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Freshwater Organics

We are committed to bringing you only the healthiest, all-natural, wild, and organic products to improve the health and well-being of you, your family, pets, livestock, and garden. If it isn’t tested by us and used by our family, we don’t offer it to yours.

We scour the planet for the absolute purest and best products, and will continue to offer you products that you can be proud to tell your friends about. We offer products for cleansing, restoring well-being, and for improving your immune system. In addition, we offer natural insecticides, organic vitamins, NON-GMO vitamin C.



Ranui Gardens

We are Utah’s Original Certified Organic Grower and continue to grow fresh and medicinal herbs for local and national markets.
Please call and harrass us for more information.

Jenny, Susie, Johnny & Steven,
1459 Hoytsville Road, Dog Holler, Utah 84017 United States
Phone Number: 435-336-2813  Fax Number: 435-336-2331
or e-mail us at chaos@ranui.com

Utah Valley Permaculture / The Permaculture School
Come join us in learning the most empowering, inspiring, and fun way to sustainability and saving our planet.
Telephone : ​801-808-4424

Email : utahvalleypermaculture@gmail.com

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