#105 Summer/August 2017 |Plant Breeding-Crops for Your Region

Cultivating Resilience to Climate Change - Don Tipping


In Search of Our Ancestors' Gardens - Rhonda Baird


Indigenous Corn Breeding Today - Zachary Paige


Breeding Veggies Made Simple - Carol Deppe


The Importance of Breeding Perennials - Eric Toensmeier


The Cambia Drawdown Solution - (Alejandra) Liora Adler and Andrew Langford


Create Seed for Your Bioregion! - Susana Lein


Emergent Design: Finding the White Tiger - Jennifer English Morgan


Designing from the Front Door: Part 2 - Peter Light


Eating Muscadines in Utopia - Chris Smith


Social Forestry at Little Wolf Gulch - Tom "Hazel" Ward


Perennial Economy at CRMPI - Rhonda Baird and Jerome Osentowski


The Yin and Yang of Social Dynamics - Adam Brock


Mapping IPC India 2017 - Annaik Le Net

#105 Summer/August 2017 |Plant Breeding-Crops for Your Region