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#42 Dec 1999 Self-reliance and Community Cooperation

#42 Dec 1999
Self-reliance and Community Cooperation

Co-Intelligence and Community Self-Organization by Tom Atlee
A Co-Intelligent Toolkit for Working with Groups by Tom Atlee
The Cooperative Economic Vision by Brendan Conley
Where Did You Get Your Axe? by J. Baldwin
Sculpting a Neighborhood by Marna Hauk
Archetype Design and the Greater Circle by Vishu Magee
Bebop into Community Building by Christopher Peck
Designing for Sovereignty by John Schinnerer
Simple and Sustainable in Samoa by Will Hooker
Mondragon & the Future of Cooperation by Brendan Conley
Housing Ourselves Naturally by Peter Bane
The General Core Model: A Tool for Decision Making by Joel Glanzberg
Casting Seed and Deepening Roots by Brad Lancaster and Marci Tarre
Creating a Permanent Culture at Lost Valley by Teryani Riggs
The Dark Side of Lost Valley by Larry Kaplowitz
Zone Zero and the Enlightened Permaculturist by Toby Hemenway
Petroleum-Free with the Solar-Electric Tractor by Stephen Heckeroth
Natural Help for Beekeepers by Diane Tweten

#42 Dec 1999 Self-reliance and Community Cooperation

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