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The Last Straw Journal
The Last Straw Journal covers important developments in the natural building world that translate to a reduced impact on the natural environment. Our mission is to inform and inspire people to build more consciously and with foresight toward future generations. We fulfill our mission by providing in-depth stories from around the world about people who are reviving and pushing the boundaries of building materials and systems and the impact they have on cultures and societies.

PO Box 1809, Paonia, CO 81428 USA   ph 970.704.5828

Jay A. Woods

Permaculture farming 7 acres. The 7 acres currently owned are planted up. The mature timber trees are being harvested and replaced with nut and fruit trees, etc. Another adjoining acre will be purchased over the next year. This acreage includes two houses that will need to be converted to the permaculture lifestyle as well as continuing the conversion of my own home.

3918 N 23 ST, OMAHA, NE 68110-172818  402-932-6083

City Sprouts: An Inner-City Gardening Project

In Omaha, Nebraska, community members, students, neighbors, and gardeners are working together to turn neglected inner-city vacant lots into beautiful, safe, and productive gardens. Volunteers gather to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers using sustainable organic gardening methods.

40th & Franklin Streets, Office: Annex 4 UNMC Complex, PO BOX 31593, Omaha, NE 68131
Telephone: 451-7054

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