#115 - February/Spring 2020: Emergent Design

Using the Design Web

     Looby Macnamara

Imagine a New Way

     Rob Hopkins

Generative Transformation

     Dan Palmer

Regenerative Futures: Emergent Design in Permaculture Education

     Jillian Hovey

Invitation to the Unknown: Gaia U Approaches to Education

     Silvina Miguel

Landscape Design: Following the Primrose Path (make that Wormhole)

     Gloria Flora

Importance of Imagination: An Interview with Rob Hopkins

     Jill Kiedaisch

Permaculture in Puerto Rico: Year Three in Cooperative Development

     April Lea, John Lago Gonzalez

A Choice: Forests or Deserts--Lessons from the Amazon

     Loxley Clovis

A Grafted Union: Workign with Tree Shaping

     Dawn Shiner

Announcement: North American Leadership Summit

      Peter Bane, Sandy Cruz

Interview: Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institutue Transition

     PDM Staff; CRMPI Staff




#115 - February/Spring 2020: Emergent Design