Introduction to Permaculture
by Bill Mollison and Reny Mia Slay.
2nd printing, 2000. 218pp.
The basic argument for permanent agriculture: how to feed and house yourself in any climate with the least use of land, energy, and repetitive labor. Supersedes Permaculture One and Two. Topics in this book include:
– Energy-efficient site analysis, planning and design methods
– House placement and design for template, dryland and tropical regions

Urban permaculture: garden layouts, land access and community funding systems
Using fences, trellis, greenhouse and shadehouse to best effect
Chicken and pig forage systems; tree crops and pasture integration for stock
Orchards and home woodlots for temperate, arid and tropical climates
Permaculture gardens: energy-saving designs and techniques
How to influence microclimate around the house and garden
Large section on selected plant species lists, with climate tolerance, heights and uses

Introduction to Permaculture