#53, Fall 2004 Education: Learning to Change the World

#53, Fall 2004
Education: Learning to Change the World

Life-Long Learning by William Ellis
The Albany Free School by Stacy Pettigrew and Scott Kellogg
Edge-ucation by Michael Kramer
Points to Remember in Permaculture Facilitation by Max Lindegger
Thinking Outside the Permaculture Education Box by Will Hooker and Alison Cerulli
Living and Learning on the Road by Subcoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil
Indigenous Education and Ecology by Deanna Moore
The Case Study: A Teaching Tool for Regenerative Learning by Christopher Peck
The Evolution of a Learning Center by Weston Miller
Teaching Permaculture in a School Garden by Charles Headington
The Garden Dances by Megan McGee Ingram
Teaching About Soil by Walter Moore
Toward an Ecology of Learning by Gail Dennison
Permaculture Curriculum Design: An Ecovillage Perspective by Max Lindegger
Ecocentric Pedagogy: A Matter of Design by Deanna Moore
Learn Some, Teach Some by Judy Hobbs
The Ecoversity by Staci Matlock

#53, Fall 2004 Education: Learning to Change the World


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