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#44 Nov. 2000 Earthworks and Energy

#44 Nov. 2000
Earthworks and Energy

The Well-Built Spreader Drain by Christian Meuli
Having a Swale Time with Horses by Brock Dolman
Design and Construction of Earth Dams by Darren Doherty
Human-Scale Earthworks by Edna Weigel
Tales from the Trenches by Rick Valley
A Carpet Sandwich, Please - Hold the water by Peter Bane
A Multi-Use Constructed Wetland at Sustainable Settings by Brook LeVan and Rose L. LeVan
Minipig, Megabulldozer by Toby Hemenway
Energy Touches Everything by Peter Bane
The Green Windmill by Robert Green
The Carbon Trade by Richard Komp
Recycled Water, Orcas Style by Douglas Bullock
Does Thermal Mass Still Have Class? by Dean Still
Another Kind of Energy (the work of Jean Pain) by Peter Bane
Straw Bales in a Wet Climate by Dean Still
Cooperative Land Ownership by Brendan Conley

#44 Nov. 2000 Earthworks and Energy

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