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#129 Animals in Permaculture August 2023

SilvoPork and Poultry by Ben Brownlow
Cats on the Homestead by Thom Illingworth
Chicken Coop Ideas by Justin Rhodes
Bats in the Belfry by Thom Illingworth
Japanese Quail: Efficient Home-grown Protein by Kirsten Bradley
The Height of Summer by Becky Elder
Permaculture Going to the Dogs by Dave Boehnlein
16 Reasons Why Muscovy Ducks are the Perfect Homestead Bird by Jack Spirko
Permaculture Land Trusts: Return to the Earth Commons by Lisa DePiano, Andrew Faust, David Harper
Happy Meat, Happy Ecosystems, Happy People by Kate Martignier
Winter Gardening for Kids by Joshua Burman Thayer
Ruminant by Woody Lane, PhD
Regrowth by Woody Lane, PhD
The Tao of Beekeeping by Eugene Monaco
Fun with F’Laura’s Plant Talk: Sochan by Laura Crystal

#129 Animals in Permaculture August 2023

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