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The Forager’s Harvest DVD featuring Samuel Thayer
49 minutes, 2011

The Forager’s Harvest DVD Set includes two discs covering all the plants discussed in my first book. The footage was shot by Brian Pierce over the course of three years as he accompanied me on foraging adventures. Through hundreds of hours of editing, organizing, re-shooting, and planning in order to optimize the usefulness of the video to viewers, Brian created excellent DVDs that are both informative and fun. The entire production is narrated by me (Samuel Thayer) and provides ample ammunition for those who wish to make fun of my mannerisms, hairstyle, and especially, my attire choices. It also contains real-life footage of gathering and eating from the wild. In it, we interrupt normal foraging antics to cover the bases regarding each plant: identification, where to find it, what stage to harvest it in, what parts to collect, how to get them, and how to use them.

The Forager’s Harvest DVD featuring Samuel Thayer

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