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#123 - February/Spring 2022:
Where We Stand Now

Perspective in a Time of Climate Crisis

  Albert Bates

A View from the Far Side of the Hill

  M. Mathes Flora


  Looby Macnamara

Commoning and Changemaking

  David Bollier

Responsibility in a World in Crisis

  Bonita Eloise Ford

Where We Stand Now: Evolving Into a Global Age

  Jillian Hovey

Adjusting to the Inevitable

  Adam Turtle

The Unmanageable Future

  John Michael Greer

Tactics for Skating on Thin Ice: Social Design in the Mix

  Rhonda Baird

Take the Lid Off Renewable Energy

  Koreen Brennan

A Note from Our Friend, Goldenrod

  Laura Crystal

Spring Start Thinking: Seed Saving and Vegetable Breeding

  Rhonda Baird

#122 - November/Winter 2021:
Tending Our Forests

David Holmgren's Design Process Journey, Part Two

   Dan Palmer

In the Woods

   Johnny Baer

Marrying the Forest - a fiery love story

   Blair Phillips

The Low-Down on Dewberries

   Jeffery C. Goss Jr., ,M.H.

Collaborating with Your Forest

   Gloria Flora

Timber & Forestry - A Permaculture Perspective 

   Doug Crouch

Bamboo in Permaculture Design 

   Rick Valley

Earth Advocates Research Farm - A late September visit

   John Wages with Adam and Sue Turtle

Building a Bamboo Farm - Coyote Ranch

   Simon Henderson

Grounded Gardening -  Eat the Weeds, an interview with Susun Weed

   Delvin and Grace Solkinson

Scenes from an Automotive Odyssey

   Rob Dietz

In memoriam: Sandy Cruz

   Becky Elder

#121 - August/Fall 2021: Build It!

David Holmgren's Design Process Journey

  Dan Palmer

Building True Wealth

   Shannon Frances

Radical Re-imagining with Permaculture

   Rebecca Ellis

PINA Builds New Infrastructure

   Peter Bane

Permaculture Without the Name

   Bruce Blair

Building Library Community Networks

   Alan Pakaln

Balecob 2.0 at the Nest in Wisconsin

   Mark Mazziotti

Essential Earthbag Construction

    Kelly Hart

Going Deep in Belize

   Albert Bates

Natural Building as a Way of Avoiding Western Norms

   Tobias Roberts

Reciprocating Roof Roundhouse

   Huckleberry Leonard

Cobwood Revisited

   Rob Roy

#120 - May/Summer 2021: Mutual Aid
#120 cover.png

Mutual Aid

    Koreen Brennan

Mutual Aid: an Illuminated Factor of Evolution

    David Graeber & Andrej Grubacic

The Nutty Buddy Collective: A Web of Collective Action

    Justin Holt

It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine

    Stephanie Rearick

Indigenous Mutual Aid in the Mountains of Oaxaca: Gueza!

    Phil and Kathy Dahl-Bredine

Journey into Africa

    Jillian Hovey

What if Someone Gets Hurt? 

    Gloria Flora

Design Emergence

    Delvin Solkinson & Looby Macnamara

Local Organic Goodness

    Shannon Frances

PODS: A Sweet Spot for Mutual Aid Organizing

    Zev Friedman

#119 cover.png
#119 - February/Spring 2021: Spring is in the Air

Gnats, Camels, and Chaos

    Adam Turtle, FLS

What Would Youd Do If...?

    Gloria Flora

Holistic Management & Permaculture

    Dan Palmer

Aligned & Alive

    Ted Rau

An Endless Spring

    Peter Bane

The Downside of Dogs

     Albert Bates

Groundwater Banking

    Michael B. Commons

Strategies for Developing Resilience

    Rhonda Baird

A Path Forward

    Rhonda Baird

From Magic to Permaculture

    Monique Moreau

#118 - November/Winter 2020: Wild Yields

Considering the Wild 

    Milton Dixon 

Succession through the Forest: Wildcrafting & Mentorship  

    Michael Pilarski 

The Journey to Find Home: An Apprentice’s Journey 

    Anna Pallotta 

A Persistent Staple: Black Walnut 

    Mary Vance 

The Art of Harvest: Paw-paw Handling & Processing 

    Michael Judd 

The Sapience Curriulum: Freeing Our Selves 

    Frank Forencich 

Milkweed as a Vegetable  

    Sam Thayer 

Organic Gardens Cooperative 

    Matt Noyes 

Tree Vaccination with Pure Mulch

    Alicja Szubert 

Permaculture & Wild Yields 

    Rhonda Baird 


    Rhonda Baird & the NATIFS staff 

Nested Permaculture Communities 

    Dan Palmer 

Atmospheric Collision Courses 

    Albert Bates 

Mastering the Growing Edge 

    Luke A. M. Simon 

Grow Engagement with Systems Design 

    Sociocracy for All Permaculture Circle

#117 - August/Fall 2020: Permaculture & Biodiversity

Conserving Biodiversity as my Guiding Principle

    S. Nicki Youngsma

Locavores Rejoice!

    Adam Turtle, FLS & Susanne Turtle

Silent Night

    John Wages

Paradise Gardening

    Joe Hollis

Turning Lawns into Meadows

    Owen Wormser

Cemeteries as Refugia

    Greg Gerritt

Herbal Immune Tonics from Your Own Backyard

    Gloria Flora

Nothingness, Cumquats, and Walter Scott

    Patrick Noble

A Multi-use Constructed Wetland

    Brook Le Van & Rose L. Le Van

The Lost Forest Gardens of Europe

    Max Paschall

Holism & Reductionism--Musings on Barberry & Descartes

    Richard Mandelbaum

Black Commons, Community Land Trusts & Reparations

    David Bollier

#116 May_Summer 2020 cover.png
#116 May/Summer 2020: Permaculture Works
  • Accelerating Succession - Jillian Hovey

  • Does Permaculture Work? - Milton Dixon

  • Who is Your Permaculture For?  - Karryn Olson

  • Learning by Doing: Permaculture for Youth -  Penny Krebiehl

  • Putting First Things First in Our Work - Rhonda Baird

  • Corona Virus and Our Immune Systems - Marco Chung-Shu Lam

  • Building Skills for the Future: Staying Grounded - Debbie Tremel

  • Loss of Reverence: An Outsider's Perspective - Adam Turtle, FLS

  • IPC-14: The Long Road There - Catherine Dolleris

  • Hopewell: Permaculture-based Community Empowerment - Rhonda Baird

  • Developing the Permaculture Workforce - Erik Ohlsen

  • Exploring a Sense of Surplus - Toby Hemenway

#115 February/Spring 2020: Emergent Design
#115 Cover.png
  • Using the Design Web - Looby Macnamara

  • Imagine a New Way - Rob Hopkins

  • Generative Transformation - Dan Palmer

  • Regenerative Futures: Emergent Design in Permaculture Education - Jillian Hovey

  • Invitation to the Unknown: Gaia U Approaches - Silvina Miguel

  • Landscape Design: Following the Primrose Path (make that Wormhole) - Gloria Flora

  • Importance of Imagination: An Interview with Rob Hopkins - Jill Kiedaisch

  • Permaculture in Puerto Rico: Year Three of Collaboration - April Lea, John Lago Gonzalez

  • A Choice: Forests or Deserts - Lessons from the Amazon - Loxley Clovis

  • A Grafted Union: Working with Tree Shaping - Dawn Shiner

  • North American Leadership Summit Announcement - Peter Bane, Sandy Cruz

  • Interview: Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute Transition 

#114 cover.png
#114 November/Winter 2019: Retrofit
  • The Story of Abdallah House Richard Telford

  • Passivhaus Wall Techniques - Baxt Ingui Architects and John Mitchell

  • A Checklist of Ideas for Retrofit Design - Stuart Muir Wilson

  • Wood Storage Design - Rick Valley

  • Cool Runnings: A Greenhouse Journey Jeff Caldwell

  • Observations for a Solar Energy Re-design - James R. Campbell

  • The Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence Collectively written by members of the Northwest Permaculture Community and allies: Shaelee Evans, Ryan Flesch, Setesh Freeman, Jillian Hovey, Paul McDermott, Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, Jessi Pongratz, Cody Wicks, Julie Wolf and Tiffany Y’vonne; Edited by Shaelee Evans and Jillian Hovey

  • A Walk in the Woods - John Wages

  • Food Forests for the Future - Marisha Auerbach

  • Embers of Hope: Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Crisis - Bonita Ford

  • Climate Chaos: Project Drawdown - Gloria Flora

  • Permaculture and Food Security - Rosemary Morrow

#113 August/Fall 2019: Stocking Up
  • Food Preservation: A Daily Practice by Rhonda Baird

  • Vegetable Fermentation: An Alchemy of Place by Laura Killingbeck

  • Appalachian Institute for Mountain Studies: Climate Resilience by Jim Veteto, PhD

  • The Right Tool at Hand by Gloria Flora

  • Dried Okra: A Seed to Stem Celebration by Chris Smith

  • Stocking the Apothecary by Greg Monzel

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honey, and Kung Fu by David Santander

  • The Deep Adaptation Agenda, Part Two by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.), PhD

  • Global Earth Repair Conference 2019 and Beyond by Rhonda Baird

  • Earth Restoration Camps: Insights and Lessons by Robin Woolner

  • Sociocracy and Permaculture by Diana Leafe Christian

  • Reclaiming Our Community Life by Alline Anderson

#112 Front Cover.png
#112 Learning From Our Mistakes, Summer 2019, $6.50
  • Watching the Flow of the H2O by Gloria Flora

  • Oh, the Stories We Could Tell... by Rhonda Baird

  • Growth is a Type-1 Error by Peter Bane

  • Ten Misconceptions About Permaculture by Bart Anderson

  • Food, Food Security, and the Environment - North Korea by Rowe Morrow

  • Un/Learning Models for Our Epistemic Community by Andrew Langford

  • Pockets of Happiness: A Conversation with Toby Hemenway by  Bellamy Fitzpatrick

  • What They Got Right: Helen and Scott Nearing by Michael Welber

  • A Map for Navigating Climate Change: Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell, BA (Hon.), PhD

  • Vasko, the Digital Goatherd by De Chantal Hillis

#99 Ecological Restoration, Spring 2016 , $6.50
  • The Upward Spiral by Jono Neiger

  • Tree-Crop Survivors: Standing Tall Amongst the Sprawl by Ben Richmond

  • Restoring Commuities & Landscape: Agroforestry in Ecuador by Nick Slobodian

  • Ecology & Economy: The End of Restoration by Tao Orion

  • Woodland Permaculture by Don Tipping

  • Open Letter Reclaiming Environmentalism by Derrick Jensen & Lierre Keith

    - Understanding the Ebb & Flow of Permaculture by David Holmgren
    - Abundance from Small Spaces by Graham Bell
    - A New Framework for Sustainability by Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir
    - Can Arable be Permacultural by Federico Fillipi
    - The Big Idea with Seven Billion Solutions by Rosemary Morrow
    - Harnessing Permaculture for Sustainable Development by Gisele Henriques & Lachlan McKenzie
    - Rights of Nature - Why Do We Need It? by Mumta Ito

  • A Perennial Food Guild for the Arid Southwest by Michael Ford

  • Grow Your Own Phosphorus by Robert Kourik

  • Book Reviews
    Trees for Gardens, Orchards, & Permaculture by Martin Crawford
    The Healing Terrain: Coming Home to Nature's Medicine by Jesse Wolf Hardin along with Kiva Rosese Hardin, David Hoffmann, Phyllis Light, Robin Rose Bennett, Juliet Blankespoor, & Dara Saville

#98 Decolonizing Permaculture, Winter 2015 , $6.50
  • Permaculture = Relationship by Stella Strega Scoz & Jose’ Lorenzo Zamora

  • Living Naturally: A Black Woman Practicing Permaculture by Kirtrina Baxter

  • People of Color Statement from the NAPC by POC Caucus, NAPC 2014

  • Permaculture and the Patrix by Andrew Langford

  • Open Letter … in the Wake of the Charleston Shootings by Dani slabaugh, David Rodriguez,
    & Nakia Winfield

  • The Intersectionality of Permaculture Ethics by Anandi A. Premlall

  • Navigating an Uneven Terrain by Heather Jo Flores

  • Exploring the Intersection of Permaculture & Decolonization by Jesse Watson

  • A Short Lexicon of Racism by Starhawk

  • Best Practices to Support Women in Permaculture by Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

  • Colonialism Dimishes Us All by Joel Glanzberg

  • In Support of Women and People of Color in Permaculture: A Report by Jonathon Bates

#97 Life on the Edge, Fall 2015 , $6.50
  • A New Culture of Healing by Jesse Wolf Hardin

  • Hedgerows Make Better Neighbors by Molly Phemister

  • Life on the Edge by Rick Valley

  • Hellstrip Polycultures by Frank Raymond Cetera

  • Permaculture in Succession: Reaching the Masses by Alan Booker

  • Humanure: Just Do It by Stan Wilson

  • Deep Roots for Dynamic Accumulation? by Robert Kourik

  • Walking the Line: Culture by Jeanmarie Zirger

  • Designing for Childen and Elders by Roman Shapla

  • Gardening Natives by Dara Saville

  • Whole Earth, Whole Birth by Marly Hornik

  • Grief: Designing for Disaster by Lonnie Howell

  • Green Chinampas by Jeanmarie Zirger

  • Food Justice and Edible Schoolyards by Patricia Sprague

#96 Building the Solar Economy, Summer, 2015 , $6.50
  • The Gross Society: Why Energy Profit Matters by Richard Heinberg

  • Enchanted Ecosystems: Bioshelters and Solar Greenhouses by Jason Workman

  • Designing the Passivhaus by Christina Snyder

  • Lemons in the Living Room by Sue Gray and Jerome Osentowski

  • Solar Success in the Midwest by Woodie Bessler, Darrell Boggess, Anne Heddin, & Terry Usrey

  • Planting Rain in the Desert by Jeremy Lynch

  • Active Systems for the Passive Solar House by Christina Snyder

  • Building a Solar Business by N. Ryan Zaricki

  • Perennial Grains and Pseudocereals, Part 2, by Eric Toensmeier

  • Revival of a Peer-Driven Permaculture Organization by Penny Livingston-Stark and Peter Bane

  • Species Index (Issues #75-90)

  • Book Reviews:
    Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels by Richard Heinberg (review by Peter Bane);
    Seed Libraries and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people by Cindy Connor
    (review by Peter Bane);
    Around the World in 80 Plants by Stephen Barstow (review by Peter Bane).


#95, Perennial Crops, Spring, 2014, $6.50
  • Perennial Crops, Perennial Cultures by Adam Brock

  • Hybrid Swarms and Hickory-Pecans by Philip A. Rutter

  • De-Slugging the Woods by Steve Gabriel

  • Perennial Sugar by Bill Whipple

  • Regreening Haiti by Braden Trauth

  • Four Perennial Vegetables by Martin Crawford

  • Perennial Cereals and Pseudocereals by Eric Toensmeier

  • Basic Guild Patterning by Rico Zook

  • One, Two, Three – Actinidia! by Jono Neiger

  • A Forager’s Journey to the Future by Ande Shewe

  • General Index (Issues #75-90)

  • Book Reviews:
    The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm (Review by Peter Bane);
    Organic Mushroom Farming and MycoRemediation (Review by Brian Mets);
    Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts (Review by Peter Bane); 
    Eat Your Greens (Review by Peter Bane)


#94, Seasonal Cycles of Work, Autumn, 2014, $6.50
  • Festivals and Forestry on the Ecological Calendar by Tom Ward

  • A High Desert Homestead by Erin O’Neill

  • Seasons of the Market Garden by Darrell Frey

  • Eating Year-Round from a Wisconsin Garden by Kathleen Plunkett-Black

  • Energy Through the Seasons by Peter Bane

  • Weaving the Threads of Resilience by Rhonda Baird

  • Forest Garden Research by Tomas Remiarz

  • Reviews:
    Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals
    in the Temperate Forest by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel (Reviewer Peter Bane);
    Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities
    Worldwide. [Reviewer Michael Welber]


#93, Experimentation-
Science in Permaculture, Autumn, 2014, $6.50
  • Critical Questions for Permaculture by Rafter Sass Ferguson

  • Dynamic Accumulators Revisited by Robert Kourik

  • Experimentation in Permaculture by Chris Warburton-Brown

  • Nitrogen-Fixing Vegetables by Jonathan Bates

  • Bio-Char – the Carbon Kickstarter by Kelpie Wison & Hans-Peter Schmidt

  • People’s Science or Pseudoscience? by Rafter Sass Ferguson

  • Permaculture Farmer in Malawi by Abigail Conrad

  • Forming a More Perfect Union: Permaculture & Academia by Steve Gabriel

  • Soil and Biodiversity Test by Tom Kemeny

  • Political Ecology & Public Permaculture by Christopher Kelly-Bisson

  • Reviews:
    A Different Kind of Luxury: Japanese Lessons in Simple Liiving & Innner Abundance (Review by Erin Schey); The Art & Science of Shepherding: Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders (Review by Peter Bane); Integrated Forest Gardening: The complete guide to polycultures & plant guilds in permaculture systems (Review by Peter Bane); The Permaculture Orchard (video) (Review by Peter Bane)


#92, Stacking Functions, Summer, 2014, $6.50
#91, Seeds, Spring, 2014, $6.50
  • Stewards of Arizona Seed-Sheds by Chris Franco

  • Seed Saving Primer by Randel Agrella

  • Remember the Leucaena by Marjory Wildcraft

  • Volunteer Plants in the Garden by Michael Pilarski

  • Successful Seed-Saving by Hillie Salo

  • Bioregional Seed-Sheds by Don Tipping

  • Saving the Seeds of Cheese by David Asher Rotzstain

  • Create Your Own Seed Bank by Randel Agrella

  • The Seeds of Community: Forest Garden Emerging by Frank Raymond Cetera

  • Start a Community Seed Bank by Ellen Rainwalker

  • GMO Seeds: The New Green Revolution in Africa by Trina Moyles

  • Index to Permaculture Activist #59 – 74 (2006-2009)

  • Book reviews:
    Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist; American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival; The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture: Creating An Edible Ecosystem


#90, Appropriate Technology, Winter, 2013-14, $6.50
  • It’s Getting Better All the Time…. by Maurice Schauffert

  • Low-Tech Tools for Zone 4 by Ben Weiss

  • Rocket Mass Heaters by Leslie Jackson

  • Stocking Up with Solar Power: Evaluating Food Dryers by Dennis Scanlin

  • Teaching an Old Pump New Tricks by Douglas Bullock

  • WWOOFing Bonds Virtual with Face-to-Face Community by Dan Moberger

  • Social Sharing Software by Chris Carnevale

  • Hand-Powered Oil Presses by John Wages

  • Facing the Giants: Permaculture Trials at a Big Ag School by Kevin Woltz

  • Scythes: A Gem from the Past by Vaidila Satvika

  • Convivial Technology: The Scythe by Peter Vido

  • Board Game Technology for Education by Roman Shapla

  • Solar Double-Cropping by Glen & Lyle Estill

  • Community-Supported Industry by Susan Witt

  • Book Reviews:
    Small Stories, Big Changes: Agents of change on the front lines of sustainability;
    The Woodland Way, 2nd Ed.: A permaculture approach to sustainable woodland management;
    Earth Repair: A grassroots guide to healing toxic & damaged landscapes;
    Let It Shine: The 6000-year story of solar energy;
    Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains: A guide to high altitude, semi-arid home permaculture gardens


#89, Practicing Democracy, Autumn, 2013, $6.50
  • Mimicking Life’s Politics by Ellen Laconte

  • The Case for Slow Democracy by Susan Clark & Woden Teachout

  • David vs. Goliath: Seed Libraries by Stephanie Syson

  • Mapping the Way to Prosperity in Rhode Island by Greg Gerritt

  • Lessons from the Iroquois in Self-Organizing Governance by Joel Glanzberg

  • A Toolbox for Social Permaculture by Abrah Jordan Dresdale & Connor Stedman

  • Entrepreneurship & the Three-Legged Stool of Sustainability by Lee Walker Warren

  • Bring a Little Dirt into Your Life: So. Calif. Community Gardens by Bill Roley

  • The Forgotten Herb: Sweet Cicely by Jill Henderson

  • Patoralism: Problem or Solution by Alice Gray

  • Losing Ground in the Solomon Islands by Rosemary Morrow

  • Book Reviews: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Food Rights: The escalating battle over who decides what we eat;
    The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors toolkit;
    Principles of Ecological Landscape Design;
    Financing our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money;
    Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Climate: Lessons from desert farmers on adapting to climate uncertainty


#88, Earth Skills & Nature Connection, Summer, 2013, $6.50
  • Mentoring for the Earth: Nature Connection & Cultural Repair by Mark Morey

  • Building a Permaculture Legacy Through Nature Connection by Jon Young & Josh Lane

  • Connecting Youth to Nature & Self by Rick Berry

  • Wild Animals Tell Us by Tom Ward

  • Teaching Earth Skill to Children by Roman Shapla

  • Permaculture & Wilderness Survival by Adam “Hub” Knott

  • Tracks to a Full Stomach by Bonita Ford

  • Traditional Observation Techniques for the Permaculture Designer by Benjamin Weiss

  • Adventures in Oyster-Tecture: Thought on Seabed Design by Jason Gerhardt

  • A Personal Forest: Reclaiming Our Carbon Footprints by Albert Bates

  • Suburban Agroforestry: An Ohio Valley Prototype by Blake Cothron

  • Book Reviews: Perennial Vegetable Gardening;
    Plowing with Pigs: And Other Creative, Low-budget Homesteading Solutions;
    Restoration Agriculture: Real-world Permaculture for Farmers;
    Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, & Secure Food Systems;
    The Resilient Farm & Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture & Whole Systems Design Approach


#87, Weeds to the Rescue, Spring, 2013, $6
#86, Health & Nutrition, Winter, 2012-13, $6
  • Naturopathy Centre Integrates Health & Community by Katherine Willow;

  • Seasonal Eating for Health by Tiffany Robbins;

  • Reclaiming Plant Medicine by rachel Berry;

  • Mushrooms & Vit D: The Sun Connection by Paul Stamets;

  • The Herbal Medic: Herbal First Aid by Sam Coffman;

  • Edible Insects by Roman Shapla;

  • Forest Gardens on Campus by Macon Foscue;

  • Beer for Health & Happiness by Phil Wages;

  • Growing Wise Children by Leigh Senna;

  • Fenugreek: A Versatile & Healing Herb by Jill Henderson;

  • Choosing Plants & Animals for Edible Landscapes by Kyle Chamberlain;

  • Not All Nitrogen Fixers Are Created Equal by Eric Toensmeier;

  • The Benefit of Ordeal by Albert Bates

  • Book Reviews:
    People Money: The Promise of Regional Currency;
    The Art of Fermentation;
    The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, champion trees, & an urgent plan to save the planet;
    How to Grow Perennial Vegetables: Low-maintenance, low-impact vegetable gardening;
    Future Money: Breakdown or Breakthrough;
    The “Ultimate” Guide to Permaculture
    (don’t buy this book, it’s neither permaculture nor “ultimate”)


#85, There Goes the Neighborhood, Autumn 2012, $6
  • Rural, Urban, and Potential Neighborhoods by Creighton Hofeditz

  • The Needs of Sustainable Communities by David Bainbridge

  • “Re-Villagize”: Patterns to Build the Neighborhood by Andrew Millison

  • Community Solar Power by Greg Pahl

  • Multi-Farm CSA in NH: Local Economic Organizing by Scott Codey & Bethan Weick

  • Cultivating Food-Secure Communities by Mark Roseland

  • SENS House at Berea College: Metrics on Sustainability by Richard Olson

  • Cross-Country on Amtrak: Thoughts on Broadscale Restoration by Michael Pilarski

  • Relocating an Intentional Community by Tarenta Baldeschi

  • Community Common Rights and Fracking by Pamela Sherman

  • Book Reviews:
    2052: A global forecast for the next 40 years;
    Too Much Magic: Wishful thinking, technology, and the fate of the nation;
    Dreaming the Future: Reimagining civilization in the age of nature;
    Honeycomb Kids: Big picture parenting for a changing world;
    The Seed Underground: A growing revolution to save food


#84, Home and Hearth, Summer 2012, $6
  • The Permaculture of Domesticity by Sharon Astyk

  • Natural Building by Sasha Rabin

  • The Recip0rocating Roof Roundhouse by Huckleberry Leonard

  • Fire at the Heart of the Home: Retrofitting a Monrovian Barn by Max Jensen

  • Tending the Hearth by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Inching Toward Permaculture by Ileana Grams-Moog

  • Grow Dome Pops Up in Denver by Reggie Lafaye

  • Growing the Homebody Economy by Rachel Kaplan

  • Homeschooling and Permaculture Adventures by Rhonda Baird

  • Permaculture in Damaged Drylands by Dan Smith

  • Nova Scotia: Sticks and Stumps Feed the Hearth by Marissa Ringel

  • Book Reviews:
    The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country;
    Independence Days: A guide to sustainable food storage and preservation;
    Sowing Seeds in the Desert: Natural farming, global restoration and ultimate food security


#83, The Economy of Wood, Spring 2012, $6
  • The Polewood Economy by Mark Krawczyk

  • Living by Wood by Bethann Weick

  • A Basket-Maker’s Landscape by Tom Ward

  • Ligurian Alnoculture: An Italian Example by Dave Jacke

  • The Fuel of Choice by Peter Bane

  • What to Do with All the Wood by Jeanmarie Zirger & Kara Cifizzari

  • Black Locust: Utility or Futility by Bill Whipple

  • Perennial Staple Crops: Part 2 by Eric Toensmeier

  • Book Reviews:
    Asphalt to Ecosystems;
    Occupy World Street;
    The KunstlerCast;
    The Holistic Orchard


#82, Growing Staple Crops, Winter 2012 , $6
  • Growing Staple Foods in Permaculture by Mark Shepard

  • Tell Me Where You Get Your Bread by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger

  • Staple Crops Without Tillage –

  • Part 1, Dry Beans; Part 2, Growing Corn among the 3 Sisters by Susanna Lein

  • Pole Beans – The Vagaries of Phaseolus by Leigh Hurley

  • Poor People’s Food by John Glavis

  • Pig-Powered Potatoes by Behann Weick

  • Growing Rice in Vermont by Erik Andrus with Ben Falk

  • Who Am I to Farm? by Peter Bane

  • Working Out a New Farming System by Harry MacCormack

  • Perennial Staple Crops by Eric Toensmeier

  • Chestnuts: Staple Foods Do Grow on Trees by Frank Salzano

  • Acorn: The Perennial Grain by Kyle Keegan

  • Book Reviews:
    Permaculture Pioneers: Stories from the New Frontier;
    The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 innovations, 100 million jobs


#81, Hidden Connections in the Garden, Autumn 2011, $6
  • Green Acres Neighborhood Garden, The Place to Be by Ann Kreilkamp

  • Urban Agriculture – Bringing Paradise Back to the Empty Lot by David Tracey

  • Food Means Access to Land by Sandor Ellix Katz

  • Tending the Wild: Restoring Indigenous Practices by Eric Toensmeier

  • Hoarding and Storing Seeds by Carol Deppe

  • Gardening Religion: Choices in our Cultural Stew by David Haberman

  • Lifting the Garden Up: Deep Raised Beds by Sepp Holzer

  • A Better Deer Fence by Nina Maclean

  • Greenhouses with Altitude by Jerome Osentowski, Evan Granito, Elena Zubulake & Sara DeAloia

  • Managing Manure to Save Mankind by Gene Logsden

  • Wild Edibles in Civilized Settings by Rachel Kaplan

  • For the Love of Mushrooms by Greg Marley

  • Book Reviews:
    The End of Growth: Adapting to our new economic reality;
    Urban Homesteading: Heirloom skills for sustainable living
    Common Ground: Commuity orchards handbook;
    Urban Agriculture: Ideas & designs for the new food revolution
    21st Century Greens: Leaf vegetables in nutrition & sustainable agriculture;
    Aquaponic Gardening: A step-by-step guide to raising vegetables & fish togethe


#80, Designing for Disaster, Summer 2011, $6
#79, The Urban Frontier, Spring 2011, $6
  • An Indoor Farm Grows in Denver by Adam Brock

  • Meet You on the Roof: City Food Production Looking Up by Phil Forsyth
    (with Micah Woodcock on Beekeeping in the City)

  • Being the Change in Your Village by Kelda Miller

  • D-I-Y Meets P.U.D.: Bringing the Village into the City by Peter Bane

  • Creating Urban Mycelia: Permaculture for Everyone by Zev Friedman

  • Permaculture: Farming for Tomorrow by Chuck Burr

  • General Index to Permaculture Activist issues 24-40

  • Species Index (issues 24-40)

  • Book Reviews:
    The Biochar Solution: Carbon farming & climate change;
    The Growing Edge: Beyond sustainability & regeneration DVD;
    Birthrites: Rituals & celebrations for the child-bearing years


#78, Water Wise, Winter 2011, $6
  • Thinking Like a River by Michael Blazewicz

  • Watershed Relationships by Brock Dolman

  • Berms & Basins Gain the Colorado Rain by Jason Gerhardt

  • From Wastewater to Gardens by Mark Nelson & Florence Cattin

  • Old Practices, New Thinking: Water Tools & View for Drylands:

  • 1. Cisterns of Saudi Arabia; 2. Watergy: Where water & Energy Meet by Brad Lancaster

  • Mexican Water Design Endures 450 Years by Scott Horton

  • Edible Boardrooms & Allotments in the Sky by Dave Richards

  • Water Conservation in the Home by Jerry Yudelson

  • The Causeway Apporach to Poorly Drained Lands by Chris Dixon

#77, Eco-nomics, Fall 2010, $6
  • Design for Sustainable Economics by Robert Gilman

  • New Roots for Economics by Stephanie Mills

  • Making Sense of a Collapsing System by Peter Bane

  • The Eco-nomics of Small-Scale Forestry by Ish Shalom

  • BioShelter Market Gardens by Darrell Frye

  • The Economics of Logging on Public Lands by Christine Glaser

  • Community Currencies Build the Future by John Rogers

  • Cooperation, Peace and Economic Justice by Stephen DeMeulenaere

  • The New Green-Collar Economy by Abel Kloster

  • Enterprise Models Regenerate the Planet by Greg Landua, Eric Toensmeier, & Mary Johnson

  • Permaculture Institutes, Certificates, & the Diploma by Rosemary Morrow

#76, Soil Fertility, Summer 2010, $6
  • The Permaculture Way of Soil by Andrew Goodheart Brown

  • Biochar and Agriculture by James Bruges

  • Rocky Mountain Miracles with Sheet Mulch by Jerome Osentowski

  • Hawai’ian Farm Builds Soil with Worms by Sarah Staley

  • Demystifying humanure: The Poop on Composting Toilets by Joe Jenkins

  • A Golden Opportunity: Diverting Urine to Fertilize Soil by Carol Steinfeld

  • Building Soil with Crop Rotations by Eric & Beth Ardapple-Kindberg

  • Fungus Among Us: Mushrooms and Soil by Alice Beetz and Michael Kustudia

#75, Local Food, Spring 2010, $6
  • Expanding the Niche of Local Food: A City and Regional Plan by Peter Bane

  • Local Food Starts with the Garden: Small Farm Self-Reliance by Darrell E. Frey

  • Living the local Food Life: Suburban and Rural Views by Doniga Markegard and Susan Osofsky

  • Food Interdependence in the City – A Group Effort by Robert van de Walle

  • Colorado Food Bank Adds Own Gardens and Orchards by Melissa Marts

  • Designing a Garden to Grow the Food Bank by Barb Fath

  • A Local Foods Movement Worth its Salt by Tao Orion

  • Reintroducing Staples to Regional Farming by Michelle Ajamian & Brandon Jaeger

  • Urban Survival Farming by Mike Thayer

#74, Energy Descent, Winter 2009, $6
  • A Personal Story: Practical Home Energy Descent by Kate & Larry McAuliffe

  • Transition: Meeting the Challenge of Energy Descent by Michael Brownlee

  • Permaculture and Transition in Mexico by Holger Heironimi

  • Carbon-Negative…Starving Chickens and Sacred Shrines by Albert Bates

  • On Energy, We’re Finally Walking the Walk by Lester R. Brown

  • Making Fuel Alcohol by Lynn Ellen Doxon

  • An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis by Keith Farnish

  • Throwing Out the Throwaway Economy by Lester R. Brown

  • The Eco-Logic of Descent: Why Industrial Society is Ending by John Michael Greer

  • The Right Invisible Structures for Energy Descent by Rhonda Baird

#73, Bioregionalism, Autumn 2009, $6
  • Jumping Into a New Paradigm by Ken Lassman

  • ReEnvisioning & Restoring Wild Lands in the Rocky Mountains by Sandy Cruz

  • As Go the Elephants, So Goes the Bioregion by John Seed

  • Bioregional Organizing in Cities: A Houston Success by Bob Randall

  • Heirloom Seeds of Tomorrow by Don Tipping

  • Gardens of Gratitude: Taking L.A. by Storm by Virginia LeRossignol Blades

  • Reclaiming the Land Commons by David Harper

  • Transition Town: Hohenwald, Tennessee by Jennifer Dauksha-English

  • From Kansas to Oz…& Back Again: A Saga of the BioCongress by Caryn Miriam Goldberg

  • Making Home in a Global Neighborhood by Peter Bane

  • Growing a Bioregional Vision by Christine Muehlman Gyovai

#72, The View from Abroad, Summer 2009, $6
  • Viva Biafra: Machine Guns, Naked Women, & Heliciculture in Nigeria by Keith Morris

  • Green Tech: An Optimistic View of the Future by David Holmgren

  • Integrated Water Management in Ethiopia by Rosemary Morrow

  • Shrinking Forests: The Many Costs by Lester Brown

  • Food Exploration in the Caucasus by Justin West

  • Trees, Fire & Farmers in the Maya Rainforest by Ronald Nigh

  • Bringing Permaculture to Trinidad by Erle Rahaman Noronha

  • Bridging Cultures in India & Brazil: Solidarity Through Soil by aManda Greene

  • Permaculture in Schools in Southern & Eastern Africa by Mugove Walter Nyika

  • Chasing the Bugger-Bug in Liberia by Warren Brush

  • End of an Era: No New Coal Plants in America by Jonathan Dorn

#71 Earthworks, Spring 2009, $6
  • Mounds of Water Management by Barb Fath & Ted Sunderhaus;

  • Going Deep in Belize by Albert Bates;

  • Building the Road to “Lottawater Water” by Peter Bane;

  • Soil, Water & Carbon for Every Farm by Darren Doherty;

  • Gardening Lessons from the Past by Laura Donohue;

  • Permaculture & the Landscape Architect by Andrew Millison;

  • Earthbag Building by Jeff Bosquet;

  • A Fridge That Takes Only 0.1kW a Day by Tom Chalko

#70, Ethics at Work, Winter, 2008, $6
  • Business-As-Usual is the Enemy by Peter Bane;

  • Thirteen Principles of People Care by Starhawk;

  • Permaculture in Business by Stefan Geyer;

  • How Ecovillages Care for People by Diane Leafe Christian;

  • A White Man in India by Rico Zook;

  • Beans, Bananas, & Boarding School by Rosemary Morrow;

  • The Principle of “No Waste” by Josh Kearns;

  • The Ethics of Quality Control by Jan Martin Bang;

  • Growing Our Own by Sarah Baker;

  • Farming in the City with Runoff from a Street by Brad Lancaster;

  • The Happiness Plant by Albert Bates