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New Mexico

Santa Fe Permaculture, Inc.

     Santa Fe Permaculture is a landscape consultation and design company started in 1992. The scope of our work includes a wide variety of landscaping services ranging from fine stonework to beautiful plantings, from edible gardens to erosion control, from water harvesting to xeriscape and from intimate, partially-fenced magic spots to elegant patios. By using the principles of permaculture in everything we do, we create efficient and productive outdoor living spaces that increase both your quality of life and your property value.

Melissa McDonald and Nate Downey

1000 Cordova Place #458, Santa Fe, NM 87505
P 505 424 4444 
F 505 471 8482 

Melissa McDonald:

Nate Downey:

Permaculture Guild

     Do you care about the earth and maintaining its ecological balance? Are you convinced that high-quality, locally grown food leads to a healthier society? Would you like to help educate people about more natural ways of living and eating? If
you have an interest in sustainable living, then we’d like to invite you to join the Permaculture Guild in our mission to support the permaculture community and encourage the spread of more conscious ways of growing and distributing healthy, nourishing foods and promoting the use of renewable sources of energy

505-471-6338 | Santa Fe, NM

Village Development of America LLC

     My intention is that sustainable neighborhoods will become as popular as cell phones, and rapidly spread across the planet. We can do this! Let's have some great fun and build vibrant, thriving, mutually-beneficial neighborhoods…. as we discover life beyond suburbia and how to make sustainable real!

Brian Skeele, Owner
339 Plaza Balentine, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute

     Creating healthier communities through native culture and permaculture practices. Permaculture is the study of patterns in nature that create healthy ecosystems. By recreating these design patterns in our own lives, we help to create sustainable lifestyles.

133 Winter Road, Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico

USA.Ph: int+1 505 753 6590

Permaculture Flowering Institute
     Permaculture Flowering was incorporated in 1989. Its purpose is to do research and education on all topics that pertain to the ideas of Permaculture. Permaculture is a way of looking at the world based on the laws of nature, It consciously imitates these working ecosystems to create diverse inter-related cultures.
Flowering Tree was started in Santa Clara Pueblo by:
Roxanne Swentzell, Joel Glanzberg, Brett Bakker.

78 Cities of Gold Road, Santa Fe, NM 87506-0918
P: (505) 455-3037

Builders Without Borders
     is an international network of ecological builders who advocate the use of straw, earth and other local, affordable materials in construction. We believe that the solution to homelessness is not merely housing, but individuals and communities trained to house themselves.

119 Main St. Kingston, NM 88042
(505) 895-5400

Sol y Sombra Foundation

     Sol y Sombra, the 20-acre former historic estate of Georgia O’Keefe, is a residence, foundation headquarters and meeting center that includes housing and dining facilities for guests, studios, offices, an organic farm with a passive solar greenhouse, a wildlife habitat and a small culturally diverse living community. The grounds at Sol y Sombra have been transformed into a dry, mountain region botanic garden incorporating water harvesting techniques and a constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment.

4018 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, USA
Ph: int+ 1 (505) 982 2752 Fax: int+ 1 (505) 982 9201

Networks Productions
     Creating and disseminating media to help regenerate the earth. Permaculture and Natural Building Videos


     The educational process at EcoVersity is inspired by ecological sensibility and rooted in applied practice. EcoVersity’s philosophy and approach encompass the following principles which are central to the theory and practice of sustainability.

     An education at EcoVersity is bioregional in scale, enabling our senses and feelings to inform intellect and intuition. Such a view is holistic and grounded in sensory knowledge of landscape, climate, flora and fauna. Our practice is rooted in studying land-based traditions, values and awareness. It affirms the importance of honoring local knowledge, science and wisdom, in addition to Western thought and science. Sophisticated cultural traditions inform contemporary adaptations such as Permaculture, organic gardening, natural building, herbal medicine and similar ecological practices. Engaging in place-specific projects develops tools for transforming alienated cultures by engaging in ecological and holistic ways of living, thinking, and acting.

2639 Agua Fria, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Harvest H2O

     537 Garcia, Santa Fe, NM 87505 is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable water management practices for individuals, families, communities, and businesses.

     We share knowledge and experiences in the following ways:

  • advancing specific, common-sense recommendations for water conservation

  • developing a best-practices repository in rainwater harvesting

  • sharing stories, practical tips, cautions and notes of interest

  • building on the experiences of community members who have already implemented water conservation solutions

  • developing tools, templates and guidelines for building rainwater harvesting solutions

  • educating individuals and organizations to shorten the learning process

  • creating business justifications supporting water conservation as an economic investment

  • providing a comprehensive list of vendors and products for residential and small-scale commerical water conservation projects

     We work collaboratively with vendors, universities, research organizations, and most importantly, individuals across the globe to devise solutions for managing real world problems in water conservation.

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New Mexico
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