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Goods From the Woods

We have tasted pinenuts from all over the world, and we can confidently state that nothing compares in taste, freshness, and goodness to our American wild-harvested pine nuts.

14125 Hwy C, Licking, MO 65542
573-674-4567, 1-800-267-6680

Ozarks Permaculture Group
Founded in December 2008, we are centered in Fayetteville, Arkansas but anyone in the region is welcome to join. Our purpose is to form a community for sharing knowledge and building skills. When possible, we look at the larger system through a permaculture design lens. But our immediate focus is practical: doing small projects that demonstrate how to live well with less. Our model is learning by doing.


Permaculture Design Publishing

P.O. Box 3607, Tupelo, MS 38803

(408) 569-8607

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