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#32 April 95 $6.50 Animals & Aquaculture

#32 April 95, $6.50
Animals & Aquaculture

Livestock, Genetic Diversity, and Sustainable Agriculture by Caroline Christman, Donald Bixby, and Phillip Sponenberg;
Animal Polyculture: The Farm of Many Faces (Joel Salatin) by Peter Bane
Commentary on Animals in Permaculture by Michael Howden
Small- scale Cattle Raising by Liz Richardson
Power of Gentle Beasts by Jessica Laub
Please Pass the Goat Peter Bane
Controlling Goats with the Right Fence by Shannon Stoney
Sheep and Wool by Liz Richardson, Elena Wheeler, and Victoria Smith
Holding Back the Water by Peter Bane
Ramial Woodchip Mulch by Celine Caron
The Carolina Bantam Chicken by I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.
Why Pig Farmers Should Love a Duck by Jessica Laub
Amazing Duckweed by Jessica Laub; Free Bees by C.L. Parker
Africanized Honey Bees: Q & A by Gretchen Sanders
Honey Bees in our Future by Eric C. Mussen
Bee Plants of the Mid-South by Season of Bloom (chart)
Sustainable Fish Culture by Jessica Laub
Constructed Wetlands by Tad Montgomery; Municipal Reed Bed Sewage Treatment by Mike Hylton
Rock Reed Filters: On-Site Sustainable Waste Treatment by Dan & Cathy Schellenberg; and more.

#32 April 95 $6.50 Animals & Aquaculture

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