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#62 The Art of Permaculture  Winter 2006

#62 The Art of Permaculture

Winter 2006

  • Beauty the Forgotten Permaculture Principle? by Scot Horton

  • Painting and Permaculture: Learning to See by Adam Wolpert

  • Observation in Writing and Permaculture by Tami Brunk

  • Ecoartists Open Eyes and Hearts to Nature by Patricia Watts

  • A Life in Art, Activistm and Community by Heather Gaudet

  • Catching Water, Making Magic by Chrissie Orr

  • Street Theatre & Water Struggle in Bolivia by Eve Tulbert

  • Art & Bioremediation: Turning Coalfields to Commons by T. Allen Comp, Ph.D.

  • Living Willow Placemaking by Josho Somine

  • The Body as Zone Zero by Nala Walla

  • The Nearly Lost Art of the Found by Andy Mahler

  • Permaculture Permeates Pop Culture by Monica Richards; and more.

#62 The Art of Permaculture Winter 2006

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