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Alaska Permaculture Social Network
This is a community to link permaculturalists and others interested in sustainable solutions for and by Alaskans.

Alaska Cold Climate Permaculture Institute

Our mission is to provide high quality cold climate permaculture courses for all Alaskans.

Hunter-Gatherers Food Forests
We as a company are entirely dedicated to producing the finest food producing perennials available. All our plants are fully inoculated with several mixtures of symbiotic mycorrhizae and bacteria and supplied with micronutrient fertilizer . Our trees are hardy and nutritious, for both people and wildlife.

We are a small startup, worker owned and run by Ben de Vries, a permaculture biologist, Sherry Kennedy, a 101st Airborne Army veteran, and her son Colby Kennedy, an Environmental Science student.

We produce hand tended, field hardened seedlings of the highest quality, and we stand behind our product. If the plant deteriorates in health and dies due to shipping/handling or any factor within our responsibility we will either replace plant or send a full refund. replacement policy is valid 30 days after product is received.
Aronias, saskatoons, & pecans (so far).

Seeds and Soil-ORGANICS
Palmer, AK We teach, inform, instruct and educate from Seed to Soil. All Alaskans can grow their own food to promote health and well being. Seeds and Soil- ORGANICS has so much to offer! From free expert advise on choosing the correct seeds for your garden to commercial Permaculture design. 

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