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Applied Ecologics

All the steps you take in the near term to go green can be guided by the same concise permaculture principles that will help you renew and regenerate your enterprise, both responsively and responsibly, over the long term. You can know and understand what you are approaching. Why not equip yourself in this way?

Dave Jacke

Dynamics Ecological Design
Site Planning – Landscape Design – Construction – Education – Permaculture

33 East Taylor Hill Road, Montague, MA 01351  USA     603-831-1298

Natural Logic

Helping companies and communities prosper by embedding the laws of nature at the heart of enterprise. Natural Logic provides Strategic Consulting, Design Services, Productivity Assessments & Enabling Technologies that help companies build profit and competitive advantage through exceptional environmental performance.

Bill Reed20 Woodland Street Arlington, MA 02476
Main Phone: 781-483-3040Cell Phone: 617-797-6099 Fax: 781-394-4671

Regenerative Design Group
We can help you incorporate carbon-sequestering perennial crops, pollinator-supporting plant palettes, and super-efficient greenhouses into your landscape to increase the productivity and sustainability of your land. Whether you are working with a small urban lot or a hundred-acre farm, Regenerative Design Group can help you enhance wildlife habitat, increase stormwater infiltration, and build soil health on your land. Learn about the ecology at your doorstep, the role your property plays in the larger landscape, and the potential for regenerative land management practices to improve the stewardship of your land.
1 Chevalier Avenue, Greenfield, MA 01301    (413) 376-5510

Remineralize the Earth: Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate

Remineralize the Earth, Inc., is a non-profit organization incorporated to disseminate ideas and practice about soil remineralization throughout the world.

Joanna Campe
152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060 USA
Telephone: (413) 586-4429   Email:

Kay Aihla McGrenaghan Cafasso

~ Director of Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design & Education

~ Certified Permaculture Designer & Instructor

- Ecological Planning & Garden Design Services

- Permaculture Design Certification Courses
Sowing Solutions Permaculture Design & Education offers two weekend series Permaculture Design Certification Courses each year.  Sowing Solutions provides ecological design services to homeowners and land stewards, and hosts a permaculture community gathering space in Western MA.


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