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  • Jeremy Lynch

IPC 2017 - Panel on Mass Migration and Refugees

The Difficulties and Enormous Potential Contribution of Permaculture for Mass Migration and Refugees (panel discussion) Rosemary Morrow - Facilitator Amani Dagher (Lebanon) Sarah Queblatin (Philippines) Francesca Simonetti (Italy) Hakim Young (Afghanistan)

Panelists represent a diverse group of permaculture practitioners working in regions affected by the mass migration of refugee communities due to climate crisis, civil wars, and other ecological and social conflicts. As Sarah says: Our work seeks to "help empower refugees to recover the resilience within—the emotional resilience and the resilience to grow food... if you've lost everything, the tendency is to want it back—to search externally... our designs are based on the principle of resilience within [to] restore dignity." (coming soon)

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