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#37 Sept 97 Tools and Appropriate Technology

#37 Sept 97

Tools and Appropriate Technology

Dowsing by the Seat of Your Pants by Lee Barnes
No Destination: Perception, Time, Space, & Travel by Patrick Clark
Making Workbikes for the Neighborhood by Greg Bryant
New Energy Technologies by Gary Schwartz
Scythes: An Appropriate Tool for Homestead Management by David Jacke
The Swordmaker's Art: Japanese Hand Tools by Peter Bane and Noboru Matsumoto
Japanese Hand Saws by Peter Buhl
HouseBees & Bee Houses by David K. Jacke
Pallet Chicken Tractors by Peter Buhl; Start a Nursery - Make an Impact by Douglas Bullock
S-L-U-G-S by Elaine Meyers
Paradise Gardens: No Tools, No Technology by Isatis
Paleo "Bashed Tools" by Charles Spear
Leveling with and A-Frame by Matthew Arnsberger
The Bunyip Level by Nate Downey
Recipe for a Ram Pump by Mollie Curry
Household Greywater Systems by David Jacke
Natural Building Column: Straw-Bale Construction by Ted Butchart
The Sunny John: Design for a Solar Moldering Toilet by John Cruickshank
Ferrocement by David Baty
Mow Slow by Mack Van Dyke
The Waldee Forest Inventory Stick by Lee Barnes
Homemade Log Yoke: A toll for low-impact forestry by Mollie Curry
Green Woodworking by Mollie Curry
Wood Saving Cookstoves by Susana Kaye Lein
Hayboxes: Fireless Cookers that Save Fuel by Dean Still & Jim Kness

#37 Sept 97 Tools and Appropriate Technology

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