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Animal Farm

We are growing year around, whatever is appropriate for each season. We are always thriving to extend the season in order to have a larger variety of produce at any given time. We are using Permaculture as a guide to mimic natural systems and create a microclimate that helps in extending the season.

Gita Vanwoerden, Box 15NA, Catspring Texas, 78933 USA
(409) 992 3038/ (713) 666 3991  Fax:(713) 668 9145

Austin Permaculture Guild

PDCs & classes; free lecture series; community gatherings. If you want to learn and practice permaculture in the Austin, TX area, we suggest you take our Permaculture Design Certificate course, volunteer at a Permablitz, and join our mailing list.

(512) 619-5363

The Caretaker Gazette

$29/year. A unique newsletter containing property caretaking and housesitting opportunities, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. Published since 1983, it’s the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field.  (206) 462-1818

Gary C. Dunn, Publisher,
1205 E 31ST STREET, AUSTIN TX 78722

Southern Exposure: Natural Building Design and Green Construction
Southern Exposure provides quality natural building design for Austin and the Central Texas region. We’ve been in the business of natural building for over fifteen years in central and south Texas. Whether working with new or existing structures, small or large projects, Southern Exposure provides design, consultation and construction for natural houses, farms and additions. Specializing
in energy efficient housing and landscaping, we work closely “from the ground up” with your particular lifestyle and need in mind.

Kirby Fry
1483 County Road 311, McDade, Texas 78650512-663-9538

Heartland PC,  Patricia Michael, teacher/designer/consultant

As a consultant, Patricia Michael is a teacher. She will teach you what is possible, give you language for that possibility, and help you make it happen.

Patricia’s experience over twenty years gives her a deep understanding of ecological design. She works closely with you, your architect and contractor to design your site for beauty, utility and sustainability.

8801 Scarlet Circle, Austin, , TX 78606, USA
Ph: int+ (1) 201 833 2440


Kerrmaculture is the permaculture endeavor of Quiet Valley Ranch, home of the world famous Kerrville Folk Festival and Kerrville Wine and Music Festival.

Quiet Valley Ranch, 3876 Medina Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028

The Last Organic Outpost

We are a project-based, non-profit organization created to develop community resources through urban agriculture.  From the beginning our process for growth was gathering a community of working ideas and our development has been ongoing since 2000. We began as a small garden project and grew into an inspired agricultural-based sustainability organization on the banks of the Japhet creek in the Fifth Ward.  The farm has grown in Houston by the local community supporting our innovations in urban agricultural designs and philosophy.

4507 1/2 Inman, Houston, TX 77020
Joe Nelson Icet
713 875 9569

Nature Safe
At Nature Safe, we enable agriculture and green industry professionals to improve the vitality, sustainability and profitability of organic farms, golf courses, lawns and landscapes, sports turfs, nurseries and greenhouses. Our commercial fertilizer solutions, manufactured from animal proteins and fats, offer the highest concentration of organic nutrition available in a commercial fertilizer.

Urban Harvest
Sow the seeds for a garden and you may be surprised at what grows alongside the vegetables and fruits. Little minds sprout and flourish. Friendships blossom. Communities thrive. Harvest the garden and it nourishes the body and mind, provides revenue, and instills respect for a greener, sustainable environment.

From this simple concept grew Urban Harvest, a nonprofit organization with three hardworking programs at its core: Community Gardens, gardening and youth Education, and Farmers Markets. Urban Harvest inspires and empowers people of diverse backgrounds to grow and share healthy foods, in the process enriching the city we all call home.


Urban Harvest

2311 Canal Street, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77003

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