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#49 Winter 2002 Where Is Permaculture?

#49 Winter 2002
Where Is Permaculture?

Where Stands Permaculture by Shirley-Anne Hardy
Thriving Pennsylvania Site by Darrell Frey
Sonoma County Measures Its Ecological Footprint by Ann Hancock
The Designer Becomes the Recliner by Christopher Adams
Permaculture With a Mechanical Twist by Weston Miller
A Gardener Grows in Brooklyn by Philip D. Forsyth
Pilgrim's Progress by Chris Jagger
Water Gardens Bloom in South Texas by Kirby Fry
Evolution of an Herb Farm by Michael Pilarski
Making the Farm Pay Its Way by Mark Shepard
High, Dry & Flourishing by Peter Bane
Permaculture Goes Suburban by Brian Skeele
You Can Lead a Rabbit to Water... by Richard Herman
Beauty: A Key to Sustainability by Will Hooker
Urban Agriculture in Cuba by Fundacion

#49 Winter 2002 Where Is Permaculture?

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