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Arizona Permaculture Network

     The Arizona Permaculture Network is a loose affiliation of permaculture practitioners and others interested in the sustainability of Arizona. We are not an organization, but a network connected solely through this listserve.

Dan Dorsey
      I teach workshops and courses with Sonoran Permaculture Guild, Prescott College, Pima Community College, and other organizations throughout the Southwest. I have a B.S. in Forestry, have completed two Permaculture Design courses, and have been awarded a Permaculture Diploma in the field of Education, Design, and Community Sevice by the Permaculture Institute of North America. I am on the adjunct faculty of Pima Community College, teaching green construction and straw bale house construction; and the adjunct faculty of Prescott College, teaching classes and mentoring on topics such as Permaculture, passive solar design, water harvesting, and sustainable site planning and design

Dan Dorsey, 221 E Linden, Tucson, Arizona 85705, U.S.A. Ph: int+ 1 602 624 8030


     Permaculture.Net has been helping facilitate all things Permaculture for over 10 years. Explore Permaculture courses and internships being offered worldwide. Network with others in our forum. And check out our extensive website resource list.

Greg Peterson, 5515 N 7th Street Suite 5144, Phoenix, AZ 85014
602/279-3713 Fax: 602/279-1874

The Sonoran Permaculture Guild

     The Sonoran Permaculture Guild is a group of highly commited individuals who share a common vision of making the world a better place through permaculture techniques. We teach integrated workshops and classes on sustainable landscape design, as well as on topics ranging from bee-keeping to water harvesting to growing food at home. We offer the Permaculture Design certification course each Spring in February and March, as well as in another city in the Fall. We also provide consultation and teachers to neighborhoods, schools, governments, non-profits, and individuals to help them complete their grant or other sustainable educational experience. We ally with other organizations that plan and create a sustainable future. NEST, Inc./ Sonoran Permaculture Guild has been working in the Southwest sustainable communities movement for over 20 years. Our office and ramada classroom is located one and a half miles north of downtown Tucson, AZ.

The Urban Farm

     Mostly educational, teaching urban agriculture, organic gardening, urban orcharding, permaculture and sustainability. The Urban Farm is a showcase for people to see how to design and implement edible landscapes. The food grown here is distributed to local restaurants and farmers markets. Tours are available for a $5 donation on the first Saturday of each month or for groups by appointment.

Greg Peterson, 5515 N 7th Street Suite 5144, Phoenix, AZ 85014
602/279-3713 Fax: 602/279-1874

Seeds Trust, Inc.

     Seeds Trust is a 25 year-old family seed company dedicated to teaching you to save your own seeds, grow a delicious home garden and create stunning native landscapes. We sell heirloom seeds (passed on from generation to generation), open-pollinated seeds (will reproduce true to form) and organic vegetable, native wildflower, native grass and medicinal herb seeds. Search the entire Seeds Trust online seed catalog. Landscape professionals will be happy to find the list of all our wildflower, herb and grass selections sorted by scientific names.
PO Box 596, Cornville, AZ 86325

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