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#36 Mar 97 Climate and Microclimate

#36 Mar 97
Climate and Microclimate

Thinking Globally by Albert Bates
A Microclimate Primer by Toby Hemenway
Identifying Microclimates by Jeff Ashton
Notes from the Weatherman's Handbook by Lee Barnes
Prolegomena to a Pattern Language, part 2 by Paul Caron
Dance the Seasons: Catastrophia & Climate Change by Jamey Thompson
Windbreaks - Tried and True by Erik Ronneberg
Windicators by Chuck Marsh
Understanding Microclimate by Lee barnes and Peter Bane
Lee's Low-Tech Sun Locator by Lee Barnes
Making the Most from Micro-Sites by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Mini-cloches by Robert McKasson
A Subtropical Forest Garden by Peter Bane
Breakthrough in Beekeeping by Emilia Hazelip
In Praise of North-facing Slopes by Caroliine Smith
Report from Zimbabwe: Climate Change & Agriculture, Drought, & Water Harvesting - from Ground Cover
Micro-Catchments by Can Howell
Dryland Strategies by Kirby Fry
Straw-Clay Construction by Ted Butchart

#36 Mar 97 Climate and Microclimate

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