Process in the Underground Economy by Dave Jacke

  • Broadscale Agroforestry Ten Years On… by Mark Shepard

  • Temperate Agroforestry with Bamboo by Rick Valley

  • Wondrous Willow, Copious Coppice by Don Tipping

  • Social Forestry in the Shasta Bioregion by Tom Ward

  • Every Tree Has a Story by Peter Bane

  • Permaculture Beyond Borders by Jamie McSweeney and Max Kamen

  • Epilogue: A Story of Robert by Dave Jacke

  • The Straight (Over)Story by Richard Blaha

#55, Learning from Our Mistakes, Spring 2005, $6
  • For Want of a Nail by Toby Hemenway

  • Fruitful Misconceptions by Bart Anderson

  • From Unexpected Sectors by Kathryn Santoyo

  • Permaculture in Australia – Hard-Won Lessons by Russ Grayson

  • Read the F*#@^%^*! Manual by Toby Hemenway

  • Reach a Little Farther by Arjuna da Silva

  • Making Friends, Unmaking Fear by Mark Lakeman

  • Seeing the Forest and the Trees by Diana Leafe Christian

  • The Nature of Mistakes – and Mistakes in Nature by Stephanie Gerson

  • A Thousand Year Error by Michael Pilarski

  • The Roots of Healing by Nick Routledge

  • Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgement by Tom Atlee

  • Lessons in Village Design by Peter Bane

#54, Fire and Catastrophe, Winter 2004, $6
  • Designing Beyond Disaster by Toby Hemenway

  • Honoring Prometheus’s Gift by Don Tipping

  • Fire Hazard Assessment in the Wildland / Urban Interface by National Fire Protection Agency

  • Fire on the Mount by the ReGenesis Group; Catastrophe as Opportunity by Richard Zook

  • Shelter when You Really Need It by Dwight Sands

  • Going with the Flow by Bruce Blair

  • And the Creeks Did Rise by Peter Bane

  • The Oakland – Berkeley Hllls Fire by Paul Teague

  • One Gardener’s View of a Disrupted Climate by Becky Elder

  • Concepts for a New World Order by Michael Kramer

  • Community Food Security by Bob Ewing and Heather Kerr

  • Street Orchards for Community Security by Brad Lancaster

  • The Rise of Globalization by Shirley-Anne Hardy

  • Another Look at Invasion Biology by David Holmgren

#53, Education: Learning to Change the World, Fall 2004 $8
  • Life-Long Learning by William Ellis

  • The Albany Free School by Stacy Pettigrew and Scott Kellogg

  • Edge-ucation by Michael Kramer

  • Points to Remember in Permaculture Facilitation by Max Lindegger

  • Thinking Outside the Permaculture Education Box by Will Hooker and Alison Cerulli

  • Living and Learning on the Road by Subcoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil

  • Indigenous Education and Ecology by Deanna Moore

  • The Case Study: A Teaching Tool for Regenerative Learning by Christopher Peck

  • The Evolution of a Learning Center by Weston Miller

  • Teaching Permaculture in a School Garden by Charles Headington

  • The Garden Dances by Megan McGee Ingram

  • Teaching About Soil by Walter Moore

  • Toward an Ecology of Learning by Gail Dennison

  • Permaculture Curriculum Design: An Ecovillage Perspective by Max Lindegger

  • Ecocentric Pedagogy: A Matter of Design by Deanna Moore

  • Learn Some, Teach Some by Judy Hobbs

  • The Ecoversity by Staci Matlock

#52, Aquaculture, Summer 2004, $6
  • Ecological Aquaculture at Ocean Arks by John Todd

  • Designing Ponds for Life by Max Lindegger

  • Toward a North American Polyculture by Bill McLarney

  • Small-scale Fish Culture Systems by Steven Van Gorder

  • Investing in a Freshwater Resource by Laurence Hutchinson

  • Polycultural Ponds, Hawaiian Style by John Schinnerer

  • Fish for Health by Peter Bane

  • Aquaculture in a Small Space by Oliver Lang

  • Treating Greywater Ecologically by Darrell Frey

  • Making Room for Nature by Don Tipping

  • Teaching Them to Fish by Rod & Kim Rylander

  • The Subtle Energies of Flowing Water by Lee Barnes

  • In Memoriam: Simon Henderson by Larry Santoyo

  • “Uncle Ho is Watching You” by Simon Henderson

#51, Traditional Knowledge and Regeneration, Winter 2003, $6
  • Contemplating Megadeaths by Albert Bates

  • The Context Can Bring Us Home by Renee Wade

  • Wildness and Wilderness by Paul Shepard

  • Connecting to Place by Hubb Knott

  • Beyond Wilderness: See the Garden In the Jungle by Toby Hemenway

  • The Nasca Lines: Geoglyphs Reveal an Ancient Water Map by David Johnson

  • Waru Waru: A New Life for Traditional Farming in Peru

  • Traditional Seed Breeding by Eric Humel; Seed Saving

  • Consciousness is Key by Woody Wodraska

  • Creating Village Orchards by Sasha Earnheart-Gold

  • BioSculpture by Phil Forsyth

  • Encounters with the Bear by Alice Kidd

  • Fermented Stimulants and the Rise of Globalization by Sandor Ellix Katz

  • Northern Delights: Inuit Medicine Helps Preserve Culture by Neil S. Lewis

  • The Helions: celebrating Earth’s Orbital Progression by Rael Bassan

#50, Ecosystems, May 2003 $6
  • Permaculture & the 3rd Wave of Environmental Solutions by David Holmgren

  • Emilia Hazelip: A Retrospective by Souscayrous

  • Synergistic Agriculture & Permaculture by Emilia Hazelip

  • Synergistic Agriculture at Solaria by Emilia Hazelip

  • Keystones & Cops by Peter Bane (the chestnut/passenger pigeon connection)

  • Brushland & Oak Savanna by Mark Shepard

  • Root Crop Polycultures by Eric Toensmeir

  • The Fungal Ecosystem by Paul Stamets

  • Human in Wild Ecosystems by Max Lindegger & Lloyd Williams

  • Grazing for Healthy Farms by Mark Ludwig

  • Alders Aren’t A Weed Tree Anymore by Rick Valley

  • An Odyssey of Discovery by Roland Bunch

  • Managing the Indoor Ecosystem by Darrell Frey

#49, Where Is Permaculture?, Winter 2002, $6
  • Where Stands Permaculture by Shirley-Anne Hardy

  • Thriving Pennsylvania Site by Darrell Frey

  • Sonoma County Measures Its Ecological Footprint by Ann Hancock

  • The Designer Becomes the Recliner by Christopher Adams

  • Permaculture With a Mechanical Twist by Weston Miller

  • A Gardener Grows in Brooklyn by Philip D. Forsyth

  • Pilgrim’s Progress by Chris Jagger

  • Water Gardens Bloom in South Texas by Kirby Fry

  • Evolution of an Herb Farm by Michael Pilarski

  • Making the Farm Pay Its Way by Mark Shepard

  • High, Dry & Flourishing by Peter Bane

  • Permaculture Goes Suburban by Brian Skeele

  • You Can Lead a Rabbit to Water… by Richard Herman

  • Beauty: A Key to Sustainability by Will Hooker

  • Urban Agriculture in Cuba by Fundacion

#48, Making Changes, Fall 2002, $8
  • A Vision of Co-Intelligent Activism by Tom Atlee

  • Webs of Power (Starhawk)

  • Urban Food Circles by Bob Ewing

  • Change Insurgency in a Shamrock World by Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky

  • A Perspective on Change by Peter Bane

  • Snowballing Feedback Loops by Paul Krafel

  • Garden-Grown Activism by Loren Davidson

  • The Zen of Global Transformation by Nasrudin O’Shaw

  • A Permaculture-Informed Confluence by David Sando

  • A Visionary Repairs the City by Mark Lakeman and Toby Hemenway

  • Culture Out of Daily Life by John Schinnerer

  • Escaping the Job Trap by Thomas J Elpel

  • A Model fro Argentina’s Recovery by Gustavo Ramirez and Silvia Balado

  • La Pura Vida by John Valenzuela

#47, Watersheds, Summer 2002, $6
  • Water As Commodity by Maude Barlow

  • Basins of Relations by Brock Dolman

  • From Source to Sink: Planning Watershed Development by Max Lindegger

  • Wisdom of the Beaver by Toby Hemenway

  • Romance of the Raindrop by Bill McLarney

  • Peat Bogs: Preservation or Peril by Sissi Grohman

  • Where the Water Meets the Land by Claude William Genest

  • Skywater Center – Restoring a Northern California Watershed
    – Capra j’Neva Devi interviews Penny Livingston and James Stark

  • Urban Stormwater Management by Tom Liptan

  • Where Rocks Have Made the Water Run by Brad Lancaster

  • Look Before You Leap by Chris Anderson

  • Rabbits Love Roses by Jane Hunnicutt

#46, Good Work and Right Livelihood, July 2001, $6
  • A New Human Story by Jacob von Uexkull

  • Designing the Permaculture LInks by Jerome Osentowski and Peter Bane

  • Keeping Up with the Smiths by Seve Solomon

  • Finding Work that Works by Nick Routledge

  • Surviving Insurmountable Opportunities

  • Interview with Tom Ward

  • Calories, the Real Economic Currency by Thomas J. elpel

  • Birth of a Meditation Cushion Salesman by Patrick Clark

  • An Escape from Wage Slavery by Alan Seid

  • Finding a Sense of Surplus by Toby Hemenway

  • Adventures in Egalitarian Living b Jon Dumont

  • Growing Community Power by Richard Komp

  • Cosmic Bob’s Plan for Your Life by Douglas Bullock

  • Social Ecology in Action by Keja MacEwan

  • A Day of Urban Sustainability by Tim Krupnik

  • Activists Envision a New World by Brendan Conley

#45, Medicine and Health, March 2001, $6
  • Transforming World and Self by Joan Harper;

  • Your Home is Your Castle by Paul Battle

  • Designing Care by Susan Parenti and Patch Adams

  • AIDS and Ayurveda by Pankaj Seth, N. D.

  • Bacteria: Pathogens or Agents of Decay by Adeha Feustel

  • A Rumination on Barberry and Descartes by Richard Mandelbaum

  • Integrated Community Health by Katherine Willow, N. D. and Michael Willow

  • Women’s Health and Traditional medicine by Cynthia Edwards

  • A Fourth World Apothecary by Arjuna daSilva

  • Healing Weeds by Corey-Pine Shane

  • Botanical Medicine in Hawaii by Michael Pilarski

  • Healing Powers of the Garden by Elizabeth Messer Diehl

  • Medicinal Tree Crops by Martin Craw ford

  • Medicinal Trees, Shrubs & Vines for Cold Climates by Michael Pilarski, compiler

  • Ginseng: Herbal Ally by Robert Eidus

  • How to Make Money! by Brendan Conley

  • Grafting to Wild Rootstocks by Oliver Kellhammer

#44, Earthworks and Energy, Nov. 2000, $6
  • The Well-Built Spreader Drain by Christian Meuli

  • Having a Swale Time with Horses by Brock Dolman

  • Design and Construction of Earth Dams by Darren Doherty

  • Human-Scale Earthworks by Edna Weigel

  • Tales from the Trenches by Rick Valley

  • A Carpet Sandwich, Please – Hold the water by Peter Bane

  • A Multi-Use Constructed Wetland at Sustainable Settings by Brook LeVan and Rose L. LeVan

  • Minipig, Megabulldozer by Toby Hemenway

  • Energy Touches Everything by Peter Bane

  • The Green Windmill by Robert Green

  • The Carbon Trade by Richard Komp

  • Recycled Water, Orcas Style by Douglas Bullock

  • Does Thermal Mass Still Have Class? by Dean Still

  • Another Kind of Energy (the work of Jean Pain) by Peter Bane

  • Straw Bales in a Wet Climate by Dean Still

  • Cooperative Land Ownership by Brendan Conley

#43, Food and Fiber, June 2000, $15
  • Food and Plants for Hunger by Rosemary Morrow

  • Sourdough as Permaculture by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Salad of the Season by Darrell Frey

  • Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables by Suzanne P. DeMuth

  • The Synergistic Vegetable Garden by Emilia Hazelip

  • A Revolution in Rice Cultivation by Justin Rabenandrasana

  • Cold Climate Food Strategies by Jerry Heath

  • The Wonders of Insect Cuisine by Marci Robbin Tarre

  • The World of Chilies by Scott Wilson

  • A Look at Food Origins by Peter Bane

  • A Garlic Primer by Orin Martin

  • Plants and Place by Michael Pilarski

  • Katuah Wild Forage Plants by Lee Barnes

  • Fiber Plants for Permaculture by Toby Hemenway

  • Bamboo in the 21st Century by Adam Turtle, FLS;

  • Growing Fiber for Fences by Rick Valley

  • Industrial Hemp: Saviour or Nightmare by Stuart McMillan

  • A New Silk Road by Heather M. Steele

  • Fiber Plants in the Garden by Rick Valley

  • The Pampas Mulch Bed by Gustavo Ramirez

  • A Self-Forage System for Chickens by Susanna Kaye Lein

#42, Self-reliance and Community Cooperation, Dec 1999, $6
  • Co-Intelligence and Community Self-Organization by Tom Atlee

  • A Co-Intelligent Toolkit for Working with Groups by Tom Atlee

  • The Cooperative Economic Vision by Brendan Conley

  • Where Did You Get Your Axe? by J. Baldwin

  • Sculpting a Neighborhood by Marna Hauk

  • Archetype Design and the Greater Circle by Vishu Magee

  • Bebop into Community Building by Christopher Peck

  • Designing for Sovereignty by John Schinnerer

  • Simple and Sustainable in Samoa by Will Hooker

  • Mondragon & the Future of Cooperation by Brendan Conley

  • Housing Ourselves Naturally by Peter Bane

  • The General Core Model: A Tool for Decision Making by Joel Glanzberg

  • Casting Seed and Deepening Roots by Brad Lancaster and Marci Tarre

  • Creating a Permanent Culture at Lost Valley by Teryani Riggs

  • The Dark Side of Lost Valley by Larry Kaplowitz

  • Zone Zero and the Enlightened Permaculturist by Toby Hemenway

  • Petroleum-Free with the Solar-Electric Tractor by Stephen Heckeroth

  • Natural Help for Beekeepers by Diane Tweten

#41, Natural Building, May 1999, $8.00
  • Roadbuilding: An Ecological Approach by Michael G. Smith

  • Our Dream House by Eric Storm

  • Buildings that Live by Chuck Marsh

  • Chasing the Dogma Out of Natural Building by Toby Hemenway

  • Lessons in Sustainability by Charlie Joiner

  • Under-$20,000 Housing: A Solution for the Rosebud Sioux by Owen Geiger

  • Providing Access: A Primer in Roadbuilding by John Beckman

  • Micro-Hydro in the Nineties by Paul Cunningham & Barbara Atkinson

  • A Laboratory for Natural Building by Toby Hemenway

  • A Barn Raising at Circle Springs by Kalen Jones

  • Cordwood Revisited by Darrell Frey

  • Oregon Cob by Ianto Evans

  • Thatching Comes to America by Deanne Bednar

  • Building With Bamboo by Darrell DeBoer

  • PaperCrete by Gordon Solberg

  • Oasis in the Urban Desert by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Caliche: Make Your Own Adobe by Charles Gibson

  • Natural Building for Plants and Animals by Albert Bates

  • Design for High Winds by John Schinnerer

  • Special Feature: The Origins of Conflict by Lea Harrison

#40, New Forestry, Dec 1998, $10.00
  • Forest Health is More Than Forestry by Toby Hemenway

  • Forestry in Central Appalachia: Developing an Economy of Place by Anthony Flaccavento

  • A Kinder, Gentler Forestry by Nathaniel H. Axtell

  • Seven Generations of Forestry: The Menominee Reservation

  • The Patient Investor by David Simpson

  • An Ash Woodlot Prescription by Randy Carey and Tom Ward

  • Homestead Land Tenure by David Martin

  • Citizen Protection of Old Growth Forests by Lee Barnes

  • New Relationship by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Rhizosphere Wars by Alex Shigo

  • Forest Farming by Deborah Hill

  • The Hope of Woody Agriculture by Philip A. Rutter

  • “Gone Nuts:” Creating a Legacy for Permanent Agriculture by Mollie Curry

  • New Forest Farm by Mark Shepard

  • Rainforest Regeneration by Matt Kovacs

  • The Crenelated Windbreak by Christopher Meuli

  • The Story of the Understory: A Tale of Community Development by Colin Donohue

  • Coppice-with-Standards: New Forestry with Ancient Roots by Peter Bane

#39, Knowledge, Pattern & Design, July ’98, $6
  • Permaculture: A Way of Seeing by Joel Glanzburg

  • Mats and Nets: Patterns from Sand Dunes by Toby Hemenway

  • Traditional California Native Conservation by Malcolm Margolin

  • Fairness & the Fourth System Condition by Donal Kinney

  • Pattern: Key to the Universe by Patricia Michael and Bill Meacham

  • Pattern In Nature by Marian Farrior with illustrations by Lisa Wittrup

  • Pattern as Process by Tim Murphy and Vicki Marvick

  • Thinking Like a Mule by John Beckman

  • Environmental Analysis for Land Use Planning by Matthew Arnsberger

  • Knowing Permaculture: A Personal View by Jude Hobbs

  • Teaching Permaculture…as if People Mattered by Skye

  • “Vietnam Was Ready for Permaculture” by Rosemary Morrow

  • It Takes Villages…To Sustain the City by Ondine Wilhelm

  • Searching for a Way Forward by David Holmgren

#38, Economic Transformation, Feb. 98, $10.00
  • From the Real Economy to The Speculative by Bernard Lietaer

  • Top Feeders, Bottom Feeders…But No Middle Class by Toby Hemenway

  • Permaculture, Justice, and Economics from TRANET

  • …Human survival may simply not be economic… by Albert Bates

  • Pollination Management by Dave Green

  • Adopt-A-Hive by Woody Wodraska

  • Paradise Garden; No Money! by Isatis

  • What Profits? by Darrell Frey

  • Holistic Financial Planning by Christopher Peck

  • Finding Gold in the “Rust Belt: by John “JB” Beckman

  • Ecological Patterns, Land Use, and Right Livelihood by Toby Hemenway

  • Bioregional Design; the Island of Molokai by Michael Pilarski

  • WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms)

  • Win-Win Organization of Farming by Mary Woltz

  • If We Design it, They Will Come (But will they get along?) by Dan Howell.

#36, Climate and Microclimate, Mar 97,  $8
  • Thinking Globally by Albert Bates

  • A Microclimate Primer by Toby Hemenway

  • Identifying Microclimates by Jeff Ashton

  • Notes from the Weatherman’s Handbook by Lee Barnes

  • Prolegomena to a Pattern Language, part 2 by Paul Caron

  • Dance the Seasons: Catastrophia & Climate Change by Jamey Thompson

  • Windbreaks – Tried and True by Erik Ronneberg

  • Windicators by Chuck Marsh

  • Understanding Microclimate by Lee barnes and Peter Bane

  • Lee’s Low-Tech Sun Locator by Lee Barnes

  • Making the Most from Micro-Sites by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Mini-cloches by Robert McKasson

  • A Subtropical Forest Garden by Peter Bane

  • Breakthrough in Beekeeping by Emilia Hazelip

  • In Praise of North-facing Slopes by Caroliine Smith

  • Report from Zimbabwe: Climate Change & Agriculture, Drought, & Water Harvesting – from Ground Cover

  • Micro-Catchments by Can Howell

  • Dryland Strategies by Kirby Fry

  • Straw-Clay Construction by Ted Butchart

#37, Tools and Appropriate Technology, Sept 97, $6
  • Dowsing by the Seat of Your Pants by Lee Barnes

  • No Destination: Perception, Time, Space, & Travel by Patrick Clark

  • Making Workbikes for the Neighborhood by Greg Bryant

  • New Energy Technologies by Gary Schwartz

  • Scythes: An Appropriate Tool for Homestead Management by David Jacke

  • The Swordmaker’s Art: Japanese Hand Tools by Peter Bane and Noboru Matsumoto

  • Japanese Hand Saws by Peter Buhl

  • HouseBees &  Bee Houses by David K. Jacke

  • Pallet Chicken Tractors by Peter Buhl; Start a Nursery – Make an Impact by Douglas Bullock

  • S-L-U-G-S by Elaine Meyers

  • Paradise Gardens: No Tools, No Technology by Isatis

  • Paleo “Bashed Tools” by Charles Spear

  • Leveling with and A-Frame by Matthew Arnsberger

  • The Bunyip Level by Nate Downey

  • Recipe for a Ram Pump by Mollie Curry

  • Household Greywater Systems by David Jacke

  • Natural Building Column: Straw-Bale Construction by Ted Butchart

  • The Sunny John: Design for a Solar Moldering Toilet by John Cruickshank

  • Ferrocement by David Baty

  • Mow Slow by Mack Van Dyke

  • The Waldee Forest Inventory Stick by Lee Barnes

  • Homemade Log Yoke: A toll for low-impact forestry by  Mollie Curry

  • Green Woodworking by Mollie Curry

  • Wood Saving Cookstoves by Susana Kaye Lein

  • Hayboxes: Fireless Cookers that Save Fuel by Dean Still & Jim Kness

#35, Village Design, Nov 96, $5
  • Prolegomena to a Pattern Language for the New Village by Paul Caron

  • From Consensus to Democracy by Arjuna DaSilva

  • Lessons from Community Conflicts by Declan & Margrit Kennedy

  • Sustainable Villages and the United Nations by Albert Bates

  • A Visit to the Amanas by Albert Bates

  • Cerro Gordo’s Long Journey to Community by Toby Hemenway

  • Arthurdale, West Virginia: A Public Experiment by Deanna Hornyak

  • A Village In Between: Artas, South Dakota by Larry Dalmation

  • Planning for a New Tribe by Chuck Marsh

  • Visions of Earthaven by Gangotri, Michaeljon Drouin, Gary Schwartz, Greg Marshall-Clark

  • Rural Ecovillage & Urban Cohousing: Interview with Jill Tieman by Mollie Curry

  • Leaning a New Kind of Life by Darren Geffert

  • Design for Catastrophe by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Remembering Who We Really Are: Design for Eco-Spirituality by Patricia Allison

  • Spirit in Community by Chiwa

  • Schooling in a Village Home by Jean-Ann Marshall-Clark

  • Design for the Next Generation by Patricia Allison

  • Creating a teenage Society by Patricia Allison

  • Natural Building Materials by Ted Butchart

  • Village Economics by Peter Bane

  • Ecological Forestry in Action: The Waldee Forest by David Wheeler

#34, Useful Plants, June 96, $5
  • Bamboo Polyculture in Vietnam; Medicinal Plants

  • Pest Control; Root Crops

  • Oaks; Robert Hart’s Forest Garden

  • Russian Plants; Autumn Olive

  • Regional Plant Lists

  • Seed/Plant Sources; Plant Allies by Lee Barnes

#33, Cities & Their Regions, Dec. 95, $5
  • To Mend the Broken Circles: Thinking Green in City Spaces by Charlie Headington

  • World Hunger or Abundance at Home? by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Empowering Independent Regions by Gene Marshall

  • Building community in the City: A Visit with the LA Ecovillage

  • The Ecological Neighborhood by Jim and Eileen Schenk

  • Planting with MAGIC by Roberta Greenspan

  • Permaculture in the ‘Hood’ by Sabrina Merlo

  • CoHousing: A Solution for Social Isolation and Sustainability by Z’ev Paiss

  • City Markets: Creating a Regional Identity by Mollie Curry

  • Rails to Trails: A case Study for Roanoke Rapids, NC by Mary Woltz

  • Creating Habitat: Living with Animals in the City by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • The Garden that Compost Built by Trina Paulus

  • Micro-Enterprise Lending: A Strategy for Local Prosperity by Mollie Curry

  • “Right in My Backyard…” by Elizabeth R. Winston

#32, Animals & Aquaculture, April 95, $8.00
  • Livestock, Genetic Diversity, and Sustainable Agriculture by Caroline Christman, Donald Bixby, and Phillip Sponenberg;

  • Animal Polyculture: The Farm of Many Faces (Joel Salatin) by Peter Bane

  • Commentary on Animals in Permaculture by Michael Howden

  • Small- scale Cattle Raising by Liz Richardson

  • Power of Gentle Beasts by Jessica Laub

  • Please Pass the Goat Cheese…by Peter Bane

  • Controlling Goats with the Right Fence by Shannon Stoney

  • Sheep and Wool by Liz Richardson, Elena Wheeler, and Victoria Smith

  • Holding Back the Water by Peter Bane

  • Ramial Woodchip Mulch by Celine Caron

  • The Carolina Bantam Chicken by I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.

  • Why Pig Farmers Should Love a Duck by Jessica Laub

  • Amazing Duckweed by Jessica Laub; Free Bees by C.L. Parker

  • Africanized Honey Bees: Q & A by Gretchen Sanders

  • Honey Bees in our Future by Eric C. Mussen

  • Bee Plants of the Mid-South by Season of Bloom (chart)

  • Sustainable Fish Culture by Jessica Laub

  • Constructed Wetlands by Tad Montgomery; Municipal Reed Bed Sewage Treatment by Mike Hylton

  • Rock Reed Filters: On-Site Sustainable Waste Treatment by Dan & Cathy Schellenberg; and more.

#31, Forest Gardening, May 94, $8.00
  • Energy & Pc by David Holmgren;

  • Mushroom Cultivation;

  • Robert Hart’s Forest Garden;

  • Species for Northern California; Alders; Agroforestry in Belize and China; Honey locust; Nitrogen fixers; and more.

#29-30, Networks, July 93, $8.00
  • Networks: Special Media Review;

  • Rural Reconstruction;

  • Leaf Concentrate;

  • Community Food Initiatives;

  • Pc in Palestine;

  • Do-nothing Eden;

  • Feng Shui;

  • Companion Gardening;

  • Nature Spirits;

  • Wilderness;

  • Biogeography.;

  • Network Theory;

  • Pc Academy; and more

#28 Feb. 93 $8.00 Structures
  • Structures: Community Design;

  • Local Exchange Trade Systems;

  • Industry; Strawbale/Timber-frame Buildings ;

  • and more.

#27, Integrating Pc, Aug. 92, $8.00
  • Integrating Pc:

  • Deconstructing Utopia;

  • Grassroots Organizing;

  • Garden Polyculture;

  • Pattern Learning;

  • Living Fences

#26, Soil, May 92, $8.00
  • Soil: Our Past, Our Future:

  • Fertility,

  • Worms,

  • Cover Crops

#25, Design for Community, Dec 91, $6
  • Design for Community:

  • CSA’s,

  • Restoring Forests;

  • Garden Ecology

#24, Creativity in Design, Oct 91, $6
  • Creativity in Design: Examples;

  • Index Issues #1-23

#23, Politics of Diversity, May 91, $6
  • Politics of Diversity;

  • Greenhouse Market Garden;

  • PC in Nepal

Vol 6, #4 Urban Permaculture, Nov 90, $6
  • Urban Permaculture:

  • Ecocity Conference,

  • Soil Detox,

  • Suburbs & PC

Vol 6, #3 Water, Aug. 90, $6
  • Water: Forests & Atmosphere;

  • Catchment; Nepal;

  • Pond Design

Vol 6, #2 May 90, $5,
  • Insectary Plants;

  • more Greywater;

  • Land Use for People

Vol 6, #1 Feb. 90, $5,
  • Household Greywater Systems;

  • Soil Imprinting

Vol 5, #4 Nov 89, $5,
  • PC Definitions;

  • Water Conservation;

  • Small Dams;

  • Ponds;

  • Keyline

Vol 5, #3 Aug. 89, $5,
  • Rainforest Conservation in Ecuador;

  • Gaia;

  • Weed Gardens

Vol 5, #2 May 89 $5,
  • Plant Guilds;

  • Roof Gardens;

  • Small Livestock

Vol 5, #1 Feb. 89 $5,
  • Permaculture:A Designer’s Manual;

  • Tree Bank;

  • Water in PC

Vol 4, #4 Nov 88 $5,
  • Multi-Story Tree Crops;

  • Greening Dominican Republic;

  • Runoff Gardens

Vol 4, #3 Aug. 88 $5,

Social Forestry; Gabions; Japanese Organic Agriculture; Producer/Consumer Co-ops

Vol 4, #2 May 88 $5,

Urban-Rural Links:Economics & Community DevelopmentVol 4, #1 Feb. 88 $5Marketing PC Products; Bamboo; Home Wastewater Treatment

Vol 3, #4 Nov 87, $5,

Trees for Life

Vol 3, #3 Aug. 87, $5,

Annual Planting Cycle

Vol 3, #2 May 87, $5,

Pc Restoration of Wild Lands; Design for Sacramento Farm

Vol 3, #1 Feb. 87, $5,

Networking; Natural Farming; D-Q University; Children’s PC

Vol 2, #4 Nov 86, $5,

Masanobu Fukuoka; Keyline; Genetic Conservation; City Farms; Oceanic PC

Vol 2, #3 Aug. 86, $5,

International Permaculture Conference Program

Vol 2, #2 May 86, $5,

International Permaculture Conference 2 & PC Design Courses

Vol 2, #1 Feb. 86, $5,

Garden Design

Vol 1, #2 Nov 85, $5,

Fruit & Nut Trees

Vol 1, #1 July 85, $5,

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