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The Need To Grow

There are only 60 years of farmable soil left on the planet! The Need To GROW is about low and high tech SOLUTIONS to regenerate our dying soil and localize our food supply. If climate change is the issue of our time, shouldn't we be talking about the only way to reverse our carbon emissions? That's with healthy soil.

After 3 years of filming, we now need the support of the community. Our Kickstarter just went LIVE less than 24 hours ago, and we were already selected by Kickstarter as a "PROJECT WE LOVE"! SupportTheNeedToGROW

This is the most dire environmental issue that almost no one knows about, yet has the greatest potential for positive change on our ecosystems! Hope you can watch our video!

A bit about myself, Ryan Wirick, and co-director Rob Herring: I'm an award-winning writer and journalist. I've produced videos with organizations like Moms Across America and Pesticide Action Network, and in general I've been involved in food activism for years. I'm also a concerned father of a two year old. My co-director, Rob Herring, worked on the film GMO OMG which won the Environmental Media Award for Best Doc, and directed Nothing In Los Angeles which won several Best Picture honors in festivals around the world.

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