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#33 Dec. 95 $6.50 Cities & Their Regions

#33 Dec. 95 $6.50

Cities & Their Regions

To Mend the Broken Circles: Thinking Green in City Spaces by Charlie Headington
World Hunger or Abundance at Home? by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Empowering Independent Regions by Gene Marshall
Building community in the City: A Visit with the LA Ecovillage
The Ecological Neighborhood by Jim and Eileen Schenk
Planting with MAGIC by Roberta Greenspan
Permaculture in the 'Hood' by Sabrina Merlo
CoHousing: A Solution for Social Isolation and Sustainability by Z'ev Paiss
City Markets: Creating a Regional Identity by Mollie Curry
Rails to Trails: A case Study for Roanoke Rapids, NC by Mary Woltz
Creating Habitat: Living with Animals in the City by Andrew Goodheart Brown
The Garden that Compost Built by Trina Paulus
Micro-Enterprise Lending: A Strategy for Local Prosperity by Mollie Curry
"Right in My Backyard..." by Elizabeth R. Winston

#33 Dec. 95 $6.50 Cities & Their Regions

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