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Pc Design Mag #126, winter '22

Permaculture Economics for Regenerative Cosmo-Local Networks by Roberto Valenti & Jillian Hovey
Plant Breeding to Save the Future by Nate Kleinman
California Food Forests by Joshua Burman Thayer
Overshoot and the population conundrum by William E. Rees
Dismissal of “Population Alarmism” is Rooted in Pronatalist Ideology by Nandita Bajaj
Solstice 2022 by Becky Elder
Becoming a Permaculture Garden Master by Jules Silverlock
The Final Doubling by Richard Heinberg
The History of U.S. Tool-Lending Libraries by Samantha Hamilton
Basic Guild Patterning by Rico Zook
Bladder Campion by Laura Crystal

Pc Design Mag #126, winter '22

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