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#122 November/Winter 2021 - Tending Our Forests

David Holmgren's Design Process Journey, Part Two

   Dan Palmer

In the Woods

   Johnny Baer

Marrying the Forest - a fiery love story

   Blair Phillips

The Low-Down on Dewberries

   Jeffery C. Goss Jr., ,M.H.

Collaborating with Your Forest

   Gloria Flora

Timber & Forestry - A Permaculture Perspective 

   Doug Crouch

Bamboo in Permaculture Design 

   Rick Valley

Earth Advocates Research Farm - A late September visit

   John Wages with Adam and Sue Turtle

Building a Bamboo Farm - Coyote Ranch

   Simon Henderson

Grounded Gardening -  Eat the Weeds, an interview with Susun Weed

   Delvin and Grace Solkinson

Scenes from an Automotive Odyssey

   Rob Dietz

In memoriam: Sandy Cruz

   Becky Elder

#122 November/Winter 2021 - Tending Our Forests

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