#56 Summer 2005
Tree Crops...Tree Guilds: A New Look at Permanent Agriculture

Non-Traditional Tree Crops for Northern Climates by Karl Davies
A History of Pine Nuts for Northern Climates by Charles Rhora
Tree Vegetables: Salads That Grow on Trees! by Eric Toensmeier
Acorns as Human Food by Ken Asmus
Restoring the King of the Eastern Forest by Dale Kolengerg & Frederick V. Hebard, Ph.D.
Silvopastoral Agroforestry Using Honeylocust by Andy Wilson
Pattern and Process in the Underground Economy by Dave Jacke
Broadscale Agroforestry Ten Years On... by Mark Shepard
Temperate Agroforestry with Bamboo by Rick Valley
Wondrous Willow, Copious Coppice by Don Tipping
Social Forestry in the Shasta Bioregion by Tom Ward
Every Tree Has a Story by Peter Bane
Permaculture Beyond Borders by Jamie McSweeney and Max Kamen
Epilogue: A Story of Robert by Dave Jacke
The Straight (Over)Story by Richard Blaha

#56 Summer 2005 Tree Crops..Tree Guilds: A New Look at Permanent Agriculture


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