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Maui Permaculture Institute & Harmonious Earth Research (HER)

The Haleakala volcano on Maui, Hawaii is the heart chakra of our planet with a resonance of 7.8, the exact frequency of our hearts and the natural state of Earth. The community located in Hana will radiate love and facilitate beautifully connective relationships living the aloha spirt of the islands. It will actively produce an abundance of organic produce and products for the island and beyond in this magical place of plenty.

Marianne Scott,
PO Box 1805, Kihei, Hawaii, HI 96753.
Ph: int+ 1 808 879 0930

La’akea Permaculture Gardens

We are a 25 acre permaculture education center located on the Big Island of Hawaii offering three week certification courses. We include Feng Shui, Tai Chi, and Ecopsychology in our courses, and try to balance classroom time with field trips to explore the islands as well as “hands in the dirt” experience.

PO Box 1178, Pahoa, HI 96778,

(808) 965-0178

La’akea Community Permaculture Internships and Work Trades

We are a small, family style, egalitarian, intentional permaculture community on the big island of Hawai’i, working together closely as a means to health, relationship vitality, economic stability, personal and spiritual growth. INTERNSHIPS cost $725 for one month, and run three times a year; summer, fall, and winter. Our internship program increases the focus on learning. In addition to your daily participation in community life and immersion in permaculture activities, we have classes in non-violent communication, co-counseling and other modalities that increase emotional awareness and provide tools for relationships and community living. WORK TRADE: Work traders participate in our community life along with us, and pay only for food, which we all eat and prepare together. Work trade is available year round. 14 hours per week in work parties with others, and $12
per day=$360/ month.

Permaculture Hawaii

Po Box 5167, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, HI.
Ph: int+ 1 808 929 9028

Source Ecosystems & Future Forests Nursery
Craig Elevitch & Kim Wilkinson

PO Box, 428, Holualoa,
Hawaii, HI 96725.
Ph: int+ 1 808 326 4670 Fax: int+ 1 808 324 4129

Permanent Agriculture Resources (PAR, in partnership with Forest Agriculture Research Management Center (FARM Center,, is happy to announce the release of the free online platform Agroforestry Design Tool™ ( With roots in the indigenous agricultural systems of Hawaii and elsewhere throughout the Pacific Islands and tropical world, the Agroforestry Design Tool™ helps people who are aware of the benefits of agroforestry and would like to customize an agroforest for their particular site and goals in an easy-to-follow framework.


The tool first guides the user in selecting from a range of planting patterns suitable for multistory agroforestry. The user can then select species from a list of more than 200 fruit, nut, timber, native, and culturally significant plants from throughout the Pacific Islands (Hawaii, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, and Marshall Islands). Because pruning is especially significant when growing fruit crops together harmoniously, the user can also specify if and how much the plants will be pruned.


Finally, the tool provides visualizations and an animation of the growth of the user’s agroforest, as well as a summary report in pdf format. If the user has the goal of creating a regenerative system, one that improves growing conditions year after year, the Agroforestry Design Tool™ can assist in meeting standards for multistory agroforestry set by USDA NRCS and in meeting a standard for regenerative agroforestry.


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