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#43 June 2000 Food and Fiber

#43 June 2000
Food and Fiber

Food and Plants for Hunger by Rosemary Morrow
Sourdough as Permaculture by Andrew Goodheart Brown
Salad of the Season by Darrell Frey
Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables by Suzanne P. DeMuth
The Synergistic Vegetable Garden by Emilia Hazelip
A Revolution in Rice Cultivation by Justin Rabenandrasana
Cold Climate Food Strategies by Jerry Heath
The Wonders of Insect Cuisine by Marci Robbin Tarre
The World of Chilies by Scott Wilson
A Look at Food Origins by Peter Bane
A Garlic Primer by Orin Martin
Plants and Place by Michael Pilarski
Katuah Wild Forage Plants by Lee Barnes
Fiber Plants for Permaculture by Toby Hemenway
Bamboo in the 21st Century by Adam Turtle, FLS;
Growing Fiber for Fences by Rick Valley
Industrial Hemp: Saviour or Nightmare by Stuart McMillan
A New Silk Road by Heather M. Steele
Fiber Plants in the Garden by Rick Valley
The Pampas Mulch Bed by Gustavo Ramirez
A Self-Forage System for Chickens by Susanna Kaye Lein

#43 June 2000 Food and Fiber

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