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#114 - November/Winter 2019: Retrofit

The Story of Abdallah House

     Richard Telford

Passivhaus Wall Techniques

     Baxt Ingui Architects and John Mitchell

A Checklist of Ideas for Retrofit Design

     Stuart Muir Wilson

Wood Storage Design

     Rick Valley

Cool Runnings: A Greenhouse Journey

     Jeff Caldwell

Observations for a Solar Energy Re-design

     James R. Campbell

The Pacific Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Collectively written by members of the Northwest Permaculture Community and allies: Shaelee Evans, Ryan Flesch, Setesh Freeman, Jillian Hovey, Paul McDermott, Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski, Jessi Pongratz, Cody Wicks, Julie Wolf and Tiffany Y’vonne; Edited by Shaelee Evans and Jillian Hovey

A Walk in the Woods

    John Wages

Food Forests for the Future

     Marisha Auerbach

Embers of Hope: Embracing Life in an Age of Ecological Crisis

     Bonita Ford

Climate Chaos: Project Drawdown

     Gloria Flora

Permaculture and Food Security

     Rosemary Morrow






#114 - November/Winter 2019: Retrofit



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