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#79 The Urban Frontier

Spring 2011

  • An Indoor Farm Grows in Denver by Adam Brock

  • Meet You on the Roof: City Food Production Looking Up by Phil Forsyth (with Micah Woodcock on Beekeeping in the City)

  • Being the Change in Your Village by Kelda Miller

  • D-I-Y Meets P.U.D.: Bringing the Village into the City by Peter Bane

  • Creating Urban Mycelia: Permaculture for Everyone by Zev Friedman

  • Permaculture: Farming for Tomorrow by Chuck Burr

  • General Index to Permaculture Activist issues 24-40

  • Species Index (issues 24-40)

  • Book Reviews:

The Biochar Solution: Carbon farming & climate change;

The Growing Edge: Beyond sustainability & regeneration DVD;

Birthrites: Rituals & celebrations for the child-bearing years

#79 The Urban Frontier

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