#102 November 2016 | Plants and Propagation

Propagation Basics - Rhonda Baird


Planting Woodlands - Peter Bane


Self-Seeding in the Garden-Farm - Diana Sette


Suprised by Seedlings - John Rogers


Cover Crops and Feral Veggies - Rick Valley


Cultivating with Bambi - Robert Kourik


Broad Issues in Plant Development - Eric Toensmeier


Chickens - John Wages


Made Locally - Susan Grill


Ecology, Energy, and Alternative Agriculture - R. Alan Wight & Braden Trauth


Unfulfilled Promise: Biogas Systems - Bob Hamburg


Bill Mollison Memorials - Penny Livingston, Rick Valley, Peter Light


Report from the 2nd North American Permaculture Convergence  - Rhonda Baird & Koreen Brennan


The Tavaputs Plateau - Jeremy Elliot Lynch


Response to Dan Palmer - Peter Light





#102 November 2016 | Plants and Propagation