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#35 Nov 96 Village Design

#35 Nov 96
Village Design

Prolegomena to a Pattern Language for the New Village by Paul Caron
From Consensus to Democracy by Arjuna DaSilva
Lessons from Community Conflicts by Declan & Margrit Kennedy
Sustainable Villages and the United Nations by Albert Bates
A Visit to the Amanas by Albert Bates
Cerro Gordo's Long Journey to Community by Toby Hemenway
Arthurdale, West Virginia: A Public Experiment by Deanna Hornyak
A Village In Between: Artas, South Dakota by Larry Dalmation
Planning for a New Tribe by Chuck Marsh
Visions of Earthaven by Gangotri, Michaeljon Drouin, Gary Schwartz, Greg Marshall-Clark
Rural Ecovillage & Urban Cohousing: Interview with Jill Tieman by Mollie Curry
Leaning a New Kind of Life by Darren Geffert
Design for Catastrophe by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Remembering Who We Really Are: Design for Eco-Spirituality by Patricia Allison
Spirit in Community by Chiwa
Schooling in a Village Home by Jean-Ann Marshall-Clark
Design for the Next Generation by Patricia Allison
Creating a teenage Society by Patricia Allison
Natural Building Materials by Ted Butchart
Village Economics by Peter Bane
Ecological Forestry in Action: The Waldee Forest by David Wheeler

#35 Nov 96 Village Design

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