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#72 The View from Abroad,  Summer 2009

#72 The View from Abroad

Summer 2009

  • Viva Biafra: Machine Guns, Naked Women, & Heliciculture in Nigeria by Keith Morris

  • Green Tech: An Optimistic View of the Future by David Holmgren

  • Integrated Water Management in Ethiopia by Rosemary Morrow

  • Shrinking Forests: The Many Costs by Lester Brown

  • Food Exploration in the Caucasus by Justin West

  • Trees, Fire & Farmers in the Maya Rainforest by Ronald Nigh

  • Bringing Permaculture to Trinidad by Erle Rahaman Noronha

  • Bridging Cultures in India & Brazil: Solidarity Through Soil by aManda Greene

  • Permaculture in Schools in Southern & Eastern Africa by Mugove Walter Nyika

  • Chasing the Bugger-Bug in Liberia by Warren Brush

  • End of an Era: No New Coal Plants in America by Jonathan Dorn

#72 The View from Abroad, Summer 2009

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