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#39 July '98 Knowledge, Pattern & Design

#39 July '98
Knowledge, Pattern & Design

Permaculture: A Way of Seeing by Joel Glanzburg
Mats and Nets: Patterns from Sand Dunes by Toby Hemenway
Traditional California Native Conservation by Malcolm Margolin
Fairness & the Fourth System Condition by Donal Kinney
Pattern: Key to the Universe by Patricia Michael and Bill Meacham
Pattern In Nature by Marian Farrior with illustrations by Lisa Wittrup
Pattern as Process by Tim Murphy and Vicki Marvick
Thinking Like a Mule by John Beckman
Environmental Analysis for Land Use Planning by Matthew Arnsberger
Knowing Permaculture: A Personal View by Jude Hobbs
Teaching if People Mattered by Skye
"Vietnam Was Ready for Permaculture" by Rosemary Morrow
It Takes Villages...To Sustain the City by Ondine Wilhelm
Searching for a Way Forward by David Holmgren

#39 July '98 Knowledge, Pattern & Design

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