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Soil Foodweb, Inc.

Dr. Elaine Ingham is currently Found of President and Director of Research for Soil Foodweb Inc., a business that grew out of her Oregon State University research program and Her research is on:.

— What organisms are present in the soil and on the foliage of your plants?

— Which organisms benefit which types of plants?

— Which organisms harm plants?

— How can these organisms be managed to grow plants with the least expensive inputs into the system while maintaining soil fertility?

Behind her user-friendly approach lies a wealth of knowledge gained from years of research into the organisms which make up the soil food web. Her goal is to translate this knowledge into actions that ensure a healthy food web that promotes plant growth and reduces reliance on inorganic chemicals. Elaine also offers a pioneering vision for sustainable farming, improving our current soils to a healthier state, without damaging any other ecosystem.

Dr. Elaine Ingham

Suburban Permaculture, Eugene, OR 

An excellent example of what 24 years of transformation can look like when applied to a nothing special 1/4 acre suburban property. The site is a great educational resource with a lot of practical info about transforming suburbia. Grass to garden, depave driveway, edible landscaping, passive solar, rain water collection, increase residential density.

Eco-Logic Permaculture & Landscape Design
is an award-winning local & organic design-only company specializing in high-quality professional integration of Permaculture & Landscape Architecture. Plus estimating through contractor referral & project supervision.


Portland Permaculture

Permaculture education, Ecological design & consultation centering on water, landform and horticultural systems

Rick Valley
PO Box 1236, Philomath, OR 97370
(541) 602-1315, (541) 929-7152

Cascadia  Permaculture / Agro-Ecology Northwest / Cascadia Landscape Design
Jude Hobbs is a horticulturist, Permaculture designer, and activist. Since 1982, she has provided whole system environmental design solutions in urban and rural settings. As an associate with Agro-Ecology Northwest, she works with farmers and two eco-labeling organizations, Salmon Safe and LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology).
Jude has presented permaculture workshops and courses throughout the West and Hawaii for 17 years, developing curricula that encompass diverse learning styles. (Via private venues and at the local Community College.) She has
co-facilitated the Advance Permaculture Certification Course in Teaching for 6 years.
As a way to support local food concerns, Jude is involved with the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition and Eugene
Permaculture Guild. She has written an OSU Bulletin (EM: 8721) A Guide to Multi-Functional Hedgerows and soon to be published: On-Farm Biodiversity Resource Guide: For Dry lands, Uplands, & the Maritime Northwest.

Jude Hobbs
Cottage Grove, Oregon

Cob Cottage Co.

Cob Building Workshops

  1. We conduct hands-on research on natural building methods and materials, testing our own buildings by living in them.

  2. Through our sharing of this knoweldge, we help empower ordinary people to build their own houses at moderate cost and help others become professionals in natural construction.

  3. By mail and phone, and through publications and tours, we supply information, support and inspiration for people to make healthy choices about buildings.

Our inspiration comes from direct observation of Nature, and from the wisdom of traditional cultures. We are committed to deconsumerizing, to reducing the flow of cash, resources and waste, and helping others to do the same. We work with a wide range of natural materials. Numerous cob demonstration buildings all over North America are now open to visitors. Tours of the demonstration buildings in Coquille Oregon are available at set times or by appointment as no one resides on the property, so we need to make arrangements for someone to meet you for a tour.  Please call the office number to schedule one.

PO Box 942, Coquille, Oregon 97423 Phone: 541-396-1825

Lost Valley Educational Center
An intentional community and nonprofit educational center dedicated to learning, living, and teaching sustainable, ecologically-based culture. We host an Ecovillage and Permaculture Certificate Program as well as personal growth

81868 Lost Valley Lane, Dexter, OR, 97431
Ph: (541) 937 3351


Resilience Permaculture

We offer a diverse array of land planning, design, and consulting services - from assessing site characteristics to match your regenerative vision, to whole site design and planning.

We specialize in Forestry, Agroforestry, Holistic Ecological Restoration, Water Resilience, and Regenerative Agriculture planning and design.

We live with our family on Viriditas Farm ~ our smallholding in the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon.

We raise a variety of annual and perennial vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, and vines, nuts, chickens, ducks, quail, and Icelandic sheep.

Tao Orion holds a degree in Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture from UC Santa Cruz and a MSc degree in Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

She is the author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2015). Tao is an instructor and program administrator in the Permaculture program at Oregon State University and serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Rural Livelihoods

Food Not Lawns

Promoting peace and sustainability through permaculture, organic living and community interaction. This small avant-gardening collective specializes in seed-saving, kinship gardening, permaculture design and subversive education.

PO Box 42174, Eugene, OR 97404(541) 343-4673

Earth Fortification Supplies Company

Soil Biology: If you can measure it, you can manage it.Your livelihood depends on your soil.No matter what you grow, Earthfort gives you tools to manage the microbiology in your soil.Our expertise improves fertility, water management, and yields. Test your soil with us, attend one of our educational programs, or try our products and see how we can help you.
635 SW Western Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97333


DAWN “NorthWest” (Designing Alliances with Nature)

Sustainable Living for a Better World
We have relocated in Oregon and are developing an “urban homestead”/permaculture site!
And once again, as land steward and instructor, we hope to live and demonstrate a way to live on the Earth in a way that takes care of the Earth, and people, and can produce a surplus to share. A conscious effort is made to introduce ways of thinking about the design of an entire site, while building and gardening and conserving water and other resources. All the elements will serve many functions, and each is a part of the design of the “whole site”. Using permaculture strategies, we will offer consultations on whole site design, & sustainable living techniques, which includes building with natural materials, as well as rain water harvesting, food forests and gardens, land and building restoration & more.
Workshops and training will be offered, as well as general “how-to do-it-yourself” information and links to valuable local resources, and materials for building a real home, creating a continuing and known source of  healthy, organically grown food for your table and to share with others. We will offer classes (one day and weekend workshops) on a variety of sustainable living topics. Classes will also be offered through the Linn Benton Community College branch in the area. Internships and work exhange will be offered, please inquire by email.

Joelee Joyce,email:

Children’s Permaculture Guild

Permaculture, Ethnobotany, & Ancestral Crafts Education The Childrens PEACE Guild aims to help children walk in balance through the introduction of Permaculture, Herbalism, and Nature Awareness. We believe that the key to a sustainable world resides in the hearts and dreams of future generations. In addition to classes and playshops located in Eugene, Oregon, we offer materials for encouraging kids natural curiosity and supporting their interaction with the environment through the Childrens' Permaculture Resource Network (CPRN)

Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild

The Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is a network of permaculture practitioners who inhabit a region of the northwestern U.S. between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Rocky Mountain Range. We host annual gatherings and operate this interactive website to facilitate communication among Guild members and between the Guild and the greater community to inform ourselves and others about the promise of permaculture.

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